The Safe Zone sucks

Girls are unique creatures.  They like to have nights where they are not hounded by guys.  Even at work they like to be able to relax.  When a girl knows you are married or taken they are personable and more friendly because you are safe.  When you are able to fuck another woman because you are in the lifestyle, but the girl doesn’t know,  it gets complicated.  You want to tell her but you don’t know how.  You also don’t want to offend her.  This becomes a question if I want to risk the Friend Zone.

The Friend Zone is a black hole where men are put by woman since they want to keep them safe.  Not to sound like it is a bad thing but it is basically a “Do not touch” and “Off limits”.  The woman feels safe and secure and doesn’t want to cross that line.  This usually means that there is some type of attraction which could be mental or physical.  All that the woman knows that the Friend Zone is safe and that is very important.  It allows them to act and not have to worry about fighting of a guy since he thinks he has a chance. Continue reading The Safe Zone sucks

The Bet – Day 2

This is a continuation of a story.  This is based on true events.  It is based on a couple of different peoples points of view so I have labelled who is from when the view point changes.  I hope you enjoy it.


Day 2


Rolling over in bed I slip underneath her covers and feel Jane’s warm skin against my body. Her breathing is slow as my hands slide around her body. Nuzzling my head into her neck I can smell her hair and think about kissing her neck to wake her up.

“Behave,” quietly comes from her lips like she knew what I was thinking.

“Have a little faith,” I jokingly say as my hand reaches up and cups her breast, squeezing her nipple teasingly.

“Hey, stop it.” as she takes my hand and slides it away from her breast and gently holds it. Continue reading The Bet – Day 2

The Bet – Day 1

This is based on true events.  It is based on a couple of different peoples points of view so I have labelled who is from when the view point changes.  I hope you enjoy it.



My fingers were quickly tapping out the msg “You really want to go through with this” on my iPhone as I hit send.  A whole week?!  That is a long time without sex.  The phone chirps back a response “Yes. Why?  Can’t you handle it?” it read.

He doesn’t know me that well.  When presented with a challenge or a bet, I won’t back down.  “I can handle it, but I doubt you can,” I type back and smile to myself.  Trevor won’t like this.  No sex for him will be just as bad.  Not to mention I just came off my period and all I want is sex and, and he knows it.

“Bring it on,” pops up on my screen.

I giggle and send back, “no problem.”  My eyes glitter for a second,  “You are going down!”

“I plan too,” he responds with a smiley wink at the end.

Dave is such a smart ass.  We have known them now for about two months.  Easy going couple we have really enjoyed spending time with, in and out of the bedroom.  Dave is handsome, with a great body and sexy smile.  His wit was what drew me to him from the beginning.  He is quick and always has a come back, much like Trevor.  One reason why Michelle is attracted to Trevor.  Continue reading The Bet – Day 1

NRE is real and better than alcohol

Three days. It took three days and it was all a blur. My new girl who I will call Red took me a New Relationship Energy (NRE) high.  This is the feeling of someone new. Exciting. Thrilling. Intoxicating. Every new girl I have meet this happens to me and it can also blind judgement.

Normally when you are dating you don’t have to worry about NRE.  You go with it and enjoy the ride.  When you are married and in open relationship it gets more complicated. You have to balance everyone’s emotions and as I found out last night it is exhausting.

Three days of riding the high and then seeing my wife after being away for the three days I crashed.  This had nothing to do with see Red at lunch and having a great time or talking to her for the past three days.  Or even my night of fun on Monday night with my other lady friend. It’s from the seeing the person who I married and have missed for for the past three days. It is reconnecting and with that I crashed. Hard. Continue reading NRE is real and better than alcohol

The heat of the moment – cock rules

I have been preaching about communication and well I failed miserably on that last night.  I am not meaning to be forgetful, but when things happen and you don’t communicate fully it can get frustrating for the other half, or in my case halves.  So I really have to ensure that all things are communicated and I don’t let my penis start dictating what is happening.

So yesterday I have been trying to find a date since my house is empty.  It is rare to have the whole family gone and the house to myself.  With that I do not want to miss an opportunity but not having any local girlfriends makes it a bit hard.  Well okay, I do have some girl “friends” but they have never been in my bed.  More of chat companions that I hope one day it could lead to more.  One of the girls I have been chatting to for I think over a year now. Continue reading The heat of the moment – cock rules

You let your wife do what?

This is my raw thoughts so no editing has been done.


A smile flashes across my face as I think about what is happening about 30 mins away. Right now my wife is at a friends house about to get fucked. Why am I smiling?  Few reasons with one this is way over due.  And the other is that this is the first time in a while she has done this. Continue reading You let your wife do what?

Dating for two or more

One very important factor you realize while in the lifestyle is that when you are married you are now dating for two.  What I mean by this is that when you were younger and single you didn’t worry about anyone else but yourself.  If you had a lucky break you would just go out and meet the person at your convenience.  You didn’t have any responsibility except to yourself.

Now being married you have to communicate everything.   Everything involves the two of you and because of this it makes things more complicated in the dating world.  When doing the swinging lifestyle it is not as bad, although meeting a compatible couple is not easy either.  When trying to find singles, well then it becomes almost near impossible.  This also means that if the person you are interested in is not liked by your partner then the likely hood of the relationship continuing is unlikely. Continue reading Dating for two or more

Hear ye Hear ye – We are in the Lifestyle

Coming out with friends in the lifestyle is one thing that we have been very careful on how we approach it.  Majority of our friends would probably not fully understand our decision.  Mainly because of their beliefs or personalities.  Not to say that we wouldn’t tell if them if they asked, but we choose when and who should know.  Currently there are probably a handful of my friends that know and a few of my wife’s friends. Continue reading Hear ye Hear ye – We are in the Lifestyle

Couples – Boobs, Hands, Cocks… Oh My!

Twitter chatter has brought me back to my first group experience.  For my first with more then two couples since it is a very different dynamic since it is not just a swap.  It was a very unique and surprising experience since it was not actually planned to happen the way it did.  Let me explain. Continue reading Couples – Boobs, Hands, Cocks… Oh My!