Monday Winter Fun

My weekend alone with my poly wife was great.  We relaxed, fucked and talked a lot.  It allowed us to reconnect, since this past year has been a roller coaster, with emotions and some drama.  With the weekend we were able to just be together, no dogs or spouses and because of that I think we connected more than we have been since the spring.  It was great weekend and both wives new I had Monday off.  Fortunately one of the other girls I was talking too was available to come over.

I haven’t had any new meat in a while.  Actually have been dry for past few months, not for lack of trying, so this is the first time in a while that I get to taste and explore some fresh blood.  By chance a woman who has wanted to come for a while is available.  I informed my wives of the plan to fuck her they were actually little excited for me. Not that they aren’t normally, but I always want to make sure they are okay with my encounters. Continue reading Monday Winter Fun

Out and about for Halloween

The wives have planned to go out to Halloween party for past few months. Even had costumes figured out ahead of time.  It was a way for them to express themselves safely.  The few times going to the club I have enjoyed myself but I am not comfortable at them.  I am not a fan of crowds, and I get very tense when surround with large groups of people.  This is for the woman and I go for them.

Luckily we had another couple go there as well.  I was hoping for another couple to be able to make it but commitments left them out, this time.  All dressed up and ready to go we head off.  I advised them that I will DD.  Spending money on a cab is pointless since it is over priced.  Prefer to drink that money instead of giving it away for cab fare.  Well at least they can drink and I can indulge when we get home. Continue reading Out and about for Halloween

Rules are there to Rule the couple

I have been battling in the past few months the rules we have in place for my wife and me.   I guess battling isn’t the right word.   More like trying to stay within the rules.  My brain knows what they are but my pecker seems to always have different ideas.  Something that drives me nuts when I am with a woman but know the limitations, but wanting to go further.  Lately it has been a losing battle, let me explain. Continue reading Rules are there to Rule the couple

Hands and feet and be quiet too!

As I pass Krystalla3 in the stairwell, she had the blind fold in hand, I scrambled up to our bedroom to see what I can find.  I have been planning this for a few days, or at least the act and not what I was planning to do.  You see I am not really a dom, or have actually restrained anyone woman outside of my hands holding her down while fucking.  
Continue reading Hands and feet and be quiet too!

The Bet – Day 6

This is a continuation of a story.  This is based on true events.  It is based on a couple of different peoples points of view so I have labelled who is from when the view point changes.  I hope you enjoy it.


Day 6


The three hour drive to see Michelle and Dave is torturous. Not only because they can see where we are on the highway with an app on our phones, but because he has been teasing me the whole way down. My panties are soaked and my mind is floating as I try to stay focused and in control. Trevor and I didn’t make any contact this morning in trying to keep to the bet. This only made my pussy throb harder, wanting a hard cock in it so bad. The urge to stay in control is unbearable. I have no idea on how I am going to control myself when we arrive.

This whole week has been exhilarating. The sensation of not being allowed to cum has put all my senses on overdrive with little effort in making me gush from my pussy. Not to mention the attention from Trevor. He has been like an animal, prodding and poking me with his tongue, fingers and cock. He seems to know which buttons to push to make it come as close to the edge as possible and then pull back. Over and over again,all week, he did this to me which has driven me to what is now a constant high.

We are only about half an hour away when we stop at the rest stop to get some food and bathroom break. I need to pee in a very bad way and also dry myself off. My pussy is soaked. The constant thoughts running through my head and the teasing from Dave is not helping and my panties are drenched. Ah well, they won’t be on long once we get there anyways.


“You made it, “ exclaims Michelle as she gives Jane a big hug and then turns to me. “Hey sexy.”

“Hey you, you’re looking damn fine,” as I pull her in and give her a kiss. Our tongues search briefly for each other, just enough to stir my cock from slumber.

I glance over and see Dave and Jane in an embrace as well, kissing deeply. I wonder how he is doing through all of this.

“Drink? “ asks Michelle and I nod in agreement.

“Please, the drive was not that bad but I sure could handle one right now.”

“And what would you like?”

Pondering for a second or two I respond, “Rye is good.”

With a giggle, “Oh we have lots of that here,” as Michelle starts to move around the kitchen and make me a drink. “Jane, for yourself?”

As Jane discusses what she wants to drink I take our bags and navigate down to our room and put them down. Thinking back to our first time here I remember having Michelle on the bed on all fours as I pound my cock into her from behind. My cock gets harder with the thought and I turn around to get my drink from the kitchen.

