Sex talk

Sex is usually talked about behind closed doors.  Something that is instilled by our parents when we are young.  It is taboo.  Shouldn’t be talked about.  Heck even TV and movies didn’t show anything since it is so bad for you.  Fast forward some years ahead (nice try, birthday is coming up but not going to reveal my age that easy) and the landscape has changed somewhat.  For one, TV has embraced sex.  The regular tv stations are trying to match what the subscription based ones have done for the past few years.  Hard to do since they have had full nudity along with some very graphic sex scenes.  It is a step in the right direction.  Sex is natural.  It happens regardless if we talk about it, show it, or even do it ourselves.

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Don’t expect it

I would like to thank one of my followers for this suggestion from my contact page.  It is a point that I have touched on a few times over the year but really never dwell on it to much.  Communication is very important as I mentioned numerous times, but setting expectations is something that also is equally important.  Without setting expectations things can get out of control, or worse drama can ensue that could cause complications or problems after the fact.

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Attention makes you a super hero

We all love attention. For one it boosts are egos if it is the good type. It also makes you feel included. This one one thing I have been dealing with for majority of my life.

I had a sister with a genetic disease when I grew up. She got all the attention. Even more so when I we hit our teens.  I started to rebel and well it didn’t produce attention, they focused on the good sister.  It was hard to talk and not be heard. Still happens to some degree with my parents even now. Back than it was hurtful and caused conflict between my sister and me for years.  The other side of the coin was my sister went out to make sure she was the centre of attention. This involved any way she could. I was resentful of her for that, and to a degree still am even after her passing 12 years ago. She made me crave it when I was younger. Seek it out. Fortunately I have grown to balance it, when I can.  There are times when I crave it but it more comes from when everyone else is getting it. Continue reading Attention makes you a super hero