Re-Union with Lilly

Funny how distance can make relationships feel like a new experience after many months.  Lily planned to visit with her kids for a Canadian vacation for our second meet up of the year.   Knowing that it will be a challenge to have her alone to spend time together since all our kids will be home.  Normally for any event, I don’t think about it to much.   Have had many disappointments in the past so I try to stay in check up to the day of the event.  But my excitement got higher with each day passing. Continue reading Re-Union with Lilly

The tide

The morning was really uneventful. We have gotten into a routine.  We don’t get breakfast till after 9 am. Well most of us. There are a few early risers who might get two since they have eaten around 6 am. Then we usually head to the pool. Today was the ocean and I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately going so late in morning doesn’t leave any open places with shade.  We ended up just parking ourself on the beach and headed into the water. Continue reading The tide

Day after Arriving

Cuba how I have missed you.   It has been almost 10 years since I have been in Cuba.   Krystalla and myself were here back for her girlfriend’s wedding.   We had a blast,  since it was with a large group of people.   We agreed after that to make sure if we go again it would be with a group of people.

Needless to say,  Continue reading Day after Arriving

I have a secret

Coming out about our lifestyle is not all that easy.  Primarily because not everyone understands it.  Perception of the lifestyle is not accurate and assumptions are made. It is the misunderstanding that we would fuck anyone. That is just not the case.

Our first full day we meet lots of people. Thanks to Mellisa’s bubbly personality we had a large group at the pool bar by end of day. We mentioned cards against humanity might be played that night and few couples said they would stop by. Great game as an ice breaker plus it is a lot of fun to play.  Continue reading I have a secret

Long plane ride to nowhere

It has been a long week. After surprising my wife not once but twice this week. I also started to get sick at the first part of the week. So this made for a very quiet week. Listening to my quad downstairs cumming and my alone, sick in my room. Was not fun since it wasn’t by my choice.

After being beaten up by both wives to go to walk in clinic to get checked I finally agreed. After an hour later I got some meds and by Friday felt more human.  Luckily that means I might get some sex while on vacation.

Now at airport and hopefully things go smoothly. Travelling for me is always stressful. I don’t relax until I am in my room with my luggage. Luckily my wife has seen this so she knows. Guess everyone else will learn how much fun I am travelling.

With that the blog will be quiet for the week since I doubt I will have Internet access. For those that have found my site feel free to go through my older posts. I will have stories hopefully when I come back that I can post. Maybe even pictures. Till then have a great week.