That restless feeling

For the past few months I have had urges.  More like wanting something new. For the past year and a half I have been with another couple along with my wife.  Basically I have two wives now (yes twice the drama of the cycles got right).  I love them both but my urge for new blood has been growing.

Don’t get me wrong, the sex is hot and when we have the chance for group play it is great.  My issue is I like change which lies my problem.  I am not freaky and don’t have a fetishis, I just enjoy sex.  My issue is that the rest of the quad (what we call our group) does and it has left me a little on outside.

The other concern is finding a new girl, let alone local, near impossible. Let me explain how dating happens when you are older.  You go online see girls that like and trying to talk to them.  What happens is less than 1% will respond and if they do will likely disapprove  that I am in an open relationship.

The flip side my wives can go online and be chatting with multitude of guys (although most are creeps but that is a different blog discussion) within hours.  This exact opposite of experience is why we started to date couples and not try the single alone play.  I just want to have a some no string attached girl that I can see on occasion.  Didn’t think it was too much to ask for? Guess I was wrong.

So combine the lack of attention from new girls and not having any freaky shit and I kind of shut down. Why? Feels like everyone is evolving and I am still looking for a simple fuck.  Nothing crazy or fancy, just sex. Unfortunately my actions upset my other wife and because I couldn’t explain why at the time I had to console her and explain it was not her I was upset with.  They both know that I am dealing with something.  I can’t discuss it when I didn’t really understand myself until the past couple of days.  Which leads me to explain my other problem.

Sex drive is none existent or here and gone.  Having two kids doesn’t help if I am horny and can’t jump my wife at the time lol.  Now what has surprised me the past month or two is that my sex drive really hasn’t gone.  It is the arousal that is missing at times.  Would you believe that this past weekend I told my wife I was going to have her pussy for dessert and the look I got made my cock hard?

This is when I realized a small part of my issue.  I need change.  I need new, and not just in a new girl,  more not the same routine.  This has been in front of my nose for so long and it took one sly sexy smile to fill in the blanks.  So my problem now is what is new? How do find the change to keep me aroused?

And how do I find new woman?  How do I curb my desire to taste, lick, and fuck new pussy until they cum all over my cock and…  Oops sorry got carried away.  Honestly I don’t get how the guys just say shit like that and expect to get laid?  I treat the woman as a gate that is locked and until the lock is removed I play nice.  Which comes back to the old saying “nice guys finish last”.

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4 thoughts on “That restless feeling”

  1. I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. I could see how looking for FWB would be frustrating for a male. Number one, I don’t understand why people don’t respond. I mean they could at least say hello. How can someone start up a relationship if they won’t even speak. Number two, I could also see people not being able to except the open relationship that you have. Maybe they assume it will end up messy, maybe they don’t trust that your relationship is truly open, or just don’t understand what that really means. So I could see people wanting to shy away. If I were on the site I would appreciate your honesty regarding your relationship status.
    As far as something new within your existing relationship, my hubby and I have been alternating months surprising one another with something. Doesn’t have to be expensive, or all the time sex themed but we seem to enjoy it. If we want to try something on one another or whatever. We’ve had sex on a canvas which is now hung in our house. Just looking at it and havin other people see it to this day still gets me excited. We love to go out dancing (even tho we can’t dance) who doesn’t get hot while dancing. Strip clubs are always fun😋. Of course various toys, wax, etc. I personally enjoy the thought that’s put into what he chooses. This month I brought an erotic painting as my little treat.
    May sound lame but we like it 😍
    Very relatable post! Good luck with everything and keep us posted.

    1. That is why this week when kids were gone longer than expected it was naked evening night. Worked out mutually for both of us. It is still work. And that is the part that we knew when we opened up our relationship that it will still take work. You can’t just coast through it. I’m lucky to have such a hot horny understanding wife 🙂 . Not to forget my other wife too 😉

  2. I had no idea of your physical reaction to my answer to the pussy for dessert question ☺️. But I get what you mean. I’d consider the fact that you want “new” or “different” as your own fetish of sorts. We’re all different, and have allowed each other to grow and try new things. Some have been liked, some haven’t. But trying while heartedly has been appreciated all around.
    As for the girls out there who can’t even reply to a simple “hi”…I don’t get that. It’s downright rude. Anyone who’s messaged me, I’ve replied to. Even the crappy line guys, I’ve responded to. It’s common courtesy. You’ll find the right girl friend for you. I’m still looking for the right guy friend for me.

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