Don’t expect it

I would like to thank one of my followers for this suggestion from my contact page.  It is a point that I have touched on a few times over the year but really never dwell on it to much.  Communication is very important as I mentioned numerous times, but setting expectations is something that also is equally important.  Without setting expectations things can get out of control, or worse drama can ensue that could cause complications or problems after the fact.

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Monday Reality

Monday morning I head off to work, still smiling from the past weekend.  I had no idea on my surprise, let alone how much it lifted my spirits up.  The past week was very hard and it was just the boost I needed to get me back to my old self.  My wife was almost giddy at the whole experience beaming whenever Lilly and me were together.  She knows how strong Lilly and myself connected and can see it.

Our last night together I sent my wife off to see her boytoy.  It was for a couple of reasons, with one they invited her and two that they placed an order for beer at our local distillery.  After the order was paid for I told her that there is a delivery fee.   Continue reading Monday Reality

The good and the bad

The hardest part in the lifestyle is how things evolve. My wife found BDSM with our poly couple. I never would have thought this would be something she is interested in.  Nor something I can do myself.

Sure I have dabbled when I was younger with control.  Voice and maybe holding a girls hands down.  Giving orders and controlling them during sex.  Even told I’m good at it.  I also know I can’t go to the darker side of it.  Which is why I have the poly husband to do that for me.  Continue reading The good and the bad

Dr Sweets in the house

It is in my nature to help.  Probably why I am in the role that I can’t seem to get out of at work.  Just who I am I guess, been doing it for so long that it is second nature to me.

This has also carried over into my personal life, more on the relationships that I have built.  Each new girl that I meet seems to have something that they want to talk about.  What they don’t know is that I am extremely good at getting people to talk about anything! Continue reading Dr Sweets in the house

Respect is expected by the woman

For those of you that know me I am a very respectful and patient man.  I always respect the woman’s wishes and because of that I have usually missed golden opportunities.  This was not always the case when I was younger, and just after my college years I went through a selfish phase.  Mostly because of failed relationships, I became the hunter looking for any woman I can fuck.   Continue reading Respect is expected by the woman

NYE and the cumming year

Another year has come and past.  The highs and lows of the past year has been extreme, with many changes to everyone that I have been involved with.  Medical, family, personal and just about any other issue has been felt by all.  If you told me three years ago that I would be leading a double life in that I have a poly wife, a couple of fwb that I see once a quarter if I am lucky, and how my wife has opened up to the BDSM side of things I would have said “You are full of shit!”

I really have not expected how things have evolved this year.  Our quad has started to balance out the past few months. Continue reading NYE and the cumming year

Getaway Weekend

Getting home early afternoon from a weekend with my poly wife Lexxi and a long drive in snow and cold made for a tired man.  What you don’t know is that when I drove up Friday afternoon I was doing way more than the speed limit.  On the way home, I took my time.  Not that I wanted to not get home, but more that I wanted to get up to the resort to see Lexxi.  You see the past twelve months has been a roller coaster.  The hardest part on any relationship is making things work.  What is harder is when there is 500 km distance between each other, and add in two more people just makes things even more complicated.

Seeing Lexxi by ourselves is not a common occurrence.  Since we are both married it is couples together, although we do share each other beds when we do visit.  One thing that I am learning more over the past year is that in groups I close down, but alone I seem to come alive.  This is probably from my past, where in a group I was never the focus.  I always last to be noticed, so I am more used to working alone.  This is been something I have been trying to adapt to.  The club at Halloween was one thing that I wanted to work on.  I am trying new things to open me up and it will happen, just takes time. Continue reading Getaway Weekend

Rules are there to Rule the couple

I have been battling in the past few months the rules we have in place for my wife and me.   I guess battling isn’t the right word.   More like trying to stay within the rules.  My brain knows what they are but my pecker seems to always have different ideas.  Something that drives me nuts when I am with a woman but know the limitations, but wanting to go further.  Lately it has been a losing battle, let me explain. Continue reading Rules are there to Rule the couple

Weekend wife swap with surprises

Well another weekend is gone with it another work week is here.  It was a great weekend with my poly wife here to visit.  Sent mine to see her poly husband.  It was nice to spend time alone. Although it also has some risks.

I am not embarrassed or ashamed on how I live.  There are people who wouldn’t understand and because of that I keep this lifestyle private.  Some days I wish I don’t have to but it is to protect the people we know and love.  So when we went out shopping in Saturday I had a surprise.  Continue reading Weekend wife swap with surprises