Illness relationships

Never ever say that you haven’t gotten sick. Seems it will bite you in the ass. Found that out over two weeks ago.

Caught strep throat somehow and luckily didn’t infect anyone I know.That was a fun ten days. Meds finished and then I catch cold.

This is also during a new girl that I have met recently. We have been together twice so far and considering the timing I appreciate her patience. Also impacts my other local girl too. Timing just sucks. One thing that I am very careful is if I’m sick I avoid any contact with anyone including any relationship I’m in. Don’t need to expand the infection let alone get into a loop where we keep getting sick over and over again. Continue reading Illness relationships

The bug

Being sick is not fun.  More so if you are trying to keep your partner from getting sick.  The “no contact” that you try to ensure during the illness takes a lot of effort.  More so if you have multiple friends that you see.  The hardest thing is that if you see them less often, you sometimes might be selfish and not say anything.
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In sickness and fwb

This year has been pretty good for not getting sick. Our quad has been healthy for majority of the year. This weekend we will be meeting up at a hotel and by chance Krystalla gets a cold over the weekend. Hopefully she will get back to healthy by Friday but that leaves me isolated.  Why? Friday is my Christmas party and I want to be able to make it. I need to do some networking for my job and this is a great time to do it.

So I have to keep my distance from her which sucks.  Last few days I have had urges and since she is sick I am not able to get closer to her.  And she is not in the mood as she is grumpy and tired.  That leaves my fwb as an option and this will likely not happen.  There is also the guilt. If I do by chance hook up with fwb I can’t really connect with her after. I know she doesn’t mind that I get lucky but I still will feel a bit guilty. Basically damn if I do or don’t.

Now if I get sick I really have no interest in sex.  Krystalla knows when I am feeling better when I start throwing out “blow mes”.  Surprisingly she is horny during the cold, which is funny since she usually has no interest in sex either.  This is a weird cold, since it seems to be just sitting in sinus’s and that is about it.  With Christmas around the corner I really don’t want either of us sick for our holidays.

The other side of the coin is that I am working late pretty much mast month every night. And with her sick I really can’t help at home with me working. Adds more stress since I am a bit torn on being home or making OT.  She has been dealing with everything at home in the evenings for past few months, and with December hopefully being the last month of OT I am looking forward to getting back to routine.  Hopefully things go back to normal schedule with a healthy wife, but with the weather being so odd this winter who knows.