Bruised and sore

So this will obviously get a reaction from the few women that I see.  This is something that I have been working on dealing with. I am not kinky, and don’t give a woman pain. I have tried and dabbled when we first entered this world but quickly knew it was not for me.

A few of my women are into kink, including my wife.  It has something that has been part of our life but not part of me.  I am not able to do any of it after trying multiple different things. Don’t get me wrong, I understand a lot after being in the kink lifestyle by association. Long ago I found out that I could not give pain to any woman.  So with that in mind, and then having this whole world opening up to my wife and me it has been a soul searching time for both of us.
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Illness relationships

Never ever say that you haven’t gotten sick. Seems it will bite you in the ass. Found that out over two weeks ago.

Caught strep throat somehow and luckily didn’t infect anyone I know.That was a fun ten days. Meds finished and then I catch cold.

This is also during a new girl that I have met recently. We have been together twice so far and considering the timing I appreciate her patience. Also impacts my other local girl too. Timing just sucks. One thing that I am very careful is if I’m sick I avoid any contact with anyone including any relationship I’m in. Don’t need to expand the infection let alone get into a loop where we keep getting sick over and over again. Continue reading Illness relationships

Out of arms reach

You can’t chose who you have feelings for.  It happens.  This is something I have gotten used to over the past few years.  The problem is that most women aren’t close by.

So when you have a person who is far away and having a tough time I feel powerless.  I want to help.  Need to help.  That is who I am.  When you can’t do it frustrates me.  Continue reading Out of arms reach

Door Swinging Open

Open relationship is very different then swinging.  Primarily open relationships is usually alone play and swinging is a group.  The differences in emotions along with the experience can make it difficult for some couples.  For our relationship we started a bit backwards.  We explored the open relationship and then transitioned to swinging based on circumstance.

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Love, Life, and the lifestyle

I haven’t had to explain my situation of late.  When I do the hardest part for people to understand is why?  My girlfriend wrote Why Poly? Why Not? recently regarding this and I would like to expand on it a bit too.  Well more add my two cents about my thoughts and experiences.

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One year – how things have changed

Well after a year I have learned a lot about myself. More from writing and reflecting on myself. Along with discussions with like minded people I think I know more about what I am like. And finding out what I don’t want to become again.   Continue reading One year – how things have changed

Firsts in my mind

We have had a lot of firsts.  We have done orgy, group sex, among other things.  The rule for Krystalla and myself is that we have to have done it first before it can be done with anyone else without each other.  Fair rule since we want to enjoy the experience for the first time together.  We went into this together and it is only fair that we have the experiences shared for the first time too. Continue reading Firsts in my mind

Porn star approved

Well you wouldn’t know it but I have tried to call into radio shows in the past when younger.  Never got through.  Always got jealous at the people that did, and wondering how my luck can always be that bad.  So when my wife opened up and stated she wanted another cock, and that she might have found one already I was stunned.  Actually dazed for about two days.  I process internally for majority of things, and I started to write.  I had to get the ideas and thoughts out of my head.  During this time I was listening to a podcast religously, Having Sex, With Katie Morgan.  She was a retired porn star discussing sex, her work history and just being herself.  She has done other shows and discussions about sex but this one I could listen to at work.  Always enjoyed her honesty and some of the stories were hilarious.

She answers peoples emails so I figured what the hell it can’t hurt.  I wrote up a fairly lengthly email and sent it off.  I keep listening for the next few days and nothing came up.  I mentioned to Krystalla that I wrote in and she smiled.  She knew I was dealing with the change and she was patient with me.  The next day she told me to listen to the show, which kind of gave it away, but I quickly queued it up and listen.  I have captured the portion for another friend of ours who I told so she could listen as well.  Kept it all these years, and now I figure it is a good time as any with my one year anniversary approaching with the blog to let everyone else listen.  I hope you enjoy it, and please leave comments on your thoughts below.

Having Sex, With Katie Morgan 58: Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friends First

One of the hardest things to find are friends in the lifestyle.  Oh you can meet people and get along but to have that connection on all levels is unique.  Trust and honesty is also another factor.  We have been fortunate and have met two couples that we connected with.  Actually there was another couple but that is whole different story.  Although the downfall is that they are not close by.  This makes it hard to meet up, even as a group with life and work being priority.  So timing (sounds familiar) is something that seems to be hard to nail down.  Although because we are friends first we still chat on a regular basis so it helps to build the relationship even though we may not see each other in person that often. Continue reading Friends First