Full Moon

She is strong.  Very strong.  Luckily I am able to hold her down, pinning her arms above her head.  Bob moves in between her legs, hoping to calm her down.  His face disappears into her wet pussy as he begins to work his sorcery down there.  Working hard to maintain control and not let her head get to close to my body, I  maneuver myself to a better position while Bob does his magic.

As I try to restrain her I hear from the other room the Axe working on the other two vixens.  We didn’t know him by any other name just the Axe.  Very tall and athletic he seems to be handling the two woman easily.  They were not as dangerous and have not fully turned as of yet.  I hear there moans get louder and I glance up to see if they are still tied together.

Suddenly she shifts her weight as Bob hits the sweet spot and her hands pop free.  In a flash the talons were buried into my leg and back as I cried out in pain mixed with pleasure.  Clawing my back she pulls me in close and bites my arm.  Luckily there was no blood drawn.  Her fangs were not visible until she opened her mouth.  I have no idea how she bit me but didn’t break my skin with those teeth.  The talons on her hands were bad enough.

Focusing back on her I somehow managed to gain control of her arms.  Using all my strength I hold her down, I hear Bob yell “Don’t let go,”  as he buries his face into her pussy searching for the sweet spot.  I was barely able to contain her.  I hear him licking and sucking her pussy as I try to contain her arms from getting free.

The other bed is getting louder as I see the Axe with his face in between one the girls legs.  The one girl seems to be sucking on the other girls nipple.  Their hands are still bound together so they shouldn’t be to much of a threat.  Hopefully they don’t turn since it could get out of hand if they do.

Focusing back to the task at hand, she is getting close, writhing on the bed from pleasure.  Trying to get her hands free she starts to moan quietly.  “Maybe this is working, ” I wonder as I hear Bob burying his fingers into her juicy pussy.  Getting her to cum will calm her down.  As he applies his sorcery to her pussy she suddenly arches her back and climaxes.  Not a sound escapes her lips but her mouth is open in a silent scream.

Bob is grinning to himself, as he gets up and moves off to help the Axe.  Having conquoured one vixen so far he was determined to get another one.  I maintain my hold on the now spent and quiet vixen.  Axe has switched girls now and is now eating the other pussy out.  Bob moves to the other one and slips his cock into her mouth.  Grabbing her hair and making her suck his cock as he fucks her mouth.

Glancing down I notice that the fangs have disappeared, no longer visible in her mouth.  She is calm now, more relaxed.  As I release her she kisses me deeply on the mouth.  I debated tasting her sweet pussy but the moment passed as she sits up and admires what is happening on the other bed.  We both sit there watching, the two men working the other two woman into a frenzy.

Bob has now positioned himself, his hard cock waiting at the entrance of the one vixen.  It slides in easily and he begins to mercilessly fuck this poor girl.  The Axe gets up and buries his cock into the other one.  All the while we sit and watch quietly, waiting for the release that is about to happen.  The girls are now moaning loudly, begging to be fucked harder.  Being the gentleman that they are they oblige and pound there cocks in and out of those girls.  The sound of smacking flesh bouncing off the walls as just we sat quietly and admired the view.

The cries of pleasure gets louder as both girls seem to be close to cumming.  As the cocks mercilessly fuck their pussies, the two girls seem to be in sync.  They are getting closer to cumming.  The guys are pounding them hard.  Even twisting their nipples when they feel like adding more pleasure to the experience.  With a loud wail both girls push past the edge and cum hard.  They writher and wail as wave after wave of pleasure hits them.  As the men pull out their semi hard cocks, the woman are whimpering still tied up together.  Axe and Bob proceed to untie them and I wonder, “Would this have happened if it wasn’t a full moon?”

  Disclaimer:  There is no such thing as werewolves.  There is no such thing as vixens.  There are truth to nails, teeth, hands, cocks and pussies.  The short story is drawn a little bit from experiences although majority of it is embellished. 

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