It doesn’t take long till the conversation turns to the bet. Everyone is chiming in with their thoughts and pain from the week. Dave’s saving grace was that he worked nights so the limited time that he saw Michelle helped in keeping him from popping. Michelle has been going crazy and her lust for satisfaction is probably as high as Jane’s.

I pipe up, “So with no one giving in to the bet,” I look over at both Dave and Jane, “how are we going to settle the tie breaker?”

Silence fills the room as everyone looks at each other, pondering on what the objective would be to have the bet decided. “I would think that the first person to cum would be the loser, but since you two came up with this bet… “

Michelle curses, “Stupid bet.”

I continue, “I think it is only fair that Michelle and myself should decide on how it should be decided?”

Michelle is nodding in agreement and both Dave and Jane are looking worried now, knowing that we could come up with some very cruel means of making them decide.

“Can’t we just say it was a tie and be done with it?” Jane says as she slides over to me and gives me a kiss on the lips. “I mean, we have done what was asked, go without cumming until today. I think it is only fair that we are both claimed winners, right Dave?” She glances over at him and gives him a sultry smile.

“Yep, I think that is right. We both won this.“ As he looks over at Jane he adds, “but I know I would have outlasted you.” He winks to seal that deal with the statement.

“Oh no you wouldn’t!“ I roll my eyes with Jane’s last comment.

“Seriously,“ I say and then before I could react I hear in chorus, “ Really? Seriously? Blah Blah Blah…”

We all start to laugh and then have another sip of our drinks as we move outside to discuss further on what will be the tie breaker.


My cock is sliding easily in out of Michelle, she is straddling me in the hot tub as she looks into my eyes with lust. “Damn it feels so good. I waited all week to feel you riding my cock again.”

Not stopping, she kisses me deeply and whispers into my ear, “This week has been torture. I so am going to fuck your brains out tonight. I have been wanting a hard cock in me all week and with this bet I have been going crazy.” She starts to pump harder up and down on my cock and I can see she is starting to get close to cumming. I shift my hips a bit and start to match her thrusts and can feel my cock burying deep inside with each thrust.

I look over and see Jane riding Dave, whimpering and groaning with each thrust. The bet was over and we can all get our fill of pussy and cock now. Damn she is so sexy as she rides his cock. I focus back on Michelle and can see her start to tremble and a groan escapes her lips. I start to thrust harder. Deeper. Wanting her to cum. Something she has wanted all week but has not been able to get.

She groans louder and louder and she pulls in close to me as I wrap my hands around her and feel her getting closer and closer. I hold on to her and let her finish. She squeals and starts to shake as her first orgasm hits. Holding onto me for support as her tremors take over her body. Damn I love making women cum, I think as I smile to myself.

She leans over and kisses me on the lips, “I so needed that.”

“I know,” as I smile back at her. “I just need to make you cum a few more times to make up for the week.

“Jesus, “ she exclaims and giggles.



His cock feels so damn good. Grinding my hips into Dave I feel it thrust deeper inside me. With a slight shift I can make it hit my…. oh yes right there. I groan out loud as the attention to my gspot is finally achieved.

“So we agree. We cum together and the bet is a tie?” I whisper to him.

“Yes, we are both winners this time, “ he smiles back. “But next time be prepared to lose.”

Speeding up slightly, “Smart ass,” I shoot back at him as I feel him start to thrust up into me. “Oh right there,” I groan out loud as I feel it building up. All the tension and frustration from the week is building up to this moment. Not cumming has made me hypersensitive and the sensations that I am feeling is making me somewhat light headed.

Grinding my hips faster, I want to make him cum, and myself as well. With each thrust it is building more and more. I can feel him tensing up as well. He is getting close. I kiss him deeply as I continue to speed up some more. The water is foaming and bubbling around us and I hear Michelle starting to groan and whimper behind me.

That turns me on even more knowing that Trevor is giving his cock to Michelle. Making her cum with his cock as I start to tense up, feeling my gspot getting the much needed attention it deserves as Dave’s cock thrusts into it each time our hips meet. Harder. Faster. My mind is reeling as I feel Dave getting closer and closer.

“I am going to cum,” I whisper through my groans. “Oh right there…”

Dave stops and looks into my eyes, “Not here.”

I groan and pout and lean down to him, “Why?”

“Because I don’t want to have to drain and clean the hot tub if I cum. We said we would together, can’t do it here.”

Sighing I pout, “Okay, where then?”

Slipping off his cock, I sit down beside him, the jet pulsating onto my back although wishing it was my pussy. He slowly stands up and takes my hand, “oh we will find a place.”

