Twitter jail

Well this is a new experience being in limbo for over a week.   It seems I violated rules on Twitter, although no email as of yet as to what I did, and the waiting is killing me.   I have used this account for a lot including this blog and I am hoping that I don’t get permanently banned.

And with this my mind has been focusing on other things as well.   Primarily my writing.   No new blood on the horizon and since the dating sites have been useless I have now looked at my other projects.  This is good for me since it gets me a bit more focus.   Additionally, Xbox has seem to capture a lot of my attention of late.  Windows 10 release allows me to stream to my laptop so it has been another new toy that I can play with.  With the purchase of a new media box as well that I have been tinkering with it seems that I have been totally focused on anything but writing.

So with new tech and toys I have been distracted.  Stress has been high still since work has not changed.  Working on this project is starting to take a bit of a toll.  The drive down to the city three days a week impacts my home life since I am losing three hours a day because of the commute.  Forgot how taxing it is.  Although lately I have been listening to podcasts instead of music.  Makes the trip go a little faster and surprisingly I don’t seem to get as stressed when focusing on the talk over the speakers.

A lot of things have been on my mind.  Probably why I am stressing more.  Additionally my youngest is not feeling well for past few weeks.  Assumptions that it was some type of flu and now I think it is something more.  As a parent it is hardest when you can’t just snap your fingers and make it all better.  Patience with my own kids has always been unbalanced.  Maybe I expect so much from them or that they are smart and don’t always act it.  Either way it is going to be a shift in my attitude over next few months to ensure that I don’t make any assumptions.

It is coming up to my first major hurdle on this blog post, where I was shutdown because it was classified as a porn site before I moved it to this domain.  Still think it is funny, along with the twitter jail, I guess I don’t really learn.  Summer is almost over and hopefully things start to go better for us.  It has been a trying six months with everything that has happened.  Hopefully the last part of the year is better, and with certain doors starting to crack open I am thinking it will be.

So I apologize for the delay in posting anything new.  My mind has been focused on so many different things and with that my writing has been lacking.  I know for some of you, reading my blog is something you enjoy and lately I haven’t had anything posted.  Hopefully this will change in coming weeks as things start to balance out and become what you hopefully is normal.

And for the record since you can see that this has been posted on twitter, yes they finally unlocked it with a slap on the wrist, for now.  Have to be more carefully on what I post going forward.

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