Surprised to silence

My mind has been in over drive of late. With my birthday weekend having so many ups and downs and work not helping I have been kind of numb.  Going through the motions. Work sleep and work again.  Jane has been my rock through this.  More so then I knew.  Along with my poly wife and fwb they have all been very supportive.  

The past weekend was very stressful and everyone was overly supportive of me.  It may not have gone as planned but I did have fun.  Just not to the degree of what I expected.

By Thursday I have formulated a plan of action.  Get bathroom walls built. Clean garage. Get things done since they are overdue. By chance there was a new show that aired recently.  It was something I can relax too.  We started to watch it and as the evening progressed I start to relax. I then hear Jane yell “Can you come upstairs,” in the tone of something was wrong.

“Great, ” my mind spits out,” Now what fucking happened.” Going through my options I figured the cat or dogs did something.  Cursing to myself I really don’t want to have anymore more shit happen. The past week has been rough with to many things that didn’t go right. Upon reaching the top of the stairs I see my wife with camera pointed at me and to her right is Lilly.

I’m in shock. Trying to actually believe what I am seeing. Lilly says something about a delivery and I am still trying to process that she is actually here.  I keep looking back at Jane then Lilly a couple of times to process that I am not seeing things.  Lilly talked about visiting but there was limitations and timing. Was told that she couldn’t make it up here till sometime later this year.

I hugged her, the familiar scent that I remember from seeing her back in the hotel room. The girls are laughing and as I call out “bitch,” to Jane.  She explained how hard it has been to be quiet about it. This has been planned for over a month. And somehow I had no idea. It also appears that everyone knew about this from last weekend.  Kudos to them for not letting on since I was up and down with emotions.

My shock persisted, well into the night, as both girls chatted like old friends. Lilly has connected with my two wives easily. Fitting in so easily, which is a relief, and wants to get to know my family and extend family in the lifestyle. The evening flew by with me pondering what I am allowed to do.
I have had only a couple of girls over when Jane has been home. It is a rare occurrence and I don’t expect it to be a normal thing to happen. To be fair only one other fwb has been over more than once for evening sex while Jane listens from our upstairs bedroom.  Yes, she can hear faintly my sexual activities.

So being the good host, Lilly asks where to put her stuff and I offer to show her.  Escorting her up stairs with luggage in hand. Putting it down in the spare room I quickly close the door behind me so my dog doesn’t interrupt and then pull her into me. Our lips touch. Her whimper is immediate as our tongues meet and we kiss. It has been since Jan and it feels like we never missed a beat.

Hands groping. Exploring. More whimpering and searching with our hands as we embrace after so long apart.  We spend a few minutes enjoying our company, groping and kissing.  She responds so quickly from my touch and I am surprised.  It is a powerful feeling to have this kind of response.  After a few minutes I leave the room, wondering if I will get her to myself.  She says good night as I leave and I respond in kind, wondering how to get her to myself.

As I reach my room I see my wife Jane smiling.  Reading her mind I smile and approach her.  With a sly smile on her face she asks, “So are you going downstairs?”

I was a little surprise, since that was my hope, but didn’t know what she was expecting.  Wanted to ask since it was her surprise and I respect my wife on what I can do with any of my friends while they in the house with her.  I didn’t want to offend her.  Smiling, “I was debating that.”  Wrapping my arms around her I kiss her gently on the lips.

“Go have fun,” she replies with a twinkle in her eye.

Our hands touch as I kiss her on the lips one more time and then head back to Lilly’s room.  I knock once and ask if I can come in.  I hear a “Yes,” from behind the door.  I open it and see she is sitting down and has change into comfy clothes.  Holding my hands out she reaches out and grabs mine as I pull her up.  “I know you are tired, but Jane asked if I was going to bring you downstairs to the bed we have down there.”

She smiles, as she pulls in close for a kiss. “I think I can manage that.”

As I hold her hand I lead the way downstairs.  Smiling to myself I realize that I will have my chance after all.  As I open the door to the basement I watch her sexy ass go down the stairs.  I can’t wait to have those cloths off and explore her body again.  Smiling to myself I realize that my wife orchestrated the best birthday gift ever.

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