Ocean fun

The night air was cool compared to the days in Cuba. The weather can be blistering hot and if you aren’t careful you can easily get dehydrated quickly. Luckily having lots of beer with water helps. This was the last evening here on the island and with that I was hoping to find a chance to meet someone.

There has been lots of girls and some possible ones but there is one that I have been eyeing. Met her the first day here and have seen her around off and on but never had a chance to get a one on one chat with her.

Luck was on my side this night. Walking into the lobby I see her at the bar. She is wearing a slim black dress that barely goes to her knees. Smiling to myself I saddle up beside her. “Hey!”

She turns around and once seeing who I am and smiles. “Hi. How are you doing?”

“Hot still, ” as I motion to the bartender for a beer, ” But the beer helps. ”

She giggles and nods with a relaxed smile on face,” Yes it does as she holds up her cocktail and takes a sip from the straw.”

I imagine briefly my cock being the receiving end of that mouth. Breaking the thought I get my beer I motion for a cheer as she clink her glass against mine and we each take a sip.

Smiling at me she asks, “What are your plans for the night?”

“No idea,” as I move a little closer to her. “I suspect drinks here and then maybe dance at the club for a bit.”

“I was thinking along the same lines,” as she turns her body a bit closer towards me. “even thought about a midnight swim in the ocean.”

My reaction must have been what she expected. My eyes got wide for a split second and a smile slowly appeared on my face. “that sounds fun.”

A seductive smile appeared on her face, “so you might be interested? ”

In my mind I wanted to say hell yes but I coolly responded with,” Yay sure, sounds fun. ”

Her smile said it all. She was interested. With that the evening progressed with more chit-chat about life, work and family. It seems she was recently out of a long-term relationship and after nine months decided to take a trip for herself.  Drinks flowed non stop and by the time it got closer to midnight I was feeling no pain. And from her actions she was in the same boat. No clock in sight we really didn’t know what time it was but it must have been close to midnight.

Being more relaxed I brought up the swim again and she quickly replied that would be good. Might help us cool off since the breeze died off a while ago in the lobby and it was getting hot in there.  Taking her hand I helped her off the bar stool and then let her lead the way to the pool. She had such a nice ass I just wanted to reach out and grab it. Restraining myself I proceed to move and walk beside her.

We were silent for the first few mins, collecting our thoughts until she stumbled over a short curb and we both giggled. “I hope I don’t have to carry you?  It is a long walk to the ocean.”

“No,” she giggles, “You won’t have to carry me.  At least not down to the ocean.”  The wink she made was subtle but it made my cock stir a bit.

Making our way down to the ocean we had to be careful since there are no lights on the wooden platform that guide us to the waterfront.  As we talk we make physical contact a few times, more from our slightly awkward drunkenness.  The touch on the arm for balance or my hand on her back to help her stay balanced.  As we get closer the ocean, the louder it gets.  The waves rolling on to the beach in a steady rhythm is so relaxing.

Upon arriving at the beach we kick off footwear and make our way to the water.  The slight breeze is warm and the ocean feels refreshing as our feet touch the water.  It is pitch black out with only the moon and stars to provide any light, which is not much.  I can make her out fairly well but with it being so dark I can’t see any definition.

“Well let’s go then,” she announces and heads back up to the beach to one of the loungers stack stacked waist high for the next day.  She proceeds to slip out of her dress, revealing her bra and panties.  With a quick flick of her wrist her bra pops off.  Her panties quickly follow all stacked nicely on the lounger..  Her figure is hot with the shapely ass an boobs, her hair flowing around her face with each gust of wind.  Even in this darkness I enjoyed what little I can make out.

Making my way up to the lounger to remove my clothes she runs towards the water.  I quickly undress stacking my clothes beside hers and follower her in.  She is laughing as she makes her way further out from the beach.  “Hurry up,” she challenges as I try to catch up, moving against the waves as fast as I can.  Within a minute I am beside her and wrap my arms around her from behind.  She folds into me, almost like a soft pillow as her hands rest on mine.  Pressed up against her my cock begins to stiffen and she can feel it growing.

