Firsts in my mind

We have had a lot of firsts.  We have done orgy, group sex, among other things.  The rule for Krystalla and myself is that we have to have done it first before it can be done with anyone else without each other.  Fair rule since we want to enjoy the experience for the first time together.  We went into this together and it is only fair that we have the experiences shared for the first time too. Continue reading Firsts in my mind

Flashback – long time cumming

I really enjoyed this next post. The delay in getting it written was more in trying to get it right.  It was my first time with my one FWB that I have known for close to two years.  Timing it just happened to work out that I had the house to myself.  We have met for coffees over the time we have talked with some groping and kissing.  I had no idea on what to expect, which might be why this evening was so special on  how it turned out.

This is erotica so be prepared when you read it, no I don’t mean get your toys out.  Of course if you then enjoy!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Directions to sex

Flashback – First swing

We started swinging because I was not able to find any women.  The hardest part in this lifestyle is finding like minded people let alone women who understand that I am married and can fuck.  Still is a battle even now.  Krystalla realized how frustrating it was for me back then and she suggested swinging, to let me experience another woman.  By chance we did find a couple and ended up meeting one evening.  This is a recount on what happened and lessons learned.

>>>>>> First time Swinging


Final Thoughts on Cuba

Saturday morning is here and it will be our last day in Cuba.  Before I recap the week, I need to go over last nights fun.  The first day that we arrived we met a single girl.  She was cute and bubbly, and I was interested from the start.  No idea if there was a chance, but he I was willing to keep my options open.

Thursday night I was not feeling 100%.  Dehydration was the main factor and I spent the afternoon and evening trying to healthy.  Unfortunately that night is also when I could have had a chance to pick her up.  So last night I happened to see her going for dinner and mentioned that we will be in the lobby, hopefully we met later that evening.  By chance she was there, and later into the evening we did meet.  The only catch she was with another single lady, and that makes my chances a bit harder.

She was interested.  I can gather that fairly easily.  Flirting and hints were pretty obvious.  Her friend went and got drinks for them which allowed me some alone time.  This allowed me to chat and feel her out.  She mentioned that her friend suggested they go for a midnight swim and asked if I was interested.  Of course I was, and she seemed keen on the idea of me being there.  The quad headed to bed and I drank with the two ladies while they finished their card game.  Unfortunately, when they finished her friend decided it was time to go swimming, and as she got up said good night to me.  Damn, there goes my chance.  The drinks weren’t finished, and they kind of wanted new ones so her friend went up to the bar again.  Not a few minutes later she is calling her over.  Seems there were two hot guys there.  That was my queue. 

I got up and hugged her, saying that she has a game plan.  She agreed but she didn’t seem all that sure about it.  Quick kiss, although I debated quickly more, and then I headed off waving to her friend good night.  Heading back to the room I debated and thought about what I could have done differently.  By the time I got back to my room I figured there was not much else I could have done.  Plus hanging with them during this time kind of made it obvious, so in fairness it was good that I left.  Didn’t make me look bad. 

Getting back to the room, no one is there.  I called up the other quad room and Lexxi anwsered, saying she will be over soon.  When she arrived she said I had good timing since both Lexxi and Krystalla were just finsihed getting flogged and fucked.  Seems the night wasn’t lost on everyone.  We talked about the evening and what I could have done.  Ended up in bed not much later as she rode my cock to a hard orgasm. 

With all that said and it now Saturday morning there are a few things that I have learned.  Primarily, don’t get sick on vacation.  There were a few stories that I was not around for since I was in my room recovering.  And the reason I got sick is primarily due to consumption and not replenishing fluids properly.  The amount of sun that you get down south is way more than you normally get back home.  If you don’t balance everything right you will get ill. 

The second major thing is to be friendly and meet people.  If it wasn’t for Melissa there is no way I would have met half of the people that we did.  The trip was a huge success in this, and I don’t think it would have been as fun if we didn’t get out and meet new people. 

I had a lot of fun this week.  There were a few days that I was ill and that really did suck but I made the best of it.  The people we meet have been amazing and we have collected some names to follow up with them once we get back home.  I think that the majority of them know our lifestyle, and being able to relax and not have to hide anything has made it fun.  We kept hearing how we are all so easy to get along and open.  We were also told that we were to wild by some of the younger crowd that we met as well.  Needless to say, we had a lot fun and with the last day here I hope we can close out the week with a bang.   

Unique can not be forgotten

For past few weeks I have had the good fortune of seeing a few of my fwb.  Timing has actually worked out, although it seems like when it rains it pours.  This week especially has been busy.  The sex has been great as well, but there has been one common factor of late that I am now realizing.

