Boost – Part 3

As my pants open up my hard cock is straining against my underwear, wanting to be let out.  The woman is working very quickly to free it.  I just met her only an hour ago.  I am not normally picking up woman this way,  or even being picked up by a woman either.  Right now my mind is anticipating how her lips will feel on my cock as I feel it pop free.  The cool air in the car seems to have heightened the sensation as her tongue starts to trace the head around and then down the shaft. Continue reading Boost – Part 3

Directions to sex


This based loosely on real events. I have changed any names or places to protect the people who are in this story. This contains sexually explicit content so please stop reading if you are under the appropriate age for where you live.  For those of you who are old enough enjoy!!!

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Out and about for Halloween

The wives have planned to go out to Halloween party for past few months. Even had costumes figured out ahead of time.  It was a way for them to express themselves safely.  The few times going to the club I have enjoyed myself but I am not comfortable at them.  I am not a fan of crowds, and I get very tense when surround with large groups of people.  This is for the woman and I go for them.

Luckily we had another couple go there as well.  I was hoping for another couple to be able to make it but commitments left them out, this time.  All dressed up and ready to go we head off.  I advised them that I will DD.  Spending money on a cab is pointless since it is over priced.  Prefer to drink that money instead of giving it away for cab fare.  Well at least they can drink and I can indulge when we get home. Continue reading Out and about for Halloween

Soft wood, hard wood, they just want wood

This lifestyle will challenge most men in one specific area.  This is because as a man that is one thing that always worked without thought.  And when it decides to disappear and not perform it can be a big shock to the man.  It also makes the man embarrassed, since the woman expect it to be rock hard regardless on what is going on.

When I was younger my cock would stay hard even after sex. Continue reading Soft wood, hard wood, they just want wood

Hands and feet and be quiet too!

As I pass Krystalla3 in the stairwell, she had the blind fold in hand, I scrambled up to our bedroom to see what I can find.  I have been planning this for a few days, or at least the act and not what I was planning to do.  You see I am not really a dom, or have actually restrained anyone woman outside of my hands holding her down while fucking.  
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Wake up call

I quietly slide the key into the lock.  Unlocking the door and slipping inside I hear movement from upstairs.  I drop my knapsack to the floor and make my way quickly upstairs.  Flipping my light on from my phone I try to see what is making the noise.  A dog head is poking out of the cat door.  “Move, put your head back in baby girl,” I quietly say not trying to wake the whole house up.

Pushing the door open the two dogs step back briefly before giving me the friendly “You are home,” attention.  It is 1:30 am and I have been working all day.  With the project I am on I didn’t know how late I was going to be and told the wife not to wait up.  I hear her stir as I navigate the two dogs who are now wandering to look for a place to settle down.

Stripping off my cloths quickly I slide under the covers and settle in beside her.  The covers have baked her and she is toasty warm.  I snuggle up close as her own arm wraps around my body and pulls me in close.  I kiss her gently on the forehead and then snuggle my nose into her neck and breath her in.  I love her so much.  With the drama today I was not around to comfort her with my body, only texts.  Feeling her breathing on my neck, her warm body so close, I softly let my hand caress it.  Thinking back to an earlier conversation makes me remember what I promised earlier that night.

I ponder as I lay there.  My mind wondering if she will argue.  My hand slides down and reaches her ass cheek as I squeeze it gently.  A moan escapes her lips.  Shifting a bit I move my hand along her spine and up to her neck and gently play with her hair and grab a fistful around my fingers and tighten my grip.  Another groan escapes her lips, her hand gently shifts but stays still across my body.

Sensing that she is waiting for me to make good on my promise I sit up and shift my hips in front of her face.  Grabbing the back of her head I whisper, “As I promised I am going to shove my cock into your mouth.”  She lets out a sigh as my cock touches her lips and it slips between them.  She takes my soft cock in her mouth and her hand wraps around it.  She works her magic in bringing it to life pumping and sucking on my cock.

I lean over a bit and flip the covers off of her body exposing it to the warm air.  My hand travelling down her leg to feel her pussy.  She is wet, very wet.  My finger starts to play with her pierced hood teasing her clit right below it.  Circling and rubbing it as she sucks my cock harder.  She wants it.  Needs it.  The release has been long time coming and with the added stress tonight she wants that release.  I am willing to give it to her.  I start to fuck her mouth, pumping my hips in and out, make her feel the full length of my cock.  Urges start to take over as I need to have this buried somewhere else.

I pull out of her mouth and shift her so she is on her back.  I position myself between her legs as my rock hard cock just waiting to enter her pussy.  I slide up to her face it slowly buries inside of her.  A loud groan escapes her lips and I can feel her wrap her arms around me holding me close.  Slowly I pump my cock in and out of her.  Fucking her mouth is one thing but here I wanted her to feel my cock slowly, deeply.  Make her want more.  To have her begging for more.  She wants it but she hasn’t realized how bad she wants it.

