Surprised to silence

My mind has been in over drive of late. With my birthday weekend having so many ups and downs and work not helping I have been kind of numb.  Going through the motions. Work sleep and work again.  Jane has been my rock through this.  More so then I knew.  Along with my poly wife and fwb they have all been very supportive.  
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Vocal freedom

Funny thing about sex when you are younger.  You either had a screamer or a mute. There really was no middle ground that I recall. Plus not really having a private venue didn’t help either.  So with that said, there were not very many vocal woman that I knew when I grew up.  Thinking about it now, there were none that were vocal.  And actually only met one that squirted back then too, although didn’t know about that till I was much older.  Even the porn didn’t really show that side as of yet.

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Boost – Part 5

We quickly exchanged numbers so that we can chat some more.  Quick kiss and we went our separate ways.  Still a bit dazed and confused on what just happen I drove home more on auto pilot.  Pulling into the driveway and parking the car I take a deep breath.  Trying not to have perma grin
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Boost – Part 4

Fumbling in getting my jacket off I search for a condom.  I usually have one in my jacket for the ‘just in case’ scenario.  Never thought that I would use it with a chance encounter like this thought.  Then again having a woman hit on me, then pick me up, and now leading to what is now a consensual fuck is something new to me as well.  Finally finding the condom in my lesser used pocket I toss the coat to the floor.

Unzipping my pants and pulling them off was a bit harder.  My cock sprang out of my pants and the cool air felt nice since it has been wanting to be freed for a while.  Realizing that my boots where still on I pulled them off, and then slide of my pants as fast as I could.  Looking over at this vixen as she is playing with her pussy and smiling at me.  She glances at my cock and licks her lips anticipating the feel of it buried in her pussy.  Ripping open the condom I put it on and then position myself for entry.

Wrapping her arms around me she pulls me in close.  My cock rubs against her pussy, slipping and sliding from how soaked she is.  She reaches down and puts the head in the hole as I drive my cock into her.  Letting out a loud groan as it buries deep into her she grabs on tight as I slowly fuck her.  In a car I really don’t want to advertise that I am fucking and would be very noticeable.

Slow deep thrust.  Repeat.  Again and again I slowly fuck her.  She is breathing heavily and with each thrust she gets a bit louder and louder.  “Fuck me,” she whispers, “please fuck me.”

Smiling I respond, “but I am.”

“Faster, fuck me faster.  I want to cum,” she begs.

“Oh I will, in due time.”

Pulling my cock right to the edge and I tease her.  Pushing it in part way then out again.  No pattern, just as I please.  She is pulling me in with her arms, her legs try to wrap around me to pull me in and bury my cock in her pussy.  She wants me so bad.  Who am I to argue now?

I ram my cock into her, letting out a groan as it buries deep in side her.  She gasp from surprise as I pound my cock into hot we pussy.  The car is rocking from the motion.  Fuck it I want her to cum.  And cum she will as I fuck her hard.  She lets out a cry as each thrust buries my cock into her pussy.  She breaths faster and gets louder as the orgasm builds up inside her.  Feeling the pussy gripping my cock as she is getting closer and closer to climax.  Burying my face into her neck I nibble on her ear and whisper, “cum for me.”  Like pressing a button she arches her back and lets out a loud scream as she cums hard.  The intensity is so strong she is quivering holding on to me as I continue to slowly fuck her pussy.

She stops relaxes a bit as she has a few after shocks.  I hold her till she stops and then sit up, my cock popping out of her pussy.  She looks at me, her eyes in a slight glaze and smiles.  “Oh I needed that.  Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, ” smiling back, ” glad you enjoyed yourself.”

“You didn’t finish, did you?” she questions looking down at my hard cock still.

“No, but I don’t mind.  You came and that is what I get off on.”  pulling the condom off I proceed to stash it so I can dispose of it later.

“Oh we can’t have that, ” her hand slides down and starts to stroke my cock.  “I think I can help with making you cum.”

Smiling slightly I play along, “Oh and how do you suggest that can be done?”

She shifts positions, leans over and takes my cock in her mouth.  I sigh as she continues where she left off and bobs her head up and done on my cock.  I don’t know of many woman who have this technique but she sure knows how to make my cock fuck her mouth.  Grabbing fist full of her hair I help her along, not that she needs any.  Closing my eyes and leaning my head back I feel it building up.  My breathing quickens and I groan each time she takes it all into her mouth.  The tip is getting the attention it needs and I know I am not going to last long.  Gripping her hair tighter I start to command her to keep going moving my hand up and down with her head.  Lightly groaning with pleasure as she knows I am close.

