8 degrees of FWB

Since I started my blog I have done some topics that were brought up by other friends.  Primarily related to the lifestyle have been some of those.  My hope is that with me exposing the topic and working through what my thoughts about it are might allow the readers to open their mind to the thought.  Digest what I say and formulate their own opinion.  I am not preacher, or all knowing, Continue reading 8 degrees of FWB

Monday Reality

Monday morning I head off to work, still smiling from the past weekend.  I had no idea on my surprise, let alone how much it lifted my spirits up.  The past week was very hard and it was just the boost I needed to get me back to my old self.  My wife was almost giddy at the whole experience beaming whenever Lilly and me were together.  She knows how strong Lilly and myself connected and can see it.

Our last night together I sent my wife off to see her boytoy.  It was for a couple of reasons, with one they invited her and two that they placed an order for beer at our local distillery.  After the order was paid for I told her that there is a delivery fee.   Continue reading Monday Reality

Surprised to silence

My mind has been in over drive of late. With my birthday weekend having so many ups and downs and work not helping I have been kind of numb.  Going through the motions. Work sleep and work again.  Jane has been my rock through this.  More so then I knew.  Along with my poly wife and fwb they have all been very supportive.  
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Escape – Female point of view of Do Not Disturb

After Greg posted his story about our time together, I read it over and over (Do not Disturb and Guilty Goodbye).  Not just for the sensuality of the experiences, although they were fun; but because, as the months pass, my memories start to fade.  And my encounter with him was a bit of a turning point for me.  I want to remember.  Not just the physical, but the emotional.  So here is my side of the story.  It’s different from his, less sexually charged; and some of what I write will be contradictory to what he posted.  I already told him that his memories make the better story .  Mine is just girly fluff…

SWEET GUNNAR: She has approved me to have this on my blog, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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To my wives…

This is the follow up to the Guilty Goodbye, since I made one critical mistake.  When I arranged to meet Lilly on the Friday before I went home, I didn’t advise either of my wives of the rendezvous.  We have an open relationship and tell each other everything.  I left this detail out, and even when I did have an option to tell them I got scared.  If you read the story I think you can get the sense on how all over the place I was.  That day was long and I really did have a lot of emotions going through me.  Seeing my wife after 11 days was the longest we have been apart.  Not to mention the NRE.  This not an excuse, but it trying to understand my mindset that day, which to be fair was not thinking clearly.Now you are probably thinking, “How can you be scared?” Continue reading To my wives…

Guilty Goodbye

After 10 days being away from my wife I am going home.  It has been a long couple of weeks, with working in excess of 100 hours I am dog tired.  Plus meeting an amazing woman and spending time with her yesterday was a surprise bonus.  I had no expectations on meeting someone who I connected so well with down here.  It just means I have to visit again, the sooner the better.

My plane flies out at 8:20 pm, and since I have to vacate the hotel by 11 am it means I have some free time. I had a bit of work to do in the morning plus I still have to pack. Unfortunately trying to coordinate with my counter parts that have been at another site this week has not gone as planned.  Figure doing my own thing would be the easiest.  It didn’t take long for the time to fly, with packing and working.  Once in my rental car I decided to head towards the mall that is near by.  Figure I could kill some time there. Continue reading Guilty Goodbye

Do Not Disturb please?

Being away from home has been challenging. More than that, I also found it hard since I have this King size bed and no one to fill it with me. I told my wife Jane before I left that I would be hunting while away. She wished me luck with a smile and a kiss.

Unfortunately I worked like a dog the first week, by the weekend I was bone tired. Plus I was getting horny. The women I have seen down here were very attractive. Even the dating sites (although they do have a problem with roaming from your home town) had some very interesting people. After a long day I settled into my big lonely bed and searched.

Of the few women I found, one did stand out. Continue reading Do Not Disturb please?

The good and the bad

The hardest part in the lifestyle is how things evolve. My wife found BDSM with our poly couple. I never would have thought this would be something she is interested in.  Nor something I can do myself.

Sure I have dabbled when I was younger with control.  Voice and maybe holding a girls hands down.  Giving orders and controlling them during sex.  Even told I’m good at it.  I also know I can’t go to the darker side of it.  Which is why I have the poly husband to do that for me.  Continue reading The good and the bad

Dr Sweets in the house

It is in my nature to help.  Probably why I am in the role that I can’t seem to get out of at work.  Just who I am I guess, been doing it for so long that it is second nature to me.

This has also carried over into my personal life, more on the relationships that I have built.  Each new girl that I meet seems to have something that they want to talk about.  What they don’t know is that I am extremely good at getting people to talk about anything! Continue reading Dr Sweets in the house

Balance, it is not that easy

This year will be an interesting one.  Hopefully with change.  Personally I am looking to move out of my role, along with trying to find my wife a new job.  Both have taken a toll since it has been an up hill battle, with one step forward and about five back.  Along with that I am also dealing with other issues, namely my girlfriends.

I don’t have any clever nickname for them, unlike my wife’s “boy toys” which I coined within the first year.  And to be serious they don’t deserve a nickname.  If they were just a fuck and forget than maybe, Continue reading Balance, it is not that easy