The Safe Zone sucks

Girls are unique creatures.  They like to have nights where they are not hounded by guys.  Even at work they like to be able to relax.  When a girl knows you are married or taken they are personable and more friendly because you are safe.  When you are able to fuck another woman because you are in the lifestyle, but the girl doesn’t know,  it gets complicated.  You want to tell her but you don’t know how.  You also don’t want to offend her.  This becomes a question if I want to risk the Friend Zone.

The Friend Zone is a black hole where men are put by woman since they want to keep them safe.  Not to sound like it is a bad thing but it is basically a “Do not touch” and “Off limits”.  The woman feels safe and secure and doesn’t want to cross that line.  This usually means that there is some type of attraction which could be mental or physical.  All that the woman knows that the Friend Zone is safe and that is very important.  It allows them to act and not have to worry about fighting of a guy since he thinks he has a chance. Continue reading The Safe Zone sucks