Flashback – Slut and what it means

I am very proud of this article.  Only because I actually had to do some research and review information to make an inform decision.  A few of the girls I talked to started to state that they were a slut.  I have never considered any women a slut even when I was younger.  If the woman likes to fuck so be it.  And if it with multiple guys then all the best to her.

So since the few women in my life think that this was what they are, I decided to review the definition and then break it down as to how I interpret it.  I had a lot of fun writing this, since it let me do something different.  I have been meaning to do more definitions, just haven’t really had anything that has come up to make me want to do it.  Maybe something will inspire me soon.

Here is the article.  I hope you enjoy it.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Slut – a definition

Flashback – Fantasy encounter

I have had a few thoughts on being picked up.  Something that really doesn’t happen to me.  One evening at work there was a function and walking around then I noticed a few attractive ladies.  Knowing that there would be no way that I could actually have time to talk or meet them, I decided to put it into writing.  What would happen if one of these ladies wanted to met me?  How could it happen and how?  So I started the story of BOOST.  It is over FIVE parts but I still have to go back and see about maybe adding some more to it.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BOOST

Flashback – Separation was hard

This was my first work trip that I ever had back in January of this year.  Also it was the first time that I have been away from my wife for more than a few days.  After 5 days, working insane hours, I was alone in my room.  I really didn’t expect the separation to be a factor but it was.  Granted there was other things, her date among some of my fwb wanting me around that weekend that also made me a bit down.  Luckily I wasn’t to drunk since I really could have gotten mushy on this post.  Anyways, here is my thoughts on being away while my family and close friends were home.

>>>>>>>> Alone with my thoughts


Flashback – long time cumming

I really enjoyed this next post. The delay in getting it written was more in trying to get it right.  It was my first time with my one FWB that I have known for close to two years.  Timing it just happened to work out that I had the house to myself.  We have met for coffees over the time we have talked with some groping and kissing.  I had no idea on what to expect, which might be why this evening was so special on  how it turned out.

This is erotica so be prepared when you read it, no I don’t mean get your toys out.  Of course if you then enjoy!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Directions to sex

Flashback – Attention is important

Everyone loves attention.  For me it is also important since I had some difficulties when growing up and not noticed.  Not going to go into details here, but it is something that I notice has a direct affect on me.  This article was written regarding the power of attention and how a man changes because of it.  This was back when I was on my highs and lows with the few girls I was talking too.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Attention

Flashback – First swing

We started swinging because I was not able to find any women.  The hardest part in this lifestyle is finding like minded people let alone women who understand that I am married and can fuck.  Still is a battle even now.  Krystalla realized how frustrating it was for me back then and she suggested swinging, to let me experience another woman.  By chance we did find a couple and ended up meeting one evening.  This is a recount on what happened and lessons learned.

>>>>>> First time Swinging


Flashback – Wood, Wood and more Wood

Well there is one thing that will happen at least once to a man.  That is the cock not waking up.  Soft wood is no laughing matter.  It will happen, and for a man it is humiliating.  Only because for years it worked with no thought or concern.  Then that one night, the night where you were ready but your cock wasn’t, even willing it with your mind and nothing.  Most times this is a mental block.  Myself I went through this and it is something that takes time.  One reason for the article since it is something that is not often brought up.

The other side of the coin is the woman.  Most women I have been with have been supportive, with only a few asking why is it not hard.  And harping on it.  Not the best way to get the man to have confidence.  Man’s pride is one part of his body and if that fails well it takes a hit to his self esteem.  I hope that this article might give a little insight.  I been meaning to do a follow up to this since it has been a while since I brought it up.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Soft wood, hard wood, they just want wood




The long weekend is here and with that another road trip.  I was up late last night for a couple of reasons one the primary one being my wife was out on a date.  The dogs would have been woken up if I went to bed so it is easier if I just wait up for her.  Plus I told her she will make me cum before we go to sleep.  Been a couple of days of lousy timing with me wanting to have sex but our schedules have not really matched up.

This weekend was to be a reunion with our Cuba couples but timing didn’t work out and the one couple had to cancel coming down.  We are disappointed but things happen that we just can’t plan.  This also lead me to a flashback to one summer night last year.  Since I am doing flashbacks for the next month why not that one night.

Of course the story is fictional in the sense, but I enjoyed the play on how I wrote it.  Even thought about using these imaginary characters into a book.  There is a small truth to the story although it is more fantasy in the sense on the characters.  I had a lot of fun writing this one and maybe one day I will continue it.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Full Moon

Flashback – The hunt

During my first few years in the lifestyle my old habits started to emerge.  You see when I started to date my wife I was not the most decent guy.  I was always looking for my next girl that I could be with.  Not for any length of time, but for sex.  She calmed me down, made me appreciate having a relationship.  It also meant that I had to turn off some urges.  This took time, and with the opening up of our marriage these switches are slowly being turned back on.  One of the is the hunt.

I have described my pursuit of girls by the simple analogy of like stalking wild game.  The hunt, pursuit and then the kill (sex).  Terms that I have also used is “fresh meat” for someone who is new to me.  This may sound odd or insulting, but I know of another guy who uses baseball as a way to explain what he has.  The girls he is seeing are on the bench, and Franchise player might be the one.  Either way, I don’t let everyone know this, since some woman take offence to being classified as meat.  Again, this is not how I treat them but more how I portray the urge for me to have them.

With this is mind I wrote up this simple story.  It simplifies on how I would approach a new girl.  I don’t work good in a group, need to be alone with the girl so there are no other distractions.  Unlike other guys I know who flow through a group like a knife through butter I need to have the woman isolated but not cornered.  To eliminate other people around allows the focus to be on us two.  The story is bit humorous but it gives a little insight on how I think when I have a chance.  Hopefully if things go well I will be able to try this later today.  Anyways, here is THE HUNT from August 2014.