Soft wood, hard wood, they just want wood

This lifestyle will challenge most men in one specific area.  This is because as a man that is one thing that always worked without thought.  And when it decides to disappear and not perform it can be a big shock to the man.  It also makes the man embarrassed, since the woman expect it to be rock hard regardless on what is going on.

When I was younger my cock would stay hard even after sex.  It was something I was proud of and thought nothing of it when it happened.  As you age things don’t always happen the same way, and when you now combine multiple partners in a group setting your mind can be your worst weapon.  Yes it has happened to me, numerous times but each time there is a reason for it happening.

Lets start with my first couple experience.  Short, hot little red head that was just oozing sexuality.  I was all for getting it on but what I didn’t plan on was the alcohol factor.  You see that night I went out before our date with a buddy from work and had some drinks.  Shortly after I got home we headed out to meet the couple.  Upon arriving we started to drink wine and before you knew it I was feeling no pain.  When things progressed to cloths flying off well I was not able to wake up my dick for anything.  I will say that she didn’t complain or comment on it but we continued to play.  She had her partner fuck at later and I ate her out again to a glorious soaked face from her squirting after she came multiple times.  Still would like to fuck her but that chance is long gone.  Lesson learned is that alcohol is not your friend in large amounts.  If you partner is telling you to slow down, or drink water take that suggestion and it might save you from this awkward scenario.

Having sex outdoors is fun, if you are isolated.  Not to fun in broad day light and public area.  Your mind is usually thinking about getting caught and not about the pussy that is begging to have your cock inside her.  It didn’t work out that well the first attempt.  I laugh at it now but when it happened it was frustrating.  That and having to see if anyone was coming by.  Even when I had another girl in my car on another day and having people bugging you when you are in it doesn’t help either.  Funny how that happens, since when I was younger it didn’t matter.  Than again I wasn’t married back than, and I think that is one of the factors that I am more concerned with.  Getting caught is one thing, but getting caught and charged for indecent exposure is a whole different situation.  What could be worse is if by chance it was recorded, with all these smart phones out there now, and than have it on the internet.  Wouldn’t be a proud moment and involved lots of explaining.  So another point is location, make sure you are comfortable in your environment.  Nothing worse than thinking about everything happening arround you.  Even trying to focus on the girl, in the back of your mind it will still be processing “what happens if I get caught?”

The last point will be relating to an earlier article I posted regarding cocks in a room.  Normally when you had sex in the past you are with your partner, girlfriend or just a girl.  Once you introduce another guy to the scenario things get complicated.  You would think it doesn’t matter and for some men it doesn’t.  Others become self conscious and than worry about comparisons.  Why is my wife louder with him than with me?  How come he seems to go forever fucking my wife?  And probably any other combination of – is he better, or is his cock bigger?  Any of these questions or even just the thought of sharing might have your little pecker stay little.  There really is nothing to be done about this, just experience.  Fortunately, I have not had as much issues with another guy in the room.  Don’t get me wrong, I do check out his junk for comparisons.  Can’t be helped.  As much as “size” doesn’t matter it still has an impact on us guys.  And for the record, I have heard from a few sources that bigger is not always better.  Regardless it has happened where things just didn’t work which and is more related to the getting used to group play.

So what should you do if you have a problem with getting it up?  There are a few things, with the first being if you get morning wood still than that is very important.  That means the plumbing is working fine.  The second issue is the mind.  When we were younger men never thought about getting hard.  It happened all on its own, more often when we didn’t want it too.  How many times did you get an erection at high school and had to figure out how to not show the tent pole when leaving the classroom?  Well that is the problem with us men now, we think to much.  We start to wonder if it will work, should I worry about it and worst trying to get it hard.  Stop that right now since it is counter productive.  The body will do its magic you just have to let it and not think about it.  I know easier said than done and yes I dealt with this for a period of time too.

Secondly, there are pills to assist but they are only a temporary solution.  Plus they still require stimulation to get hard so it just doesn’t happen after you pop the pill.  Plus they aren’t cheap, so if you do have this option don’t rely on them since you are not working on solving the problem.  They will at least allow you to not think about it, which is the key in trying to reduce performance issues.  Yes I have used them in the past and even though I feel I am cheating it lets me focus on the job at hand, which is making the woman cum over and over again.  One great piece of advice that I was told is that we are the tool and woman are the focus.  The factor that is that men have limited times they can orgasm in a night.  Woman don’t have limitations and because of this it should be or job in getting them off as much as possible.  Either way keep in mind that the magic pill works but it really shouldn’t be thought of a permanent solution.

Collectively man’s worst enemy is his mind.  Yes ladies we do have brains besides are engorged cock.  Situations and environments play a role as well, but if you start to think about hard on you might be surprised on how hard (or not hard) it will get.  Relax, take a deep breath and focus on something else.  Anything else really although better if it is something hot, sexy and wet.

If you have any thoughts or other suggestions please feel free to add them to the comments.  This is a subject that is brought up in dark deep corners and since this affects our manhood there is no shame in discussing it.  You would be surprised on how helpful it is.

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