Out of arms reach

You can’t chose who you have feelings for.  It happens.  This is something I have gotten used to over the past few years.  The problem is that most women aren’t close by.

So when you have a person who is far away and having a tough time I feel powerless.  I want to help.  Need to help.  That is who I am.  When you can’t do it frustrates me.  Continue reading Out of arms reach

Unexpected Deaths

You never are prepared for some one passing away.   For me I have had my grandparents around longer than most of my friends.  With that said my grandfather past away on Sunday, Jan 31st which was not expected.  He has been doing well considering that he was 86.

Similar to when Krystalla told me she wanted to open up the relationship I was in a bit of a daze.  This was unexpected news since there was no warning.   All of my previous passings including my sister were more knowing it was going to happen.  I was in a bit of shock when it happened.  I thought I would shut down.   I didn’t.  All of the women I talked to the women in my life reached out.  They entertained me.  Kept my mind busy.  It was unexpected the support I received that day.   It is something that I’m not used too.   I’m usually in the shadows and didn’t know the amount of support I have around me.

This is my last grandparent that was alive.  With that thought it has made me reflect also on who I have left in my life for family and friends.  It also makes me realized how lucky I am for the women in my life.  There are days that I wonder if I am crazy to have so many women.  After this past week I really don’t know what I would have done.  Not saying that my wife couldn’t have supported me.  After twenty years she knows me so well.  It was the additional support that day that helped me get through it.  I did take a day off later in the week to decompress since work has been too busy to take time off.

I want to thank everyone who showed me support.  Between facebook, twitter and the texts that day it made this tragic event bearable.  You don’t understand how much it meant to me to have that support in the way it presented itself.

The lure of new meat

For the past month or so I have been struggling with my quad and what they enjoy.  Let me qualify that the “quad” is: my wife and myself along with our close couple we have been involved with.  The struggle is not our relationship but what they enjoy in the bedroom.  I have tried lots of new things in the past few years and sampled different fetishes.  What I have found is that most don’t excite me.  This has lead me to think about what excites me and it was by accident that it might have been pointed out.

Now before you all think I am just greedy horn dog let me explain further.

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