Directions to sex


This based loosely on real events. I have changed any names or places to protect the people who are in this story. This contains sexually explicit content so please stop reading if you are under the appropriate age for where you live.  For those of you who are old enough enjoy!!!

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My phone chirped and I glance down to see “On my way.” I pause for a second as it sinks in. She is actually coming over. For the past few hours I was wondering if she would be able to and now she is. Getting excited and nervous at the same time my mind starts to think what could happen. For the past year and a half we have always meet in public and this will be the first time that we will be alone together. This means that things could go beyond just kissing and groping.

We have talked about exploring more than the simple kissing. Well I would say tease since we have never had a chance to be together in a situation where cloths could come off. My stomach starts to get butterflies as I think on what could happen tonight. Not to be disappointed I dismissing any idea on what could happen as my phone goes off again, “Where am I going?”

Quickly I type in some simple directions with this, “Turn left towards your work and only street on the right,” being the last statement.

Taking a brief pause in the mirror I wonder if I should change into something not so casual. “Nah,” I think to myself, “What I am wearing really isn’t going to make any big difference.” Heading down stairs with dogs in tow I can’t remember if we have any condoms downstairs. Our rule is no more companionship in our bedroom, excluding our quad. It allows us to have our own area that is ours. We have a bed in basement for those occasions. Granted this didn’t happen at the very beginning but we have come now to have our own area that is for wife and me. Like most of our rules they have evolved over the past couple of years.

“I am so confused,” she responds, so I provided more detailed instructions. Didn’t think it was that complicated as I grin and send my GPS location on my phone just in case.

Quickly looking through the bench in front of the couch I find some condoms. We usually have them down here, as well as other places around the house. We like to be prepared, well the wife does. She has stashed towels and condoms around the house. “No idea if I need them, but better to have them in reach,” muttering to myself out loud, trying to calm my nerves down. Protection is another rule when being with others since you have to be safe. And I don’t want to go hunting if things progress to that point. Kills the mood and worse if I can’t find any than it will cause frustration which is not a good thing.

I quickly tidy up a few things, picking up the dog bones strewn over the floor. Don’t need her to trip or step on these. She has pets of her own so she is used to them but still the bones are like little mines that you do not want to step or kick. Placing them in the basket I figure I should wait upstairs to see when she arrives. Prepare the dogs that way, since they are still pups and get excited with new visitors.

Sitting down on the couch upstairs I think about what could happen. As the dogs head to the window to gaze out, my mind races over the past year and half on all that we have done and talked about. Not knowing what could happen has me excited. Do I kiss her when she gets into the house? Hug her? Rip her cloths off? Grinning to myself my cock starts to throb. Thinking calming thoughts since I didn’t want to have a tent when she got there. No I will let her lead. I have no idea what she is expecting to do.

I see her car pull in and my butterflies come back. Silly since we have meet numerous times over the past year and half. Taking a deep breath in to calm down and my stomach flip flopping I head to the door to unlock it. The dogs still watching the window. I glance through the stain glass window and see her approaching. Opening the door as she just about hits the doorbell and say, “Hi,” with a silly grin on my face.

She smiles and says, “Hi” as I hear my dogs rush over to see who is there. I quickly usher her inside so that the dogs can greet her safely with the door closed. Once inside the dogs literally attach her for attention. Keeping an eye on them so that they don’t get to over zealous I do once over on what she is wearing. She is wear a low cut top that shows off her ample beasts with some khaki slacks. My mind begins to wander but I quickly focus as the dogs start to get to friendly.

“Down, ” I sternly blurt out as the dogs start to jump up to say high. She is used to animals, standing still till they settle down as much as puppies do. Once settled she moves slowly away from the pups and towards me as I say, “Let’s head downstairs where we can relax,” as I give her hug hello. Taking the lead with the dogs racing ahead, we all head downstairs.

Motioning to the couch, she sits down at the one end. Tossing her phone on the bench in front of us we start to chat. Catching up on small stuff as I keep an eye on the dogs. Lately they seem to be intent of seeing who can out perform the other for attention. They are regularly coming over to try to get attention which can be sometimes very awkward. She doesn’t mind the attention but still I make sure the dogs are aware that they just can’t keep doing it. Occasionally she picks up her phone and see who texted. My phone received a few messages from my wife asking what was going to happen but I didn’t know yet and wanted to wait till I found out before I sent her a message. She knew she was coming over but our rules state that we need to qualify what will happen. She does know what I hope to have happened, but more to confirm if it is an option. Surprises, we have learned, are not the best thing when meeting another partner.

