Out and about for Halloween

The wives have planned to go out to Halloween party for past few months. Even had costumes figured out ahead of time.  It was a way for them to express themselves safely.  The few times going to the club I have enjoyed myself but I am not comfortable at them.  I am not a fan of crowds, and I get very tense when surround with large groups of people.  This is for the woman and I go for them.

Luckily we had another couple go there as well.  I was hoping for another couple to be able to make it but commitments left them out, this time.  All dressed up and ready to go we head off.  I advised them that I will DD.  Spending money on a cab is pointless since it is over priced.  Prefer to drink that money instead of giving it away for cab fare.  Well at least they can drink and I can indulge when we get home.

We arrived to find we were the second ones there.  Seems they just opened and were still getting set up. We found one of the couches off to the corner and parked our selves for the night there.  After settling and getting our drinks ready I surveyed the room.  The only other couple that I can see were the ones playing pool.  They looked familiar but than again, I seem to be second guessing myself lately.  Not to long after more people arrive and I start scoping out the woman.  The scenery was great.  I had no issues of letting my eyes wander to rate the woman.  One nice thing about these clubs is watching and staring is expected, unlike regular bars.

The wives were already getting silly and it didn’t take long for them to be on the dance floor.  I finished my one drink pretty quickly and wish I could have another.  My nerves were a little tense.  I poured one more and than settled in for the night.  That is until I finished my second drink, than I went on to the cigarettes.  When my wife and myself went to the club for the first time so long ago, I had quit smoking and it was the one time that my wife wished I was so I could mingle.  Ironically, when I went outside here I was talking and learning more about the couples that were there.  I figured this would happen and found out a lot of details of the couples that were out there.  Even met the hot swat wife who wore basically a one piece dress that showed off her sexy body.  She arrived early and I had my eye on her from the start.

As the evening went on, hot swat wife was teasing me from the dance floor.  Giving me a show of her body, ass, tits, and pretty much anything else.  Felt like I was at a strippers club, which made me wonder how she knew all those moves.  Anyway, she definitely wanted me to dance with her and this is where I froze.  Why?  Well one I was sober so my confidence was a bit thrown off.  Secondly, I had no idea what to expect, which for me is a hard thing to do since I need to have a limit.  Lastly the music they played was more the new dance and I really don’t know it.  Either way I chickened out of it and never went up to dance.  I feel bad about it that night when I got home, and on Sunday and even three days later, but lessoned learned.  Will be more confident next time, hopefully she is there again and I get a second chance (not likely).

As all this was  happening, there was more interesting things happening.  One of the girls lost her top pretty early so we had boobs pretty much out in front of me.  The stripper pole brought in a few early twenty year olds that sat right near us with hot bodies.  Yes I was admiring the tight ass and titties.  Near the end of the evening another lady stripped down to g-string and showed her moves on the pole.  Nothing short on watching the nights entertainment.  Oh and for the girls to wonder, yes there were guys there that had the woman watching too.  Oh and Krystalla’s bf getting blow job on couch, cock hanging out while dancing on dance floor.  Testing physics with bra hanging from a stiff cock pretty well.  No there are no pictures, not allowed at club, but I saw it.

The night was fun, I did enjoy myself.  As to the club it was clean, respectable and actually everyone there was very personable.  The one we went to last time it was like everyone stayed within their their own click.  At this one everyone made an effort, and in the smoking area it was very apparent, of introducing themselves.  Helps to get an conversation going if you want.  Plus you get to have an idea on who everyone is.

When we got home sometime around 1:30 am our one couple headed home that night, since they didn’t live close and the husband didn’t have much to drink that night.  We didn’t last long either staying up.  Well I had one drink and than fucked the shit out of gf before we crashed.  It was a good night and I survived.

Of course you are all wondering, well my wives are, if I would go again.  Honestly, I think I would go there again, or any club for that matter.  The only rule I need to have is no play.  Well, let me qualify that.  There is no room play, the teasing and such is allowed.  I just don’t feel comfortable with that environment.  My mind needs to have a limit and with that I think I can relax more.  Having this puts me knowing that teasing and such is good.  If there is a need to use play room it could be discussed at that time.  And I also worry that I will get carried away, since with alcohol I can get pretty, out of control.  Yes that can be fun, but it can also get me into troubling situations.  Don’t want any of those again (yes stories to come).

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