Long ride

For some of you that know me, or follow me on Twitter I am heading back to see my other girlfriend.  It will take about 12 hours by bus to get there.  Most of you are shaking your head but let me explain.

I have been working on going back to see Lilly for a few months now.   One hold up was my passport.   Second was how to get there.   I had booked the days a while back to ensure we were both available.  It was how to get there which was the next hurdle.   This has been an eye opener to say the least.

First is that flying is fine if you have a long term plan.   Don’t every wait till last minute.  The cost went up and up from around $280 to $800.  Fucking insane.  So that basically scraped
that option. 

Train was proposed by a coworker and that sounded like a good idea.   Unfortunately the lay over in Buffalo was 10 hours so I scrubbed that one quick too.   That left driving as the only option. 

So I spent many a day researching the drive with toll roads and what options I have driving down there.  After many hours I came across a suggestion for bus.   Never occurred to me.  When I looked it up I found it was cheaper for gas then driving.  Granted I add a few hours to travel but I don’t have to stress when travelling through states and all the toll roads.  Plus I can sleep, which I suspect I will need coming home. 

So with this decided and my passport being delivered fairly quickly I booked the bus and started to work out timing.  Luckily it looks like it won’t be overly complicated using transit.  Hopefully things go smooth and weather is in my favour. 

Needles to say it has been a crazy few weeks in trying to figure this trip out.  Everyone who knows has been supportive and even offer suggestions.  With only a another day to go I will be heading down to see Lilly which is way over due. 

When planning long distance relationships rendezvous it seems planning your travel plans early is the best option.  Last minute just doesn’t work (unless you are going some place designated as vacation then it seems you can find deals).  Luckily I have found a cheap solution that can work hopefully for Lilly when she plans to visit next.

With that I will be out of contact this weekend with limited access to the Internet.  Hopefully I can post some updates and maybe pictures on Twitter.  Guess we shall see in just over 48 hrs. 

Isolation with no data

Travelling is really fun.  Get to see new places and have new experiences.  The adventure you can have can very depending on where you go.  I don’t travel a lot but have done so more in past year than in the past 10 years.  When I visited Chicago in the summer to see my girlfriend I found out how much fun not have data on your phone can be.  Being in a city where you don’t know much about can make you feel a bit lost.  Not to mention communicating with your wife and friends is limited. Continue reading Isolation with no data