The Bet – Day 1

This is based on true events.  It is based on a couple of different peoples points of view so I have labelled who is from when the view point changes.  I hope you enjoy it.



My fingers were quickly tapping out the msg “You really want to go through with this” on my iPhone as I hit send.  A whole week?!  That is a long time without sex.  The phone chirps back a response “Yes. Why?  Can’t you handle it?” it read.

He doesn’t know me that well.  When presented with a challenge or a bet, I won’t back down.  “I can handle it, but I doubt you can,” I type back and smile to myself.  Trevor won’t like this.  No sex for him will be just as bad.  Not to mention I just came off my period and all I want is sex and, and he knows it.

“Bring it on,” pops up on my screen.

I giggle and send back, “no problem.”  My eyes glitter for a second,  “You are going down!”

“I plan too,” he responds with a smiley wink at the end.

Dave is such a smart ass.  We have known them now for about two months.  Easy going couple we have really enjoyed spending time with, in and out of the bedroom.  Dave is handsome, with a great body and sexy smile.  His wit was what drew me to him from the beginning.  He is quick and always has a come back, much like Trevor.  One reason why Michelle is attracted to Trevor.  Continue reading The Bet – Day 1

Uhah is not a state

Two lips one cockWhen we started dating our couple over a year ago both of us males had a bad habit.  We said “blow me” to much.  Now to understand what I mean by that is my wife didn’t really get off on giving blow jobs at the beginning.  She did it but she was still learning about sex.  So for me it was a way to say do this but I know you won’t.  When we opened up our marriage her mind expanded and she tried more things.  One was swallowing which she found she really enjoys.  She loves sucking cock. Now the power of blow me became less effective.  So when us guys say “blow me” now it is all we can do to keep their hands off our cocks. So one weekend we came up with some rules. Yes. We might have been drunk but hear me out.

Girls never forget anything. Most guys can attest to that. So when I say “blow” me the woman seems to recall date and time. So our primary rule is now You Have An Hour. Which we then shortened to UHAH. This also allowed us to use the phrase in public. Only the people that know what it means were aware which adds to the fun.  Ironically this happened at dinner with family and her parents shortly after we created this new term. Krystalla made some wise ass comment to which I quickly blurted out uhah. The look I got across the table was a flash of shock and then lust as she realized I just said “blow me” in front her family and no one new.

Unfortunately us men can be short sighted and if saying uhah to a girl that is 500 km away they really can’t get there in an hour. This is where they can offer up with tradsies.  If given a uhah to a woman(s) they can pass this to another woman that is in range to perform the deed.  As you guessed it us men countered with UHAH NO TRADSIES.  As you can see it has become more of a game since the girls now try to surprise us within the hour.

Again you men are saying why fight it?  We are not fighting it at all. We just want some fun with it. When our wives can’t get it they pout and then start to scheme. They have gotten very sneaky with getting the job done. As I mentioned before, it is more a game than denying them pleasure of my cock in there mouth.  The ultimate goal is the same but the fun on getting there is why we do this now.

So for the men that want to have some fun share this with your wife.  Can be a lot of fun if you wife loves cock.

Open to Change – New Cock – Part 2


Shifting uncomfortably in the driver seat she looks at the clock again as she approaches the street towards home.  He should already be there since Gary works in the service industry and travels around the area doing repairs on electronics.  Turning on to our street Jane sees the service van parked out front and waves as she pulls past and parks in the driveway.  Gary hops out of the van and says “Hi” as Jane exits her car and grabs her purse before closing the car door.


They make their way up to the front door and Jane fumbles with the key for a second, little nervous on what is about to happen.  Opening the door finally she invites Gary in as she drops her purse and closes the door as he turns towards her.  No sooner does the door close he pulls her into close and lays a passionate kiss on her lips.   His arms snake around her back as she melts into him.  Her arms move up and hook around his neck as there kissing starts to get more heated.


Jane pulls away almost panting from the intense emotions she is feeling.  “We don’t have much time.  Should we take this upstairs?”

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Open to Change – New cock – Part 1

The past four weeks have flown by.  Between searching on websites for women to meet (which is harder then I would have thought), and the daily fucking, sucking or whatever comes to our minds, it seems like a marathon in trying to keep up.  Even when I was younger I never fucked this much this often.  A week maybe, but not four weeks straight.


Pulling my phone out I send a message to Amber, the wife of the man Jane wants to fuck to see what she is doing.  We started chatting shortly after all of this happened since she offered to help understand what I am going through.  Having the point of view of another couple in the same situation is invaluable in discovery what they went through and to understand your feelings of jealousy and confusion.  It won’t go away, the green eyed monster, but if you understand it you can work through it.  Plus communicating your feelings and not holding them in is very important with your partner.

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Open to Change – the next day

This is the writing I did after I found out my wife wanted to explore.  This is the second part to the story.  This has been edited from my original post that I did.  This does contain sexual content so you are warned that you might get aroused.  Enjoy!



