One year – how things have changed

Well after a year I have learned a lot about myself. More from writing and reflecting on myself. Along with discussions with like minded people I think I know more about what I am like. And finding out what I don’t want to become again.  

I started this blog to let my ideas come out. Erotica, personal and even insight to situations or issues. This is not a blog like some of the other ones out there where they provide in depth discussions. Majority of the few followers that I have are friends.  Sometimes the story is about them.  Other times it is about something they asked me about.  In all cases I enjoy writing my thoughts and ideas.

The most humorous issue with this blog is when it was flagged as porn.  I started this site on and after getting lots of traffic I started to add more to it, including some pictures.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any way to state it was adult content and someone reported it.  Hence why it was blocked and turned off.  So off I went in deciding a name for my site.  It didn’t take to long since at that point we were dating as a couple.  Granted we have some fwb as well, but we still really enjoy our quality time with the few couples that we know.  Not to mention our long term relationship with our quad.  Hence was born.

Moving all my content over was easy enough, but I also found out that wordpress removed content.  Was not impressed, since it was my content so I had to do some editing to get it back up and running.  With the new site I don’t have as much traffic and a few drawbacks where linking between wordpress sites is not easy.  The best part is that I have full control over my site and the content.  There is also a warning now so no one can be shocked as to what they might read.

My erotica that I have written is based some in fiction, some on truth, and even some with a mixture of both.  Creating these short stories has been challenging and fun.  Making the sex scene work on paper is not always easy but when you get it right it can be damn hot.  I plan to write some more, just haven’t had any major inspiration as of late, plus I am also starting my book which takes time to get down on paper as well.  I have the outline, and the opening chapter started.  Just going to take time to get the draft done.

I have had a busy first of the year with my fwb.  Meeting two new ones and having some time for my others has been great.  Not that I didn’t have fun from last year but this year it seems to come in spurts.  Everyone all at once then a dry spell with another flood some time later.  There are times that I fell bad because of the attention I get all at once but I try my best in making sure everyone is okay, including my quad.  My fetish is new blood and with that I have not had any in a long time.  To be honest I really don’t have the patience for going through the dating sites, so I think I will stick to the old fashion way on if I meet someone new great.  The dating sites take a lot of energy which I really don’t have the time or energy for of late.  Not to mention that frustration levels of women not responding.

The quad has been great, although like any relationship there have been ups and downs.  The good thing is that we are open in our communication and that has allowed us to overcome any obstacle that has been thrown in our path.  Much like a marriage it takes work.  As much as it might seem easy it is not, with four different personalities there are bound to be some issues.  And then there is the distance, which is a factor when something does come up.  Through it all we have stayed strong.

And then there is my wife.  She has become more then I ever imagined from when I first met her.  I knew she was special.  Just didn’t realize how special she is.  The growth in her over the past three years has been amazing, and with the help of all the people that we have met she has grown even more.  There are areas that I am not able to explore, but that is the benefit of having others to help with that.  Much like she can’t help with my fetish.  I knew that she had this person buried so deep down and I am glad that it has finally come out.

To the followers that I have on this site.  Thank you.  Majority of you are quiet, reading what I write, and not saying anything.  Others express their opinion and help validate some of the thoughts and ideas.  I only share this site with people that I trust.  The lifestyle is not for everyone and to have those that know and support me is very important.  I appreciate feedback so don’t be shy.  Open conversation is so important and even though I have an opinion on something doesn’t always mean I am right.  Let along explain it properly either.  Hopefully more people will join in on the discussions.




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  1. What a refreshing look back and lovely tribute to your wife and quad, it comes through loud and clear that the journey you are on is a good one and u too have loving support to grow and change. That mix of love and support that exists will allow u to keep growing !!

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