Leading me out of the hot tub and grabbing a towel for both of us we quickly dry off and then put on our robes so that we could be covered up going into the house. Glancing back I see Trevor and Michelle embrace as she is coming down from her orgasm. Smiling at Trevor I see that he glances over at me and smiles back. He leans into her ear and whispers something and she looks up.

“We are going inside, you guys want to join us,” I say with a gleam in my eye as we have not really had a chance to have all four of us playing together at the same time yet.

“Sure,” Michelle pipes up and moves to get out of the hot tub. Trevor just smiles and follows behind her.

Heading inside, I don’t see Dave around and glance downstairs and then hear the toilet flush from the bathroom. As we move downstairs, I discard the robe near the chair and sit down on the couch. Pussy is soaked, not from the hot tub but from the thought of finally getting a release. Dave shows up from the bathroom and smiles. “Are they coming in?”

“Yep, “ as I hear the door open and their voices quietly talking to each other. Looking back at Dave he is moving towards the couch and sits down beside me, he wraps his arms around me and pulls me in close to his warm body. I can feel his hard cock pressing into my back and wish it was back inside me again. I so need to cum.

Our spouses come downstairs and Michelle heads to the bathroom as Trevor sits down on the couch. Looking at me he glances down and sees my glistening pussy covered in my juices. Smiling he moves in closer and kisses me. Kissing back, our tongues search for each other as I feel Dave kissing the back of my neck. My pussy almost gushes. I have never experienced two men touching me at the same time.

I feel hands squeezing my tits and another hand sliding down to my pussy rubbing my clit. My mind is overwhelmed and I kiss Trevor harder and deeper as I start to moan. Trevor pulls away from my mouth and moves down to my nipples and sucks really hard, using teeth and nibbling away on it. Letting out a loud groan as I feel two fingers sliding to my gushing pussy. My hips begin to gyrate wanting more than fingers, but a hard cock. Half opening my eyes, I see Michelle looking down at us her eyes filled with lust.

She leans over and starts to kiss Trevors neck. He stops his attention to my tits and sits up as she continues to kiss and rub his chest with her hands. Feeling my pussy starting to ache for more than just fingers I sit up slightly and turn towards Dave. I want him, his cock and my orgasm and I can’t wait any longer.

“Fuck me,” I state to him, “Fuck me now!”

Dave doesn’t hesitate as he gently pushes me down and I end up with my head in Trevor’s lap. Trevor shifts a bit so that his cock is beside my face. I tilt my head and take it in my mouth, as Trevor lets out a groan. I feel hands roaming my body and my nipples being squeezed and I open my eyes to see Michelle looking down at me as her hands work my nipples.

My pussy fills with cock as Dave slides into me and starts to pump hard and deep. Sucking on Trevor’s cock I feel my nipples being sucked as Michelle teases them between her teeth. I arch my back and can feel my body getting close. I have never been this stimulated, so much at once, my mind is reeling. My body is on fire as my orgasm is building at a rapid pace.

Trevor’s cock falls out of my mouth as I start to groan with each thrust, my hips arching up into Dave trying to get it deeper. My pussy is on fire after being neglected for the whole week not being able to cum. Suddenly Dave pulls out and I look up at him with a, “What the fuck,” as I see Michelle move her mouth down to my pussy.

“Can I,” I hear her ask between kisses as she slowly moves down my body towards my pussy.

My mind is reeling from all this attention and I can barely let out, “Yes.”

Her tongue traces my soaked pussy lips and then starts to work on my clit. My eyes close again as I feel the regular tingling in my pussy from the attention. I reach for Trevor’s cock again and pull it into my mouth. Taking it all as deep as I can take it, I start to suck him hard and fast. The fire building in my pussy is growing at a rapid pace and my mind is reeling. His cock slips out of my mouth as he gasps and I groan from what Michelle is doing to my pussy.

Glancing down, I see Michelle working her magic on my pussy as Dave slides in behind her and starts to fuck her from behind. The scene is so erotic and my my mind goes numb with the sensations. I am so close to cumming from the attention on my pussy, I realize that I had stopped sucking Trevor’s cock. My lips wrap around his cock again as I try to focus on his cock. Sucking the tip of his cock and letting out moans from the fire between my legs I feel the walls coming down. The wave building to an eruption as I hear Dave getting close.
My body tenses up and releases its week long frustration as I explode into a mind numbing orgasm. A brief shattering of stars clouds my vision as I quiver with aftershocks and arch my back. Dave moans and collapses onto Michelle’s back, breathing hard from his release. The room is eerily quiet for a few seconds as I look up at Trevor. His cock dripping with precum and pointing directly at my face. He is smiling down at me as he leans down and kisses me gently on the lips and then moves towards Michelle. She has lifted her face up to see him, juices coating her face from my orgasm. Dave slips out of her and falls onto the couch beside me as Trevor takes up position behind Michelle.

