PermaGrin is a real thing

Here I am at 5:30 am up and awake.  Dogs are restless since they are full of energy this morning.  More than normal.  I know why which is another reason why this permagrin has not gone away.

Let me fill you in on the details.  Monday was a amazing night with a beautiful lady.  Granted I made a few mistakes (see my earlier blog) but it was one of the best experiences for a play date that I can remember.  Then by chance on the same day I started talking to another woman.  She is recently leaving a six year relationship.  I am not going to bore you with the details, plus you really don’t need to know, but after chatting for a short period of time we moved to KIK to chat easier.  Online dating messaging is very painful. Continue reading PermaGrin is a real thing

The heat of the moment – cock rules

I have been preaching about communication and well I failed miserably on that last night.  I am not meaning to be forgetful, but when things happen and you don’t communicate fully it can get frustrating for the other half, or in my case halves.  So I really have to ensure that all things are communicated and I don’t let my penis start dictating what is happening.

So yesterday I have been trying to find a date since my house is empty.  It is rare to have the whole family gone and the house to myself.  With that I do not want to miss an opportunity but not having any local girlfriends makes it a bit hard.  Well okay, I do have some girl “friends” but they have never been in my bed.  More of chat companions that I hope one day it could lead to more.  One of the girls I have been chatting to for I think over a year now. Continue reading The heat of the moment – cock rules

You let your wife do what?

This is my raw thoughts so no editing has been done.


A smile flashes across my face as I think about what is happening about 30 mins away. Right now my wife is at a friends house about to get fucked. Why am I smiling?  Few reasons with one this is way over due.  And the other is that this is the first time in a while she has done this. Continue reading You let your wife do what?

Dating for two or more

One very important factor you realize while in the lifestyle is that when you are married you are now dating for two.  What I mean by this is that when you were younger and single you didn’t worry about anyone else but yourself.  If you had a lucky break you would just go out and meet the person at your convenience.  You didn’t have any responsibility except to yourself.

Now being married you have to communicate everything.   Everything involves the two of you and because of this it makes things more complicated in the dating world.  When doing the swinging lifestyle it is not as bad, although meeting a compatible couple is not easy either.  When trying to find singles, well then it becomes almost near impossible.  This also means that if the person you are interested in is not liked by your partner then the likely hood of the relationship continuing is unlikely. Continue reading Dating for two or more

Open to Change – New Cock – Part 2


Shifting uncomfortably in the driver seat she looks at the clock again as she approaches the street towards home.  He should already be there since Gary works in the service industry and travels around the area doing repairs on electronics.  Turning on to our street Jane sees the service van parked out front and waves as she pulls past and parks in the driveway.  Gary hops out of the van and says “Hi” as Jane exits her car and grabs her purse before closing the car door.


They make their way up to the front door and Jane fumbles with the key for a second, little nervous on what is about to happen.  Opening the door finally she invites Gary in as she drops her purse and closes the door as he turns towards her.  No sooner does the door close he pulls her into close and lays a passionate kiss on her lips.   His arms snake around her back as she melts into him.  Her arms move up and hook around his neck as there kissing starts to get more heated.


Jane pulls away almost panting from the intense emotions she is feeling.  “We don’t have much time.  Should we take this upstairs?”

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Open to Change – New cock – Part 1

The past four weeks have flown by.  Between searching on websites for women to meet (which is harder then I would have thought), and the daily fucking, sucking or whatever comes to our minds, it seems like a marathon in trying to keep up.  Even when I was younger I never fucked this much this often.  A week maybe, but not four weeks straight.


Pulling my phone out I send a message to Amber, the wife of the man Jane wants to fuck to see what she is doing.  We started chatting shortly after all of this happened since she offered to help understand what I am going through.  Having the point of view of another couple in the same situation is invaluable in discovery what they went through and to understand your feelings of jealousy and confusion.  It won’t go away, the green eyed monster, but if you understand it you can work through it.  Plus communicating your feelings and not holding them in is very important with your partner.

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Open to Change – the next day

This is the writing I did after I found out my wife wanted to explore.  This is the second part to the story.  This has been edited from my original post that I did.  This does contain sexual content so you are warned that you might get aroused.  Enjoy!



I woke up pretty much every hour on the hour that night tossing and turning.  Being told by your wife she wants to try other cocks kind of does that to you.  I did tell her shortly after we married if she wants to explore that curiosity, since I was her only partner, I would be open to talking about it. The shock to find out that she has already found a man to fuck is a little much.  Am I wrong to be a little angry that she went ahead and looked first without talking about it? Continue reading Open to Change – the next day

Hear ye Hear ye – We are in the Lifestyle

Coming out with friends in the lifestyle is one thing that we have been very careful on how we approach it.  Majority of our friends would probably not fully understand our decision.  Mainly because of their beliefs or personalities.  Not to say that we wouldn’t tell if them if they asked, but we choose when and who should know.  Currently there are probably a handful of my friends that know and a few of my wife’s friends. Continue reading Hear ye Hear ye – We are in the Lifestyle

Open to Change – V2

When we started this adventure it was not by a simple conversation.  It was a shock for me and it took about a week for it to be fully processed.  The first three days were the hardest.  During that time I wrote a few articles.  I posted them on another site and also wrote into a former porn star for guidance.  I actually have the recording of her reply on her podcast.  (maybe I will post that at some point)

Anyway my first story I wrote is based on how I was informed of my wife wanting to explore.  To be fair the way I process information is not the normal way so please understand that everyone deals differently.  I have been criticised harshly on the other site along with my wife being called a whore because of this article.  Luckily she is a sexy whore and I love her with all my heart.

If you enjoy this please let me know in the comments.  Feedback is very helpful for me on what I am posting.  I might even post the rest of the chapters in time if you like this one.

Please note that I edited minor parts due to my writing skills back then were poor but the original content is still the same.


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