I kiss her neck, tasting the ocean water on her skin, and slowly travel up to her ear.  Her head tilts slightly to provide more access as I my tongue and lips work their magic.  She moans slightly, barely audible above the sound of the ocean.  Her wet hair sticking to her skin and I brush it away with my nose to give me access to her neck.  Her breasts are firm as my hands slide up to cup them, finding her nipples and teasing them gently.

Her breathing gets little faster, her senses enjoy the feeling of my lips and hands on her body.  My cock is now rock hard pressed up against her.  Oh how I want to slide it into her pussy.  Been wanting to do it for the whole week.  “Patience,” I think to myself, “I have time there is no rush.”

She suddenly pulls away and turns around.  Her hands circle my shoulders as she pulls me in for a kiss.  Our tongues reach each other and start to wrestle.  Her legs then slide up and lock around my waist, with the water holding her mostly, she is now pressed against my body as my cock brushing against her pussy.  Kissing and holding her I feel powerful in the water.  The lust is getting stronger with each passing moment and when we finally break from tongue lashing she whispers in my ear, “Fuck me now.”

My hand reaches under the water and holds my cock still as she positions her pussy.  She slides onto my shaft taking all of it.  A sigh escapes her lips as it buries deep into her.  The motion of the waves gives a steady pattern and I follow it, pumping my cock in and out.  She holds on tighter, burying her head into my shoulder as her breathing gets louder and louder.  My cock sliding in and out of her in a steady motion as I feel her pussy starting to grip it tighter and tighter.  Her moans getting louder, drowned out by the sound of the waves breaking on the beach.

I try to fuck her faster but the water is resisting the pace.  Not making it easier to pound her I proceed to bury it deep.  My hands shift down to her ass so I hold it against me and proceed to grind my cock into her pussy, without pulling it out.  Pushing my head into her g-spot over and over again she arches her head back and loudly says,” YES!” with each thrust.  Her legs clamp tightly around my body and she starts to shake a bit as she is getting close.  Suddenly she lets out a high pitch squeal as she cums hard.  Her body shaking as she pulls me in tight so she doesn’t fall into the water.

Holding her tight, my arms wrapped around her again, I let her calm down, my hard cock still buried inside her.  I flex a couple of times and she flinches at the sensation.  Smiling to myself I wait patiently.  Smelling her hair mixed with the ocean as she slowly comes back to reality.

“Wow,” she exclaims.  Breathing still a little rapid, “I never cummed like that before.”

“Glad I could help with that.”

“Did you cum,” she questions as she gives me a gentle kiss on the lips.

“No, and I doubt I will.”  Smiling at her, “The amount of alcohol will probably make it hard to cum tonight for me but that doesn’t bug me.  As long as you came I am happy.”

“Well I think we need to see about you cumming,” she says as her legs unwrap from around my body and she stands back up in the ocean.  Taking my hand she leads me to the beach. “And I have a few ideas on how we can do that.”

“Oh you do, do you?” smiling as I follow blindly.  Me cumming won’t be easy but I sure wouldn’t argue on her trying.

“Yep, you may have found my sweet spot to make me cum but I plan to find yours too.”

Grinning to myself I think,”She has no idea how sweet I am.”

We get to the beach, feeling the wet sand between my toes and then the dry sand sticking to my feet as we exit the water.  Looking up at the silhouette holding my hand, the ass swinging in a memorizing way, I get another silly grin on my face.  Really going to enjoy her attempting to make me cum.  I have all night, so worse case is that she will cum a lot more before the nights out.  Best case she gets me to cum.  Either way a win win for us both.  Smiling to my self she leads me to another lounger and motions me to sit down.  Who am I to refuse a beautiful girl asking me to relax as she works her magic.

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