Kissing and nibbling her neck I continue to fuck her.  Deep, slow thrusts which she vocally responds with each thrust.  Whimpering and wanting more I start to speed up a bit.  I want her to scream but she isn’t there yet.  She is building slowly.  I want it to hit her like a tidal wave when she is ready.  Shifting my weight to my arms I lean back and look at her.  Her arms wrapped around me as she focuses on my cock inside her.  I speed up some more, letting her feel my cock pump in and out of her.

Her eyes half open and she looks at me, “FUCK ME,” she says.  Not pleading.  Not begging.  Just “FUCK ME.”  Not what I expected but how can I resist as I start to fuck her hard and fast.  The sounds of our bodies smacking into each other with each thrust.  She starts to groan louder and louder.  Feeling her getting close I keep up the pace.  A light sweat starts to form over my body.  Her gasps get closer and closer together as it hits her.  She lets out the long semi quiet squeal and I feel her legs tighten around me as I continue to pound my cock into her.

Not stopping, but slowing down, my hips continue the rhythm as my cock slips in and out of her soaked pussy.  I look down at her and our eyes lock for a second.  Knowing that she is still coming down from her orgasm I smile and start to fuck her again.  I sit up fully and place my hands on her thighs as I lean on them and fuck her.  She groans and her head falls back as my cock hits the right spot inside her.  I look down and see my cock coated in her juices.  I seems to be like a piston sliding in and out so easily.  Wanting her to cum again I double my efforts, “Fuck me hard,” she says between her groans of pleasure.

She is getting close again and when the wall breaks she grips me hard as she lets out a loud wail.   Continuing my mission on fucking her my cock still sliding in and out.  Breathing slightly hard I look down at her soaked pussy.  She really needs to have the other hole filed.  It is only fair.  I sit back as my cock slides out of her pussy.  She lets a sigh out as it pops out and she looks at me.  Guiding my cock to her other hole I place it at the entrance.  Her eyes look excited as I place the shaft at the entrance.  She shifts slightly to give a better angle as I push my cock into her ass.  With a sudden release it pops in and the moan let out by her was pure ecstasy.  I bury it deep into her ass.  Waiting a couple seconds to let her adjust to it.  Her moans not stopping the whole time it is inside her.

I look down and I slowly move it out and in.  Her moans becomes groans as she says,”Fuck my ass.”  I don’t need any further encouragement.  I pound my cock in and out of her, her moans and groans of pleasure getting louder.  Holding down her thighs and leaning forward I am able to get a better position and I fuck my wife hard.  The sounds of sex are loud in the room.  Her moaning and groaning getting louder.  She is so loud I wonder if anyone will wake up.

I start to feel my release building but I don’t want to blow my load yet.  I want her to cum again.  I position my hands by her head and lean over.  My body pressed almost against hers as I fuck her ass.  Her breathing is rapid and she is moaning with every thrust.  She is getting close but I am starting to lose control.  I speed up and fuck her as hard as I can hoping that it will push her over the edge.  She gets even louder as I fuck her ass hard and I can feel myself hitting the no return point.

I start to groan, coming to the point of blowing my load in her ass and I hear her cum.  She lets out another loud squeal and whimpers as she cums hard.  That puts me over the edge and I can’t hold back now more.  With a loud groan I feel my balls empty and the cum shooting inside her ass.  I let my body collapse onto her still slowly pumping my cock in and out of her.  She kisses my neck, ear and then shifts a bit to kiss my lips.  I kiss back and than sit up a bit.  My cock is going limp and I can feel it slipping out of her ass.  As the head pops out she lets out a sigh.

“As I promised,” I whisper and I give her another kiss on the lips.  “Thank you,” she responds and pulls me in close for a tight hug.



Open to Change – New Cock – Part 2


Shifting uncomfortably in the driver seat she looks at the clock again as she approaches the street towards home.  He should already be there since Gary works in the service industry and travels around the area doing repairs on electronics.  Turning on to our street Jane sees the service van parked out front and waves as she pulls past and parks in the driveway.  Gary hops out of the van and says “Hi” as Jane exits her car and grabs her purse before closing the car door.


They make their way up to the front door and Jane fumbles with the key for a second, little nervous on what is about to happen.  Opening the door finally she invites Gary in as she drops her purse and closes the door as he turns towards her.  No sooner does the door close he pulls her into close and lays a passionate kiss on her lips.   His arms snake around her back as she melts into him.  Her arms move up and hook around his neck as there kissing starts to get more heated.


Jane pulls away almost panting from the intense emotions she is feeling.  “We don’t have much time.  Should we take this upstairs?”

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Open to Change – the next day

This is the writing I did after I found out my wife wanted to explore.  This is the second part to the story.  This has been edited from my original post that I did.  This does contain sexual content so you are warned that you might get aroused.  Enjoy!



I woke up pretty much every hour on the hour that night tossing and turning.  Being told by your wife she wants to try other cocks kind of does that to you.  I did tell her shortly after we married if she wants to explore that curiosity, since I was her only partner, I would be open to talking about it. The shock to find out that she has already found a man to fuck is a little much.  Am I wrong to be a little angry that she went ahead and looked first without talking about it? Continue reading Open to Change – the next day