His cock slips easily into her and he begins to pound her hard, continuing where Dave left off. I nuzzle into Dave on the couch as his arms wrap around me. His breathing has slowed down now and he is running his hands through my hair. Both of us focusing on watching our spouses fuck the shit out of each other as they have been pent up this week as much as we have been.

“So what was the bet if we one of us loses again?”, I ask.

“Guess we will have to do it again to find out?”, he replies.

I look up at Dave with a twinkle in my eye, “I won’t EVER do that bet again.”

He chuckles, “Really? Guess we shall see.” He leans down and kisses me gently as I hear Trevor and Michelle cumming very loudly and my mind fades quickly back to the hand slowly sliding down between my legs.

“Well after this week, I plan to make up for it tonight.” My hand reaches for his cock and slowly strokes it.

“So do I,” he whispers as he kisses me deeply on the lips, “So do I.”

The Bet – Day 5

This is a continuation of a story.  This is based on true events.  It is based on a couple of different peoples points of view so I have labelled who is from when the view point changes.  I hope you enjoy it.


Day 5


The tension in the room is so thick I could cut it with a knife. Yes a little cliche, but the sexual tension has been building all week. Tomorrow is the last day for the bet but both of our bodies are on fire. Any physical contact and it sends us groping and kissing. We’re sitting on opposite ends of the couch and I can still feel the electricity between us.

Glancing over at Jane, she is trying to focus on the TV but I can tell her mind is not really on that. The show ends and looking at the clock I see it is close to our bedtime. I’ve been teasing her on and off all night and I really want to see if I can push her some more. Turning off the TV and collecting our dishes we head upstairs to the bedroom.

Jane is doing her bathroom routine as I sneak up behind her and wrap my arms around her. My hard body pressed up against her as my cock pushes into her ass cheeks. She tries to pull away but I hold on and nibble her neck. Her legs quiver and she groans. Her mind has stopped working since she lets me continue, enjoying the sensations.

I let go and head back to bed, figuring that I will let her finish what she is doing. She turns off the light as she finishes and climbs into bed and begins cocoon wrapping herself in her blankets, trying to protect every inch of her body from my prying hands. She doesn’t get too far before I close the short distance between us and let my hands slip under the blankets and feel her warm body.

“Trevor…,” she starts to say but my mouth covers hers and she kisses me back. Deep. Passionately. Tongues circling and teasing each other as my hand reaches for her nipple and I squeeze it hard. Groaning into my mouth she pulls away and her eyes close enjoying the sensation.

“Damn, you’re so hot right now,” I exclaim as my mouth moves to her neck and she whimpers a bit. Trying to resist, she starts to relax and let me taste her neck. Sliding down slowly I reach her nipple and bite down hard, feeling her jump again from the pleasure it is giving her.

“Trevor, stop…. I can’t take this.”

I ignore her pleas as I mount her. Guiding myself between her legs I can feel the heat radiate from her womanhood. Wet and hot my hard cock slides along it. “I want to fuck you,” whispering into her ear,” and I know you want my cock in you.”

Nodding, she whimpers a bit, “but I can’t, the bet…” it trails off as my cock slips inside. “Damn…” Her hips move up and my cock buries itself deep inside her. I don’t move enjoying the sensation of her hot pussy taking my cock. Knowing that if I am not careful she could cum or want to continue.

“I can’t, “ she quietly says although her eyes are saying more than that.

“I know.” I slowly start to slide it in and out.

She groans and tries to pull away but I hold firmly onto her and push my cock deeper. She groans and starts to move her hips in time. I slowly pull out and she gasps.

“Stop, I am so close to not wanting too! Please stop.”

“So you want my cock?” I ask as I slip it in again and she sighs again as it buries itself deep into her.

“I SO want it, but I am so close.”

Oh she feels so good right now, I just want to fuck her hard. Pound my cock into her and make her scream with an orgasm. “I know, but you feel so good, and I want to fuck you so bad.” I slide my cock in and out of her. She groans some more and then pushes my chest with her hands, “STOP!” she pleads.

“You want me to stop?” as I stop moving my hips but leaving my hard cock inside.

