Dating Landscape

So the last new girl that I have met and been with physically is about Feb.  This is a long time for me, since it is one of my little fetishes.  New blood is hard to come by and lately it appears that it will be a while yet.  I have reviewed the dating sites off and on with no regularity.  What I have found is basically, well nothing.  I have sent out a few messages with no responses.  No interest on playing the odds and sending out hundreds of messages in the hopes of getting one back.  Not to mention it is time-consuming and frustrating.

With the recent hack of Ashley Madison it also puts new light on something that I found out a while ago when I did some research on another dating site. Continue reading Dating Landscape

Love, Life, and the lifestyle

I haven’t had to explain my situation of late.  When I do the hardest part for people to understand is why?  My girlfriend wrote Why Poly? Why Not? recently regarding this and I would like to expand on it a bit too.  Well more add my two cents about my thoughts and experiences.

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Weekend has been a blur

My wife’s vanilla gf was over this weekend, which was exciting.  She knows about our lifestyle and I enjoy seeing how far I can push the context of sex.  She is a bit of a prude so it is fun to see reactions from her.  Although I didn’t have much time visit on Saturday evening since I was out.  From what Krystalla said they had a good conversation.  Mostly about sex, her sex life and other topics in that area.  Kind of wish I was around for that but doubt she would have told Krystalla anything with me around.

Well I have started talking to a girl on OkCupid.  Been a few weeks, and nothing major happened in our discussions.   Continue reading Weekend has been a blur

If I was younger I would be a fool

Well Day 2 and the laughter has not stopped.  As I mentioned yesterday I am sacrificing myself to the online dating sites.  It has been an interesting 24 hours.

As I mentioned yesterday the amount of activity changed dramatically after I paid for the option to interact.  After about a few hours another flood of activity hits my notification list.  Also appears to be a few legit woman.  Well let me rephrase that, girls.  Majority of activity is from some hot 20 something that wants to chat.  Luck has it that one is supposedly in my area so I test decide to test the waters. Continue reading If I was younger I would be a fool