Bruised and sore

So this will obviously get a reaction from the few women that I see.  This is something that I have been working on dealing with. I am not kinky, and don’t give a woman pain. I have tried and dabbled when we first entered this world but quickly knew it was not for me.

A few of my women are into kink, including my wife.  It has something that has been part of our life but not part of me.  I am not able to do any of it after trying multiple different things. Don’t get me wrong, I understand a lot after being in the kink lifestyle by association. Long ago I found out that I could not give pain to any woman.  So with that in mind, and then having this whole world opening up to my wife and me it has been a soul searching time for both of us.
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Boost – Part 5

We quickly exchanged numbers so that we can chat some more.  Quick kiss and we went our separate ways.  Still a bit dazed and confused on what just happen I drove home more on auto pilot.  Pulling into the driveway and parking the car I take a deep breath.  Trying not to have perma grin
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Boost – Part 3

As my pants open up my hard cock is straining against my underwear, wanting to be let out.  The woman is working very quickly to free it.  I just met her only an hour ago.  I am not normally picking up woman this way,  or even being picked up by a woman either.  Right now my mind is anticipating how her lips will feel on my cock as I feel it pop free.  The cool air in the car seems to have heightened the sensation as her tongue starts to trace the head around and then down the shaft. Continue reading Boost – Part 3

Boost – Part 2

She smiles and nods, “The Tim Hortons around the corner okay?”

“That works, ” as my smile on my face seems to be a permagrin.  “Lead the way,” as I turn and head back to my car.  My mind is racing over what just happened in the past few minutes.  Pulling my phone out I quickly send a message to Jane saying that I am going out for a coffee.  I know she will ask with who but at this point I don’t even know her name.

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Directions to sex


This based loosely on real events. I have changed any names or places to protect the people who are in this story. This contains sexually explicit content so please stop reading if you are under the appropriate age for where you live.  For those of you who are old enough enjoy!!!

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Out and about for Halloween

The wives have planned to go out to Halloween party for past few months. Even had costumes figured out ahead of time.  It was a way for them to express themselves safely.  The few times going to the club I have enjoyed myself but I am not comfortable at them.  I am not a fan of crowds, and I get very tense when surround with large groups of people.  This is for the woman and I go for them.

Luckily we had another couple go there as well.  I was hoping for another couple to be able to make it but commitments left them out, this time.  All dressed up and ready to go we head off.  I advised them that I will DD.  Spending money on a cab is pointless since it is over priced.  Prefer to drink that money instead of giving it away for cab fare.  Well at least they can drink and I can indulge when we get home. Continue reading Out and about for Halloween

The first one to get away

When our adventure began it was with singles.  Alone play without the spouse, which after some time a pattern emerged, woman just have it easier in finding boy toys.  Men are not that fortunate, and since I was getting frustrated it was decided to try our hand at swinging.  Not saying that she was not having any luck, the first guy that she was with went dark not long after and I never had a chance with his spouse.  I was a little resentful on how it all played out, and honestly having no luck in finding woman was taking a hit on my self esteem.

By chance Krystalla/Jane (just to keep everyone on same page for her alias) found a couple on another dating site.  This was not the first couple we talked to but the first one we actually did more than meet and greet.  She was talking to the male half for a short period of time and not to long after I was introduced to the woman.  We start to text and she sounded great, and I was looking forward to meeting her after our steamy chats.  Another thing that we started to see a regular pattern of is the bi factor.  Woman seem to be either into it or curious with the male side rarely even considering it.  This couple was unique where both were bi so it opened conversations regarding limits.

Growing up looking at the all the porn, one thing that never really did much for me is girl on girl play.  Not that I didn’t like it, but it didn’t do anything for me.  I wanted to see the woman get pounded and having two girls intertwined just made me want to join in since there was a cock missing from the picture.  Krystalla is not bi and neither am I so there was the conversation about what our limits our.  Basically I wouldn’t and depending on circumstance my wife might.  Either way it was not what we were primarily looking for.