Our talking covers what has happened, a few mutual friends, who she doesn’t talk to more and other swingers. It was fun and insightful to hear what she and her husband have been doing in the lifestyle. They have been having similar issues in trying to find respectable couples. We discussed similar experiences with couples and how sometimes it just doesn’t work. I didn’t have much to suggest since she has already covered most of the points regarding the new ones they have been talking too. Funny how everyone who is not a swinger tells me this town is full of them but they sure seem to be hiding very well from us.

All this time I have been trying to figure out a way to ask what is the limits. I didn’t get a chance to really ask what her thoughts were on tonight. I think I was worried on what the answer would be. I know when the last time I had the house to myself I didn’t invite her over and she implied it would have been a lot of fun. Kicking myself for that missed opportunity I wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again. I just don’t know what to expect tonight with her. Not really good at being upfront since I am usually worried about the answer. Not that I didn’t think it was an option but still I just didn’t know how to ask. Ironically our conversation started to steer into some joking. This allows me to relax and let things sort themselves out on its own.

“You suck at directions, ” as she picks up her phone.

” What are you talking about, you found the place, ” I reply back as I lounge on the couch at the other end.

” Well you are not left from… ”

I cut her off, “No I was referring to my road that you can only turn right if you were travelling to your work.”

“Not by what I read, ” as she scrolled back in the chat history,” see this is what you wrote. ”

I knew what I wrote but humoured her anyway as I re-read the conversation. ” sorry if you can’t follow directions,” I replied smiling at her.

Her arguing, more like teasing, carried on for a while. Always the same point that I can’t give directions. I went to school for cartography, so I have at least an idea on what a map is. It was humorous on how she kept going on about me not giving proper directions. Getting tired of explaining myself to her I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips connected with mine as she kissed back. Tongues slipping in and out as I pulled her in close.

We separate and she started to make a wise cracked again so kissed her. This time we embraced and kissed for longer. When we separated again I quietly said, “have to keep you quiet somehow. Figure that was the easiest way.”

“Oh that is why you kissed me?”

“Well that and I wanted to do it since you got here,” which is the truth. I have never been good at making the first move. Although this felt different with her tonight. When we kissed on our coffee dates it was quick, tense, almost apprehensive, like she was holding back. Not now, as our tongues teased each other and are hands started to explore. My hands slide to her front and I felt her tits. My fingers searching for a nipple through the fabric, squeezing and massaging through her cloths.

Making out on the couch I heard the stillness in the house, which meant the dogs had settle down. We have had some interesting encounters with the dogs having sex on the couch and I didn’t’ want another report performance. Focusing back to the hot woman in my arms we kissed more as my hands slipped under her shirt and caressed her back. Feeling the bra underneath I contemplate my next move. Our tongues intertwined as my mind figures out the easiest solution.

I separate slightly from her as my hands start to lift her shirt up. Holding her hands up in the air it slips off easily as her breasts appear in my face. Even in her bra they are incredible. I am not a boob guy but they just seem so voluptuous. My problem is that I don’t take bras off. More exactly I can’t, so I have had some creative ways to have them removed by the woman. I’m also not sure if she read my other blog post regarding my bra issue and I didn’t want to really say it. Quickly thinking I say, “I think we need to remove,” as I look at the bra, “that too.”

She starts to move to unhook it and than pauses. Without skipping a beat, “I don’t remove them, ” I state with a silly grin on my face. She gives me a serious look, “maybe you should learn,” as her bra slips off and her breasts are fully exposed to me.

“Maybe, ” I reply back as my hands reach for her naked tits. “But I figure since you want me to play with your breasts it would be faster if you took it off.” She tosses her bra to the bench as I begin to caress her boobs. My mouth reaches as nipple as I begin to tease and suck it. They are so beautiful. I am not a boob guy but these are a great pair. Soft and ample they really are a sight to see. She moans quietly as I work on the other nipple. Leaning onto her to get better access her hands slides down my pants as they feel my hard cock. She begins to massage it feeling it grow in my pants. I sigh and pause slightly from sucking her nipples, enjoying the sensation.

