You AREN’T what you read!

Having a chat with a few guys at work and some how spam mail came up. As we talked I stated if I was to believe everything that I was sent then I would be a messed up guy. With that I thought it would be a good post just to see how screwed up I would be. This content is based on one of my email addresses that receives on average about 100 emails a day of spam and junk mail. So lets get to it.

So first email I see is titled “Break through skinCare…”. So this means that my skin is not well cared for?

Next one is showing “Does your nerve-pain feel like you are…” Don’t recall having any pain from my nervers, outside of some of the stupid users that I deal with.

My favorite one is next with “Solve your irs tax problems…” I don’t recall living in the US, so this seems a bit suspect.

Then for those that think I don’t eat, “Spinach Enchilads”. Does sound tasty I have to say.

Now I am not sure if I want to open this one with the title “This common bathroom habit is deadlier…”. Really, how many bathroom habits do they think I have?

“Anti-baldness drug skyrocketing across the country”, doesn’t really apply to me since I still shave my head regularly.

The always classic way to feel wanted, “Iloveyou sent you a message! sheess hot”. Right, like I have the ability to have a 22yr hot female hunting me.

So combining this small sampling of email I would think that I am in trouble with the IRS with a skin issue involving nerve pain. Being bald, with a deadly bathroom habit and a young hot chick chasing me. Oh and a craving for Spinach Enchilads! Yeah, not to messed up eh?

At least I didn’t get any dick enlargement emails. Although those seem to always come in spurts ;).

Till next time.

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