With a loud cry I feel it release and I blow my load into her mouth as she continues to bob up and down sucking my cock.  She slows down a bit to make sure she gets it all.  I release my grip on her hair as my arm goes limp.  Smiling and looking down at her I sigh.

She kisses the tip as she sits up and licks her lips.  Sitting there in silence for a moment working through what just happened.  Leaning over she kisses me on the lips.  “I had fun tonight.  Maybe, ” she hesitates, ” we can do this again?”

“I would love for that to happen.  I do think I have one request.  Think we need to have a bed or a couch next time.”

She giggles, “Deal.”

I look for my pants, forgetting the underwear since I am not sure where they ended up and slipped on my boots.  She composes herself and pulls down her dress hiding that luscious pussy.  The windows are completely frozen so I have no idea who is around as I lean over the driver seat and pop open the door.  The cold air rushes in and I shiver from the cold.  It feels colder out now after having hot sex in a car.

We get out of the car and notice the parking lot is empty.  Drive through has a couple of cars but it is a very quiet.  Looking at her I comment, “I think we were lucky it was a quiet night here?”

Giggling again she nods and proceeds to start her car.  I pull out my phone and send a quick message to the wife saying I will be home soon.  Then started my car and closed the door so it can heat up.  It just hit me as I closed the door.  I don’t even know her name!  Okay this is awkward, one thing to be told and forget but not knowing her name and fucking is something I have never done.

She walks over to me after putting her phone away.  I smile awkwardly, “By the way, I’m Steve,” as I hold my hand out to greet her.

She laughs and sticks her hand out as we shake.  “I’m Dianne, ” as she pulls me in closer and hugs me.  “Nice to meet you.”

Wrapping my arms around her I hold her close.  “Nice to meet you too.  Although I am bit a worried.”  She looks at me a little confused.  “Well, ” I continue, ” you might need another boost tomorrow so maybe I should be available to help you out?”

She hugs me tight and kisses me.  “I think I would like that.”

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If you enjoy this story please let me know in the comments.  I appreciate feedback since these are just fantasy of random thoughts in my head that I flesh out into a story.  If you have other ideas feel free to suggest them.

Boost – Part 1

Leaving work late that day was not my plan.  The project I have been assigned to has been running behind and playing catchup is not fun.  Having been working late the past month pretty much every day.  This leaves little time for coffee dates, let along my xbox to relieve the stress from work.  Jane has been a little frustrated as well since being tired and not really in the mood all the time has added more stress.

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Reflection of four different needs

Our quad has settled into a relationship that has become more like married.  It has almost been two years since we met and things have evolved dramatically.  This past year has been an eye opener for all of us.  Needs and desires for each person is different.  Nothing wrong with that at all unless they are not full filled.  Of late this seems to be a common theme.  Maybe things are becoming to comfortable and we need to shake things up a bit.

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Directions to sex


This based loosely on real events. I have changed any names or places to protect the people who are in this story. This contains sexually explicit content so please stop reading if you are under the appropriate age for where you live.  For those of you who are old enough enjoy!!!

Please like, share and reblog if you enjoy it.

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Monday Winter Fun

My weekend alone with my poly wife was great.  We relaxed, fucked and talked a lot.  It allowed us to reconnect, since this past year has been a roller coaster, with emotions and some drama.  With the weekend we were able to just be together, no dogs or spouses and because of that I think we connected more than we have been since the spring.  It was great weekend and both wives new I had Monday off.  Fortunately one of the other girls I was talking too was available to come over.

I haven’t had any new meat in a while.  Actually have been dry for past few months, not for lack of trying, so this is the first time in a while that I get to taste and explore some fresh blood.  By chance a woman who has wanted to come for a while is available.  I informed my wives of the plan to fuck her they were actually little excited for me. Not that they aren’t normally, but I always want to make sure they are okay with my encounters. Continue reading Monday Winter Fun

Out and about for Halloween

The wives have planned to go out to Halloween party for past few months. Even had costumes figured out ahead of time.  It was a way for them to express themselves safely.  The few times going to the club I have enjoyed myself but I am not comfortable at them.  I am not a fan of crowds, and I get very tense when surround with large groups of people.  This is for the woman and I go for them.

Luckily we had another couple go there as well.  I was hoping for another couple to be able to make it but commitments left them out, this time.  All dressed up and ready to go we head off.  I advised them that I will DD.  Spending money on a cab is pointless since it is over priced.  Prefer to drink that money instead of giving it away for cab fare.  Well at least they can drink and I can indulge when we get home. Continue reading Out and about for Halloween

Friends first sex later

There are no rule book for the lifestyle. If there were it would probably mean that more people would be looking into it. Well, maybe not more but it does show that couples make the lifestyle what they want it to be. Much like a relationship it evolves as the couple searches for what they want out of it.

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