“No, but I have to,” she looks at me pleading with her eyes. The lust is still there. She is conflicted again. She wants to have more but her determination to win the bet is still strong.

Pulling my cock out again she groans as I lay it along her lips, feeling how wet and horny she is. “But you feel so good with it in. I just want to fuck you. Make you cum. Can’t you feel how hard I am for you?”

“I am so close in letting you fuck me. You don’t know how close I am, “ she almost has tears in her eyes.

“Really?” Shifting again I let it slide in and she pushes against my chest trying to stop me.

“No, please, no,” she exclaims as she is conflicted. “I don’t know if I can stop you, or myself!”

Pumping my cock in very slow deep motions I can feel her fighting to stay in control. Not wanting to let go and give in to the passion. The urge to win is slowly dwindling away, her eyes are starting to glaze over and she moans with each thrust. I stop again and look at her and she looks at me, pleading for me to stop but also wanting me not too.

I pull out and kiss her gently, “No more.” I have pushed her far enough. I am not going to be the one that crosses that line. She has to want me to finish and make her cum and she is already past that point of emotions. “Go to sleep, you have a long day tomorrow.”

She lies motionless not wanting to move. She slowly pulls the cover around herself and snuggles into her cocoon. Her eyes close and her breathing slows down as she rolls over onto her side.

I am proud of her, the multiple attempts to have her cave and she held fast although she was very close to breaking. I could have been cruel and pushed her to the breaking point but the excitement brought on by the bet has been incredible. Pulling my blankets up over me, I feel my hard cock and think that tomorrow is going to be one long day. But SO WORTH IT.


to be continued…

The Bet – Day 3 & 4

This is a continuation of a story.  This is based on true events.  It is based on a couple of different peoples points of view so I have labelled who is from when the view point changes.  I hope you enjoy it.


   Day 4


The next day my phone has been very active with Michelle texting her frustrations. It seems that she is having no luck in making Dave cave. Working nights also makes it harder since she doesn’t see him much but it seems he is doing his best to avoid being alone with her. Her frustration of needing a release is evident.

“In a few days I can help you with that,” I reply knowing that it doesn’t help right now.

“I need it now.”

“Well you can masturbate. You have shown me a video or two of that already.”

“Not the same :(“ and it seems that the frown is supposed to be a pout.

Smiling to myself, I know what she means. Jane hasn’t caved either. She has been resilient and firm in her stance on winning this bet. I could go and whack off to get some release but this bet has turned me into a teasing rod. Getting off on driving Jane insane, knowing that she can’t cum, has almost done the opposite where she is over sensitive to everything.

All my attempts last night were not in vain. I had my head buried in her pussy as my tongue traced her lips. She was so wet and groaning, telling me to stop over and over again. The sexual tension is so high that I could probably get her to cum with just one finger in less than a minute. I resisted that, knowing that I am here to tease unless she says go for it. My cock was so hard last night that I wish I could have slid it in. Not getting it, but being so close to having it, has made me realize how hot it is.

“Well I am in the same position, “ I replied wishing I could be with her right now and have my head buried in her pussy. “So wish I could hold you right now. Kiss you. Feel your body close to mine.”

“Jesus! Stop. I’m already horny enough! I don’t need to get my panties soaked at work,” she says. “Bad enough I can’t get it right now.”

“Okay, but just so you know,” as I select a pic of my body showing off how hard I have worked in the past year in losing weight and working out. Of course my cock is there too just to help her imagination. “Thinking of you,” as I hit send.

“I have to get back to work now,” she types,” will ttyl”.

“k. Ttyl”, grinning to myself knowing she hasn’t seen the pic yet.

A few minutes later my phone goes off again and I see, “Jesus! ;),” I grin to myself knowing that I probably just soaked her panties again. I like that doing that to her.

Heading off to my desk I ponder how Jane is making out with her urges.


to be continued…

The Bet – Day 2

This is a continuation of a story.  This is based on true events.  It is based on a couple of different peoples points of view so I have labelled who is from when the view point changes.  I hope you enjoy it.


Day 2


Rolling over in bed I slip underneath her covers and feel Jane’s warm skin against my body. Her breathing is slow as my hands slide around her body. Nuzzling my head into her neck I can smell her hair and think about kissing her neck to wake her up.

“Behave,” quietly comes from her lips like she knew what I was thinking.

“Have a little faith,” I jokingly say as my hand reaches up and cups her breast, squeezing her nipple teasingly.

“Hey, stop it.” as she takes my hand and slides it away from her breast and gently holds it. Continue reading The Bet – Day 2