The couple that we also talked to was not married, and both of them have busy lives, much like ourselves.  We agreed to meet at a hotel just south of where we are to chat and see if we connect.  That same night I was also invited out by a co-worker to hunt for woman.  We had a few drinks and I told him what was to transpire that night.  He said good luck as we parted ways for the evening.  On the way home I felt the alcohol and realized that I should have taken it easy.  Krystalla was not impressed but within the time leading up to leaving I felt more myself again.

Upon arriving at the hotel I felt nervous.  More because of the uncertainty on what to expect.  They had already arrived and we got to talking quite easily with them.  The wine was flowing and before you knew it I was feeling no pain again.  I really don’t know how long we talked but it felt like forever.  Krystalla had to visit the bathroom and when she came out she saw the girl in my arms and me kissing her deeply.  Her and the guy ended making out as the girl asked me if she could kiss my wife.  I said you can ask her.

This is where my first experience close up with two girls,  let alone one of them my wife, and watching the other girl kiss her was erotic.  Have to say watching my wife doing this makes it hot, but I still wanted to bury my cock in the other one.  Needless to say the clothes didn’t stay on to long after and we all started to make use of our tongue and fingers.  Unfortunately this is where my part went a little south.  You see the cock didn’t really want to make any formal appearance.  Sure it was at attention but not to the degree for physical penetration.

Alcohol had a major part in doing this.  Between the dinner drinks and then the large amounts of wine that I drank it affected my member.  Plus once you start to think about getting hard you might as well pack it in since the body don’t work like that.  Now this does not mean you are out of options.  I made that girl squirt all over my face multiple times that night and it was hot.  I do feel a bit sorry for the cleaning ladies since there was a lot of wet marks on both beds that night.  The only thing that I didn’t get a chance to do is fuck her and well that is one my little hang ups.  She is really the first one that got away and to this day I would still love to have another chance with her.

Krystalla had a great time, she got fucked by the other guy.  Oral as well but she also enjoyed watching me with another woman.  The group sex, even though you may not all be intertwined is something to experience since you are close enough to see and hear but you also have your activities going on close by.  We also switched to our regular partners as well for a short period and I got to watch the girl get fucked by her partner.  Nothing like live porn instead of a computer screen with videos of over the top actors.

Lessons learned from this encounter is simple, alcohol can be your friend in loosening up with new people but it is not your friend in large amounts if you plan to fuck.  The other factor too is that during our second planned date it was brought up on what the female wanted which was some male bi action.  As much as I wanted to please her that was something I really couldn’t do.  You have to stay in your comfort zones, and unless you feel comfortable doing what ever action you are asked, than don’t do it.  Even if you have to stop play and talk to your partner than do it.  No one will get upset with you because this lifestyle is about trust and respect.  Drama is not wanted and if everyone is on the same page it makes everything go smoothly.

We don’t talk to this couple any more.  Last I heard the girl is back with her husband and the guy is still out there hunting for his next partner.  We left on good terms and considering the second rendezvous fell through I am glad we had our first time with them.  It helped to make us understand more on what we need to know before going into a meeting and what to expect as well when it comes to the playing.

Hands and feet and be quiet too!

As I pass Krystalla3 in the stairwell, she had the blind fold in hand, I scrambled up to our bedroom to see what I can find.  I have been planning this for a few days, or at least the act and not what I was planning to do.  You see I am not really a dom, or have actually restrained anyone woman outside of my hands holding her down while fucking.  
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Bras are not man’s best friend

Boobs are great to a majority of men. For me I appreciate boobs but don’t go all bubbling idiot if a big pair appears.  Don’t get me wrong I will notice them but I just don’t have that need for a big pair of breasts.  I have never found the need to have a large handful or titty fuck a big pair.  This also leads me to my next topic of discussions.  The confusing, complex and frustrating part of clothing, BRAS. Continue reading Bras are not man’s best friend