The bug

Being sick is not fun.  More so if you are trying to keep your partner from getting sick.  The “no contact” that you try to ensure during the illness takes a lot of effort.  More so if you have multiple friends that you see.  The hardest thing is that if you see them less often, you sometimes might be selfish and not say anything.

September is always a bad month for colds and illnesses.  School is back in and it seems that everyone is going out and meeting people.  The weather has changed, at least here in Canada, and with that the season has started.  Facebook seems to show the spread of it pretty easily with people dropping like flies as the month progresses.  For ourselves we were luckily till mid month and then got the bug.  Our Quad had it the week before, so like anything we were lucky to not be sick during our visit.

Open communication has been a constant theme on my site.  The principle is simple, no secrets.  Everyone should be informed and with that no surprises.  Normally this is the case, but when hormones get in the way and urges take over there is a potential for an outbreak.  And this not only towards the cold.  This can be any type of contagious infection.  If there is a chance or risk then it should be communicated.  Respect and trust to who you are playing with is important.  If lost it is very hard to get back.

Of course with any illness sometimes it is easy to see.  Other times not so much.  If you don’t let someone know that you might be contagious then you risk other people to be exposed.  With the community in close contact, this can be a problem.  Do you really want to be the one that is know to infect a whole cluster of people in the lifestyle because you didn’t speak up?  Don’t get me wrong, it is hard to pass up on an opportunity.  For me it doesn’t happen often and it kills me when I can’t participate.  I don’t want to miss out on fun.  Getting everyone sick because you are being selfish.  And is it worth it?

This year I was ill right before we went to Cuba.  My goal was to get better, and with the quad down early I got to enjoy the sounds of them fucking, sucking and playing while I sat upstairs in bed listening.  Needless to say I was frustrated.  Also knew that in a few days there would be three couples together and I didn’t want anyone to get ill because of me.  Everyone understood and appreciated that I made the effort on not getting anyone sick.  It worked out but it still was very hard to keep myself separated for those days to ensure no one got ill.

Now this was just common cold that I had. If it was something else I would still ensure that I spoke up. It is not fun having to discuss this but you need to ensure that everyone is aware. Regardless on how embarrassing or horny you are. Respect your partner or group that you are involved with.

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