Sliding up further I kiss her neck. Nibbling and kissing it gently. Her hand still stroking my cock through my jeans. She is sensitive on one spot on her neck and when I find it she giggles and cringes trying to stop the mouth from nibbling there. Not stopping I press forward and try to keep working it but she somehow blocks me. Smiling to myself I proceed lower to her breasts again as I suck and tease a nipple. Then slowly making my way down past her belly to her pants. I move my hands and begin to untie them. Looking up at her, “I don’t need help with removing these. I know how to do that.” Anticipation of what’s to come next she gives me a sly smile.

Arching her back as her pants would slide off easier, I pull both her pants and panties off in one smooth motion. Looking down I see her sweet pussy. I have only seen one pic of it so long ago but it is still a sight. Clean shaved with sexy lips I proceed to bury my head between her legs not wanting to wait any longer. Her hands holding my head as I lick and suck her pussy. She is wet and getting wetter as my tongue focuses on her clit. She lets out quiet sounds as I eat her out.

Not waiting to long my one finger slides into her tight hole. She gasps as I slowly finger fuck her. Letting my tongue flick her clit faster. I want her to cum. Feeling it hit the right spot inside I continue giving it attention. She is squirming on the couch as she is getting off on the bathing of her pussy with my tongue and mouth. Small whimpering noises coming from her lips. Her juices covering my face and I feel her tighten up. Thinking she is getting close by the sounds she is making, I continue my efforts and feel her finally release what has been building up in her and she cums hard all over my face. Licking her pussy as she comes down from her orgasm I look up and smile at her.

Sliding up to kiss her I feel her hands searching for my hard cock in my pants. She rubs it some more and than starts to undress me. Pulling at my pants and undoing them quickly not wanting to wait any longer. I stand up as I slide my pants off my body and than taking my shirt off so that I was naked too. Leaning over again I kiss her and her hand finds my cock and starts to stroke it. Hand sliding back and forth over my cock makes my member come to full attention. I let out a sigh as I’m thinking about burying it in her pussy.

Her hand kept stroking it and it sure loved the attention it was getting. Trying to let go and let the body take over instead of my mind I kissed her deeply. Her other hand sliding along my body as my hand caressed her tit. God I wanted my cock inside her, and I don’t think I can really wait much longer. Getting off of her I lean over to the bench and pull a condom out. Ripping open the packaging and rolling it on my cock. Her legs spread wide open on the couch is so inviting. She reaches for my cock and holds it to her opening. Positions it as I push forward and feel it slip between her lips and into her hole. I bury it deep as I let out a sigh. Looking down her eyes seem to say “finally”.

She pulls me into her more and I slowly fuck her. Pumping my cock in an out of her as she looks up at me with lust in her eyes almost saying “more, give me more.” Leaning down and kissing her I can almost feel my cock getting harder by the sensations. She pulls me in closer, like trying to get more of me inside her. My arms bracing myself above her head as I continue to fuck her. She is not as loud as my wife but she is vocal but more on the quiet side. Like a piston my cock goes in and out of her pussy, her juices covering both of us, and I start to sweat. Her face is looking up at me as I keep pumping my cock into her.

I so want her to cum. I want to see her face as she climaxes with my cock buried in her. Doing deep, hard slow thrusts as I feel myself starting to lose control. She is getting close. I can feel her legs wrap around me, pulling me in even closer. She wants it. Speeding up will make me lose control but I want her to cum. Her wet pussy is gripping my cock trying to squeeze my orgasm out of it and than it happens, she cums. Hard. Pulling me in tightly as the climax races through her body. The sensation pushes me over the edge I let out a loud groan as I feel it hit me. My balls unloading into her as I continue to fuck her. As my cock is pumping slowly in and out of her I notice that I am covered in sweat, dripping onto her face as I try to wipe it away. “You are all sweaty, ” she says.

” Sorry, was working up a sweat. Didn’t think it was that hot down here.” Wiping the sweat away from my brow a smile crosses my face as I lean in closer and ask, “Do you have to be home soon?”