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Timing is everthing

Working out of Toronto is a pain. My routine for morning and evening is way out of whack. No free time is what I am experiencing and it has been along time since I have dealt with it.  Add on the social aspect and it is compounded. I normally talk all the time but driving over three hours as day has made me appear invisible. Plus work is busy so I can’t just chat throughout he day.  It is an adjustment that I am working through.

Since I have been back from Cuba I have seen one of my fwb.  Actually, it was my first date so to speak.  I normally go out for coffee or hang out at coffee shop but this one was an actual date.  Out for dinner and then finding something to do.  It was a lot of fun, and I hope to do it again sometime.  Also got to skype with Lilly for a bit on Sunday.  It is always nice to see her again although we talk regular enough.  Didn’t realize how good skype can be to help connecting with someone so far away.  We did that with Lexxi and Bob off and on over the first year we dated.  It helped with the distance, allowed us to connect at least with voice and face instead of just words on a phone.  I don’t do this with just anyone either, kind of shy on video chat.

So the second week is here after returning from Cuba.  I am driving to Toronto for work and now I have multiple dates lined up this week.  Weird how things seem to change so quickly.  Granted these are coffee dates, but I get to see my fwb who I have haven’t seen in a while.  I think Krystalla was giggling to herself when I kept adding dates.  She loves it when I get all giddy like.  Even Lexxi got a kick out of it when she saw me like this the one weekend we were together.

Guess it comes down to timing.  Much like everything else in life we really don’t slow down.  I keep getting told by a few of my fwb that I am “too busy”.  I keep saying that I am not but perception sure seems like it.  We have become more social, and with a larger group of friends we seem to be constantly hooking up for drinks and chatting.  Something that we really haven’t had since a long time ago in our old house when we connected with our neighbours.  We were inseparable during the time we lived there, either at their place or ours.  Our kids got along great and it was something that we both looked forward to after a long week at work.

There comes a point when you have to slow down and take stock.  Make time for things that you want to do.  My youngest just had another birthday and I realized that time is going by way to fast.  Not wanting to miss anything I am starting to realize that as you get older time seems to speed up.  More because we are so involved in our lives.  Work, family and friends seem to keep us busy and there really needs time to take a break and appreciate it all.

Cuba was like that, as much as I missed a few days, we were able to decompress and slow down.  Oh we drank a lot, and with me isolated for two days I had lots of time to think.  It allowed us to ground ourselves again, slow down the pace, and enjoy ourselves as much as our friends.  I don’t foresee going on vacations like that every year, we just don’t have the luxory, but it is something that I need to replicate once a year.  Maybe not all you can drink, but time to decompress and take a break.

I miss all my fwb, some who I haven’t seen in months or even longer.  Timing in seeing them has always been a challenge.  Patience and timing is what I have come to rely on and this coming week it seems that I will be overly busy.  Although Krystalla will be a little off since her bf seems to be overly busy this month so she will be seeing him a little less than normal.  Timing.  Really does suck.  Even for our quad we are booking now three or four months out so that we can ensure we have time to met each other.

And then there is Lilly, who I hope to see sooner than later.  The distance and timing, plus finding some cash to afford to go, is another thing.  Also means we have to schedule it so she is available and not working.  She is busy too, so timing on both of our parts will be important so we can enjoy our time together.  My calendar is going to be getting pretty full from all the friends we have, I just hope we can accommodate everyone.  That has been my biggest fear of late.

Location Location Location

So not having a empty house to use is a pain.  Add on the fact that your date has the same problem and it makes it hard to hook up.  And no I don’t mean just for coffee, I mean for sex.  Yes there are a few that I see that we hook up for sex when we meet since it is so rare to see each other.  This is something that even Krystalla can attest to.  When she first started dating her bf she has the same problem.  They would go out, talk and hang out but when they wanted to fool around they ran into the same problem.  Where do we go?
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8 degrees of FWB

Since I started my blog I have done some topics that were brought up by other friends.  Primarily related to the lifestyle have been some of those.  My hope is that with me exposing the topic and working through what my thoughts about it are might allow the readers to open their mind to the thought.  Digest what I say and formulate their own opinion.  I am not preacher, or all knowing, Continue reading 8 degrees of FWB

Escape – Female point of view of Do Not Disturb

After Greg posted his story about our time together, I read it over and over (Do not Disturb and Guilty Goodbye).  Not just for the sensuality of the experiences, although they were fun; but because, as the months pass, my memories start to fade.  And my encounter with him was a bit of a turning point for me.  I want to remember.  Not just the physical, but the emotional.  So here is my side of the story.  It’s different from his, less sexually charged; and some of what I write will be contradictory to what he posted.  I already told him that his memories make the better story .  Mine is just girly fluff…

SWEET GUNNAR: She has approved me to have this on my blog, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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