Monday Reality

Monday morning I head off to work, still smiling from the past weekend.  I had no idea on my surprise, let alone how much it lifted my spirits up.  The past week was very hard and it was just the boost I needed to get me back to my old self.  My wife was almost giddy at the whole experience beaming whenever Lilly and me were together.  She knows how strong Lilly and myself connected and can see it.

Our last night together I sent my wife off to see her boytoy.  It was for a couple of reasons, with one they invited her and two that they placed an order for beer at our local distillery.  After the order was paid for I told her that there is a delivery fee.  Her eyes had a slight glimmer as I said that he had to eat her out till she cums.  She smiled at the thought.  Needless to say I am told that delivery was paid in full.

Meanwhile back at my house it was more relaxed.  Lilly and me looked at options for going out, and really couldn’t find anything that we wanted to really do.  I suggest a movie and drinks in and she agreed.  I already had in the back of my head what would happen after to make up for not going out.  Finding a movie she hasn’t seen we settled in.  Cuddled close on the couch as the movie played on.  Surprisingly my youngest is very quiet coming down the stairs and a few times we were lucky he didn’t see us cuddling as close as we were at times.

Once the movie ended, I smiled and flipped the xbox over to music and picked one of the stations that I normally use.  Luckily it was a slow song, so I pulled up Lilly and pulled her in close to dance.  She really wanted to go dancing, and even dressed for it.  She borrowed a dress that made me drool when she showed it to me.  I told her to keep it on for the night, the kids won’t care what she is wearing.  It was a black with red highlights and fit snuggly over her sexy body.  For the first time I had an urge to unwrap her from this dress.  Maybe because it was brought down to show me, or maybe because it was just one of those dresses that you can slide up and bend the woman over.  Either way it had my mind racing.

As we danced we kissed, and held each other close.  After a song or two we separated and she asked if she can pick a song.  I said sure, showed her how and went up stairs to check on the kids.  By chance my oldest had head off to bed too, so it seems that the coast is clear for adult fun now.  Back downstairs I see her dancing, her hips moving in rhythm to the music.  It is erotic, since I know she is a dancer but never seen her dance.  I sat down with my whiskey as she continued to move across the floor.  Eventually moving towards me as she slide on to my lap and we kissed.  My hands roamed and grabbed her ass as she whimpered.  As we stood up I reached underneath her dress and pulled her panties off, “You don’t need these.”

“I didn’t want to go without with the kids around,” she replied a bit sheepishly.

“Oh they wouldn’t notice, trust me.”

As I toss them to the side I pull her in again and we danced.  I had no interesting in busting my moves out this night.  I wanted to dance with Lilly up close.  This is the last night for a long time, and wanted to enjoy my time being close to her.  Mouths and hands searching and it didn’t take long for the passion to heat up.  I stopped her and my lips kissed her neck as I mumbled between kisses how I wanted to explore her body.  Travelling down I kissed her nipples through her dress and then trailed down to her pussy where I kissed it gently and slid back up.  She was almost gasping for air and I reached behind her neck and started to undo the string that was holding it there.  Kissing her to breathe life back into her.

The rest of the night was very intimate.  We had sex, talked and more sex until after 2 am.  I sent her to bed since I knew if we kept it up we wouldn’t go to sleep and she had to drive home the next day.  My wife came home sometime after 2 am and I waited for her.  She sent me a glympse so I can track her progress home and knew she was close by.  We cuddled and talked about our evenings, and then proceeded to head to bed.

Those three days I will never forget.  One of my fantasies was my wife bringing a girl home for me to fuck.  I had no idea she would bring my fwb from so far away as a present.  Oh and I don’t think I told her about that fantasy, since it was not a likely situation that would happen.  Seeing Lilly again sooner than later is on my agenda, although it will depend a lot on timing and funds, but hopefully it will be sometime in the summer.  Either way I know that we see each other again.  Each visit we get closer and closer.  We both know that the distance is a hurdle, but we make the most of the time we have together when we do see each other.

As Monday passed along so slowly I thought about what I had to do this week.  The weekend was great, but I did have some plans which never got done.  So at the end of the day I figured out my plan of attack.  Gym tonight, and then the chores during the evenings.  Jane is out at the gym alternate nights so it shouldn’t be a problem getting stuff done.  After dinner and watching the finale of walking dead I headed off to the gym.

I have been taken Jiu Jitsu for over three years now, and because of an injury I had taken some time off.  Working towards my blue belt has been my focus, and with a few more things I had to learn I should have it soon enough.  This night was working in 50/50 which is basically two legs locked as we sit on our asses.  It was an interesting class, although I am nervous with knees and legs wrapped together but by end of the class I feel more confident.  I rolled with an experienced blue belt at end of class, which we have done in the past.  He was working on my technique, going slow instead of the normal pace to have me focus on my reactions.  It was working out well, until somehow we ended up in 50/50.  As I said before, I felt more confident, and with that when I started to work to get out, well I over estimated.  My knee popped and I went down in pain.

March was a bad month, for a few days it was great, but this last blow has put me back in to my funk.  Luckily after seeing the doctor on Tuesday it was confirmed (for now) that it was the MCL which is the better ones to injure since it doesn’t require surgery.  So glad this didn’t happen last week before Lilly came down, it would have really drove me nuts.  Regardless I have a very horny wife right now and limited mobility.  I have made a few ideas on how to fix it, and hope to try them tonight.  I rested all day Tuesday and now, Wednesday morning I feel a lot better.  Knee is not as swollen and I can move without screaming in pain.  Baby steps, that is what I need right now.  Day by day and hopefully April is a better month.  So far it is better, I am on the mend and it can only get better.  Plus we have our vacation in Cuba in three weeks so I have to heal.  With three couples going down it will bound to have some interesting adventures.  I need to be able to walk for that.


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