Re-Union with Lilly

Funny how distance can make relationships feel like a new experience after many months.  Lily planned to visit with her kids for a Canadian vacation for our second meet up of the year.   Knowing that it will be a challenge to have her alone to spend time together since all our kids will be home.  Normally for any event, I don’t think about it to much.   Have had many disappointments in the past so I try to stay in check up to the day of the event.  But my excitement got higher with each day passing.

The only worry I had was her driving here.   It is a long drive.   Along with crossing the border anything could go wrong.  Not like anything could happen but it still had me worried.  She only ran into one issue, luckily before she got to far.  Car had an issue but after a short visit to garage she was back on the road.

With the minor issue behind them she arrived safely just before midnight.  The dogs were over the moon to see new people and my kids were greeted them politely.  They are not always social on their own.  I really hope they can get along.

After a drink to relax I escorted Lilly to her bedroom were she asked “should I even bother to get changed?”

My reply was a deep commanding voice,  “No!”

Every night we were able to enjoy each other.  We tried a few new things and also learnt things about each other two.  What still surprises me is that all my women that are close to me say I am very controlling with my voice.   We talked a lot about this over the few days she was here.   I still don’t see it.  Find it hard to understand how my voice can be so powerful.   Sure isn’t in normal day to day life.  Even our quad has said that I am one of the most powerful ones that they have seen.

The examples she provided did make sense.   It still is not something I think about.   It is just me expressing what I want.   I don’t do it often.  And even missed an opportunity for a three some because I was unsure on how Lilly would react.  Something I have to work through still.  I am not kinky.  At least not in my mind.  Although this has been argued as well by all my women.

We spent the time visiting tourist locations that interested them.  Went to Toronto for the aquarium, Wonderland, our local zoo, and strolled around downtown a bit.  Considering what we did I am happy to been the tour guide.  Reminds me of what all we have to offer when guests visit.  Something that you don’t always think about until forced too.

The morning they left it was back to work.  Kind of glad I was working since my mind couldn’t wander much.  I will miss her.  We may not have been talking between the visits as much of late.  Mostly my fault.  To be fair, I have not talked to my women much at all lately.  Me internally struggling with my place in everything.  We agreed to make more of an effort due to the distance and the limited time we can visit each other.

For my wife, to allow again the time each evening spending it with Lilly, I can’t say thank you enough.  I don’t know what I would do without you.   Even the couple other women I am friends with stayed quiet during her visit.   It seems everyone knows how important Lilly is to me and they let me have that time with her.

Back to reality.  With the lack of sleep I had to take a day to catch up.  As much as I wanted to show my appreciation to Krystalla it would have to wait till Wednesday night.  She understood since she was a bit burned out as well.

Routine is back to normal with work, kids, dogs and sleep.  We have a few more days till we have another party,  vanilla it is, so hopefully we can rest up before then.  Have to behave for this one.  Always a challenge but easily managed as long as I don’t get wasted.  Funny though when asked who I can invite, I really don’t have that many vanilla friends locally anymore.  Ah well who knows who is available to show up and have a good time.

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