Gigalo and the act

Well my  mind wanders when I drive.  And I have been driving a lot to work of late.  With this it usually falls to three categories.  Women, work, and sex.  Recently we have been hit with number of unexpected bills and has put a strain on our cash flow.  Nothing that we can’t get out of but it does make things more frustrating.  No lotto win this past weekend so it leaves it to wait for next paycheck or raise some cash.  My thoughts wandered again to gigalo and what I would charge for sex.  No idea why this popped into my head, but it did.  Then a weird revelation came to me.

Prostitution has been around since men and woman realized what sex is.  Cash, services or goods were exchanged at times for the act.  Now the act usually has a specific charge.  Oral or sex is the two common ones with the more kinky on occasion.  Now with a man having a hooker in bed for sex, it is kind of obvious when he finished.  Even for oral it is pretty clear.  Not something you can hide easily.  I would assume the act would be charged since paying by the hour and only lasting 15 mins is kind of counter productive.  Then again, maybe I am wrong.  For sake of argument, and for humor sake, lets say it is by the act.  When he pops the act is done and the transaction closed.  Here is my question if the roles were reversed.

Gigalo would charge lets say $200 for sex.  Now since we have a limited amount of “pops” and we also can’t go all night I am curious on how this would be qualified.  Couldn’t be for when the woman has an orgasm since some can’t even have one during sex.  Others can have one every five minutes.  So for this activity would it have to be for an hour, half an hour, by the actual act until the mom pops?  Guess that would be for oral too.  If the woman can’t cum from oral would you be doing oral til she cums?  Would get lock-jaw at some point.

This leaves the argument that it would be a time amount.  Krystalla said that is only thing that makes sense since as I pointed out the act and depending on the partners can orgasm quite differently.  I tried to argue with this logic but it is sound.  Time would be a factor for the act.  The only question would be the time for the man’s performance.  And we all know how that can be up and down, no pun intended, well maybe a little.

And I haven’t even gotten into the BDSM acts that some people pay for.  Regardless that would be a time thing and even with what I know wouldn’t be cheap since some sessions can go on for hours.  Hmm, maybe I need to look at BDSM more now.

My mind is a bit twisted and debates on these ideas in my head.  Bouncing back queries and arguments much like two lawyers in a court room does.  Trying to get the point across with the most logical explanation.  I have never had a hooker, and only ever had a lap dance once which is a whole other story.  Either way I am curious on what your thoughts are?  And also for fun sake what would you charge for an act?  Lets have some fun and dream up how we can sell our talent for a change.  Everyone is good at something so lets see what we think about it and how we could charge for it?  Please leave all thoughts in the comments below.