“No why? ” she questions.

” I was hoping for round 2,” as I flash a mischievous smile and sit up. My cock slips out of her and I quickly grab it to make sure condom is still on. Removing it I tie it in a knot and go to dispose of it. Quickly grabbing a couple of water bottles on my way back from the cold cellar, I come back to where her naked body is still lying and offer her one as I take the other. Opening it and taking a long swig I feel a bit refreshed although the sweat is still pouring off of me. Digging through the bench for the rags we keep on hand, I really need to wipe my sweat off. Offering the towel to her she shakes her head slightly no and I tossed it back on the bench. I than sat down beside her, still glowing and little dazed on what just happened.

We cuddled on the couch. Idle chit chat but more just relaxing in the afterglow. My hands gently running over here body, trailing along her side than up again to touch her beasts. I really don’t recall what we talked about, I just let my fingers wander all over her body lightly and watching her react. Her eyes are closed and she is breathing lightly from the sensation. Seeing how she is enjoying this I continue my gentle touch expand to other areas. We talked idling about everything and nothing as my hands continued to explore her body. Just enjoying the company and closeness.

I’m still in a bit of shock. I never expected this to happen. Don’t get me wrong I hoped it would but it surprised me. She wasn’t reserved. She didn’t hold back like our coffee meetings. It was hot and passionate. And I wanted more.

As time went on my hands start to explore more and tease more. Slipping along her pussy lips or teasing a nipple. Eventually I leaned over and kissed her again. She responded by pulling me close and kissing me back. She was wanting more and she seemed to be taking control. I don’t mind that, but I really wanted to taste her pussy again. Sliding down from her lips I let my tongue tease her clit again. My mouth covering it up so that I can focus on it. My fingers tracing her pussy lips, feeling how wet she is. Slipping a finger inside her she arches her back slightly. Fingering her slowly I continue to suck, pulling her clit into my mouth as I flick and teased it. I forgot how much I enjoy none pierced hoods, lets me play a more with the clit. Her legs stretched out to allow full access as I teased her pussy towards another orgasm. Not to much longer she cums again, and slowly pulls me up to kiss her.

As her hands roamed my body her legs wrapped around me again. Our bodies pressed together and my cock laying semi awake against her pussy. Grinding into me she wanted me again. I pulled away and kissed her neck again. Tracing a line from her ear lobe down to her neck. She wiggle when I touched her sensitive spot and she pushed me back.

My cock was awake now. Getting harder as she started to take control. She pushed me back gently so I sitting back on the couch. She grabbed a condom and handed it to me. I quickly ripped it open and had it on my cock standing at attention waiting for her to mount me.

She straddle me with one quick motion. Her pussy just above my cock her hand guided it into her. I let out a sigh as it buried deep into her. She placed her hands on the back of the couch and rode me. Grinding her pussy into my cock as I pushed into her trying to match her rhythm. She was starting to work up a bit of sweat as she rode me. Making quiet whines of enjoyment as she gets closer to cumming. I grabbed her ass and helped her move, making her stay deep inside as she fucked me. As she came I could feel her tense up again. She didn’t stop moving but I wanted to fuck her more.

Motioning her off she laid down on the couch again legs spread wide exposing her bare pussy. I moved in and held my cock as I slipped it inside her. She pulled me in closer as I started to fuck her. Holding her knees and pumping hard into her. She pushing into me with each thrust. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes as I fucked her hard. Sweat started to form again and I was worried that I would get her soaked. Brushing sweat from my brow I kept at it. Pumping it in and out like a piston that was well greased. Looking down I can see it sliding it in and out of her. It was so hot and I just wanted her to cum all over my cock again.

She whimpered and groaned and I could tell she is getting closer. I keep fucking her, wanting to see her face as she cums. I didn’t have to wait long as she came hard again. She looked so hot as she came, and I didn’t slow down until she finished. Slowly I leaned over her, covered in sweat and kissed her. She kissed me back and than said, “You are all sweaty again.”

“Yes, I don’t understand why. It is normally colder down here.”

