Didn’t realize how long ago it was for my last post.  No I haven’t gone away.  Actually busy.   Oh not in that way… which is why this post.

The reason I started this blog is to write my ideas and thoughts help. Makes me process them better. Reason why I have been quiet of late is that I really didn’t know how to write it. No new blood and no one asking me questions has made for no new topics if late. Continue reading Overdue

Choke surprise

Choking I only do in my jiu jitsu class.  I know to perform lots of different types.  Rear naked, head in arm, and the famous guillotine to name a few.  I would never it do it for pleasure which is why I was caught of guard hearing my wife was choked during sex this past weekend.  In the past few years she has explored and discovered fetishes that for me is not something that I can easily perform.

Over the past year Krystalla has had her fetishes explored, and found out that she really loves the side of pain during sex.  I am happy she has found this although it puts me in an awkward spot.   Continue reading Choke surprise