I woke up pretty much every hour on the hour that night tossing and turning.  Being told by your wife she wants to try other cocks kind of does that to you.  I did tell her shortly after we married if she wants to explore that curiosity, since I was her only partner, I would be open to talking about it. The shock to find out that she has already found a man to fuck is a little much.  Am I wrong to be a little angry that she went ahead and looked first without talking about it? Continue reading Open to Change – the next day

Open to Change – V2

When we started this adventure it was not by a simple conversation.  It was a shock for me and it took about a week for it to be fully processed.  The first three days were the hardest.  During that time I wrote a few articles.  I posted them on another site and also wrote into a former porn star for guidance.  I actually have the recording of her reply on her podcast.  (maybe I will post that at some point)

Anyway my first story I wrote is based on how I was informed of my wife wanting to explore.  To be fair the way I process information is not the normal way so please understand that everyone deals differently.  I have been criticised harshly on the other site along with my wife being called a whore because of this article.  Luckily she is a sexy whore and I love her with all my heart.

If you enjoy this please let me know in the comments.  Feedback is very helpful for me on what I am posting.  I might even post the rest of the chapters in time if you like this one.

Please note that I edited minor parts due to my writing skills back then were poor but the original content is still the same.


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Tied up in my search for meaning

Discovering yourself is an interesting challenge.  You don’t know what it is you are looking for until you come across it.  Like most things you usually are introuduced to something new.  This has been my experience for the past few years.  As to what I have tried, well, I will try almost anything once, twice if I like it. 😉

Unfortunately there are things that I don’t get aroused from.  One is bondage play which stems from my younger days and an interaction with my first long term girlfriend.  Back then I was a cook at a resturant and working with heavy pans you build up strong muscles in your wrists and hands.  Unknowning to me I gripped her wrists to tightly by accident and she told me it hurts.  To this day I focus to not hurt the woman during sex.  I understand that bondage is not always to hurt. It is to restrict the person but for myself I do not feel comfortable with doing that.

One advantage of having more than one partner in this life style is that each person brings there own bag of tricks.  Experience and pleasure is the ultimate goal and everyone is different.  Some squirt while others like to do the bondage.  I just like making woman cum, and if they squirt that is a bonus.  Some love to use toys on woman.  I always feel that I am being replaced by toys but I am starting to slowly come around to toy play.  Krystalla3 would love to hear that, since it is one thing that she loves.  She also is now keen on the bondage thing.  Myself I can’t get there so for here to explore outside of myself it makes me a little nervous.  Not to mention a bit jealous that it is something that I doubt I can experience with her.

Now you are wondering “Why is he not talking to her about this directly?” and the simple answer is we have.  We have talked about this lots of times and she reminds me that she understands that I do not get off on it.  Like I mentioned above, it is something that she is looking for and with other partners it is possible.  My problem is that I feel I let her down, something that I can’t do to please her.  We have both agreed to do what we enjoy and if we try something new and didn’t like it we don’t have to do it again.  Problem is that if one person enjoys it and the other doesn’t where do you go from there?

It is a delima that I didn’t expect to come up since I thought I could do most things. Now I am fighting internally to figure out what does turn me on. What other things besides the act of sex gives me an arousal?

For the past week or so I want to try something new.  Just don’t know what NEW is?  Is it s new couple?  Is it a new girl?  Does it involve toys?  I just don’t know.  I think it stems from my quad signing up on a new site geared towards fetishes.  I didn’t want to join up since I didn’t want the disappointment of being ignored again.  For any site the men out way the woman and it seems that being a woman makes it a lot easier to be engaged.  Men not so much. And I really don’t think I have any fetish.

Looking forward I think new rules will be imposed if that is the direction she wants to explore. Not rules for the bondage but more if it will involve people outside our group. Alone play is not an issue we have done that in the past. Tying my wife up involves a large amount of trust. Regardless if she trusts them I need to also trust them too.

I bounced around in a lot of different places for this blog entry. My mind does that since it is taking all the information in and than formulating a conclusion. At this point I don’t have one yet but stay tuned. When I do I will let you know.

Dicks in a room

When I was younger I frequented the local strip clubs.  Grand illusions that maybe one them hot chicks would take an interest in me beyond just making a few dollars.  Of course it never happened and you always come out poorer.  One thing that I did notice one night in a club which didn’t make much sense to me until I entered into the lifestyle. It happened one night when I was visiting a friend and went club hopping. Been to this club a couple of times and I enjoy the atmosphere.  One thing different was there were a few bachelor parties going on.

At one point they had the grooms men on stage, three of them,  sitting on chairs.  They then we’re told they had to lap dance for the ladies.  It was funny to watch until the end of it when the ladies pulled down there pants.  Never seen that happen before.  Little while later a stripper came on stage tossing around a beach ball.  It ended up being stuck on one of the chairs of stage and she motioned someone to get it. Continue reading Dicks in a room

Couples – Boobs, Hands, Cocks… Oh My!

Twitter chatter has brought me back to my first group experience.  For my first with more then two couples since it is a very different dynamic since it is not just a swap.  It was a very unique and surprising experience since it was not actually planned to happen the way it did.  Let me explain. Continue reading Couples – Boobs, Hands, Cocks… Oh My!