She giggled and I sat up to find the rag again so I could wipe the sweat off. Pulling my cock out with the condom on, I still haven’t finished yet. Wanted to enjoy my time with her and after each time I blow my load I can go longer. I didn’t want to end the night too soon. Making a girl cum is one thing I love to do, and so far I am loving how she is responding to me pleasing her.

I sat back on the couch, taking another sip of water trying to cool down. She sits up, smiles and starts to play with my cock. She starts to stroke it and the condom comes off so she tosses it aside as she continues to play with it. It slowly comes to full attention again, throbbing with the pleasure she is providing it. It looks massive now, and I don’t know if I it just me or just the way it is happening. She than leans over and licks the tip. I sigh, not expecting her to do this.

She starts to tease it, licking the tip, the shaft, and than the tip again. Stroking it slowly all the while. I sat there mesmerized as she kept playing with my cock. I don’t normally watch when I get my cock sucked but somehow, just how it looked, it was hot. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. She kept sucking, teasing, stroking and I swore my cock got bigger and bigger. Okay probably not, but it sure felt like it.

All I know is that it couldn’t keep taking that teasing without being buried in a warm pussy. And at the pace she was going it was going to be very soon. My body is starting to react and I don’t want to let it go to long. I pull her off my cock and I stand up. Moving her to bend over she puts her knees on the couch and leans against the back. Grabbing another condom I quickly put it on and than slide my cock into that wet pussy. She groans and I start to fuck her slowly. Enjoying the sensation of my cock filling her pussy.

Fucking a girl from behind is to erotic. The look and feel is different, and with most of the woman they seem to enjoy this position. She was no different and as I pound my cock deep and slow into her I can hear her. Each thrust makes her sigh or groan. Looking down I see my hard piston going in and out of her pussy. Glancing around I look for my phone but it is not in reach, and I don’t want to stop fucking her. As erotic as it looks from my point of view I want to fuck and don’t want to stop, knowing that she will be going home after this I didn’t want to disappoint. Hips thrusting back and forth as I start to get closer to cumming. Contemplating on grabbing her hair I grab her hips instead and pull her into me with each thrust. Deep and hard I continue to pound her. My senses go into overload as I feel my release coming, and I keep up the pace. With a loud groan I finally release my load into her as I pump my cock in and out of her. With a last thrust I lean forward and collapse onto her. Breathing heavily from the effort I kiss her gently on the neck as I reach down and grab my cock as it pops out of her pussy. Slipping the condom off I tie it quickly into a knot and than toss it on the floor.

She rolls over and sits beside me kissing for a minute or two. Embraced for another minute she then separates and and sits back. The smile on her face looks so sexy. Wishing I had taken pictures and I vow to make sure to do that the next time we get together. She looks at me and without saying anything I know it is time to go. She leans over and grabs her phone and that is when I realized it. I didn’t text my wife back about what was going to happen. Quickly I grab my phone and see the few messages from her clearly stating that I didn’t get back to her. Feeling guilty and kicking myself for not messaging her earlier I type in a quick reply and send it.

Grabbing my cloths I start to get dressed as I look over and she she has almost finished. By this time both dogs seem to know that something is happening and come over for a visit. Patting my big dog I see that she has finished and ask “Do you have everything?”

“Yep, didn’t bring anything but my phone,” she replies a she shows me her phone and stands up.

I quickly get up and wrap my arms around her, kiss her again, “Thank you. I really didn’t expect this to happen.”

“Me neither,” as she sepeartes from me, “but we will have to do it again sometime.”

Smiling, “Hopefully sooner than a year,” as I start to laugh.

She giggles as well and we proceed to head upstairs as the dogs follow behind us not wanting to miss anything.

Once upstairs she says she has to visit the bathroom and quickly disappears as I proceed to let the dogs out for a quick pee. Heading back to the front door, “Well have a safe drive home.”

“I will, ” as we hug again she pulls me in tight.

“Will talk to you later,” I ask and she smiles and nods. “Let me know when you get home, okay?”

I open the door for her and as she walks down the walkway towards her car I yell out, “Night.”

“Night,” she replies. I close the and lock the door as I hear the back door being scratched by my dogs. I head back and let them in as they bound through the door and head towards the front window to see where our visitor went. Remembering my phone is downstairs I head that way. Need to make sure that I let my wife know she has left and to tell her about my night.

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