Reliving a story is great for the mind

As I mentioned last week I am working recounting a sexy night with someone. This makes it hard to do since I am no just making it up but working with the content from my memory.  So I have to think of what happened over and over again. Needless to say it has made me a bit horny, and also wanting more.

The sex scenes are hard to do since I don’t want to sound like it is repetitive. It is challenge to make it flow but also make it hot and steamy.  Not to say anything was unique about this one night but it was the energy that was there.  The hardest part is trying to convey that through words.  It is from memory and that is where things can get a little blurry.  Not recalling every piece of conversation on how or what was said is hard, I have to pick the key points and flesh it out to make it sound right.  This goes the same for the sex, try to focus on the key points and don’t repeat what you said before.  Yeah right, not sure how else you say “as you are fucking her pussy.”  Well okay there are a few ways, but if the story has multiple sex scenes it starts to become a challenge.

The other issue is that I perceived this in a specific way, and I don’t know how the woman perceived it.  I do not want to put words in her mouth, or make it out like it was some magical night with fireworks and light show.  It was a hot and sexy night that I want to share with you all.  See I like to share.  The problem is sharing and recounting a story sometimes may not be 100% accurate.  This is the biggest hurdle that I have.

Remembering everything that happens is not to hard, within reason.  I seem to always recall key points, images, feelings, and context to the night.  What I find hard is to write it all done and than make it sound, well sexy.  Not to mention I don’t recall every exact word or sound during the act so I have to think more about what happened.  This is where I get aroused, much liking reading a erotic story, having to think about a night over and over again makes it hard(pun intended).  This is not what I want to happen when I am working while typing up more of the story.

Trying to write an accurate recount means I am going to have to embellish a bit where I have holes in my memory or need to not make it so dry.  Fluff up a few parts to make it hot.  Added some details to spice it up.  Nothing major, just touches here and there.  I am my own worst critic and I sometimes re-writing a whole paragraphs because it is not what I want or is not flowing properly means other areas I have to tweak.  Sometimes it is just easier to right fantasy and let it flow.  The recounts that I have written takes a lot of time.  Compared to the couple of fantasy stories that took only an hour or two.  I have improved in a lot of ways on my writing over the past few years and I enjoy doing it.

I am almost done the first draft, which I will than have to review and edit.  With me reading this over and over again I might want to see if I get another pair eyes to review.  Guess we shall see how secret I want this to be before I publish it.  With me working late tonight I should be able to find more time to see if I can get it polished and ready to be viewed by the public.

Well enough babbling, have to get ready for work, going to be a long day.  Till next time.

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  1. Also the amount of time between the actual act and the retelling can have an impact. The longer the time between, the more challenging to remember the more minute details.

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