Oral discussion

We have known each other for over a year. We meet up, actually the same one that we meet our now quad couple, but with some complications we never had a chance to hook up again. It was only a meet and greet but we really enjoyed the time we spent talking to them.  When the opportunity that we all could get together again we basically all jumped on it.

We all agreed it was a no play visit.  There was drama with them, not us but another couple, and wanted to hear more about when they visit.  Texting is one thing but you really can get more information in person.  It was arranged that no kids would be around, just adults, alcohol and good conversation.  What more could you ask for?

When they arrived it was like we haven’t seen each other in forever.  Introductions again, in some sense, and once we helped them unpack we settled down to talk in the living room.  The conversation flowed so easily and it was like we known each other for years.  The connection that we had with them felt similar to our quad since it was effortless when talking.  Another reason this evening was so special.  We all were thinking those dirty thoughts, just not spoken,  at least for now.

As the evening progressed more alcohol flowed and our barriers started to get weaker.  There is nothing wrong with that, but the concern is always if everyone is on the same page.  You don’t want to offend anyone and all the couples were extremely aware of that.  The conversation got more risky and flirting become more apparent.  Nothing wrong with it, but it was leading to something that we all agreed wouldn’t happen.  Of course it took no time in getting that fire started.

Walking up stairs into the hallway I noticed Lexxi and Angel talking away.  They hugged and as I walked up I heard the tall end of the discussion regarding that they didn’t want to offend the quad.  I giggled and made some wise crack to which both women realized I was standing there.  Angel is cute and sexy, but her eyes are what get me.  She has this way of making you melt and pulled right in.  It was at this time her eyes began to twinkle and she looked at Lexxi, “May I see them?” she asked.

Lexxi froze.  The last time she heard this question it ended up in some adult fun, I have heard the story a few times, and I just looked at her.  Without skipping I beat, “Sure, ” as I pulled up her shirt to expose her naked breasts.  Angel’s smile grew large and her eyes seemed to reach out and touch them.  I pulled the shirt down and giggled as both women seem to have relaxed a bit more.  Heading to the garage for a smoke the girls followed me.  My mind was racing, knowing that things could escalate and I didn’t really know how to handle it if it did.  Alcohol in my system was not high enough that I had no control but I know how easy I get when feeling no pain.

While we chit chatted in the garage my mind was trying to process what happened.  Wanting to know what else could happen since we all agreed it was a no play visit.  My mind snapped back to the conversation when I heard, “Can I touch them?”  As Lexxi again seem to freeze for that split second, I pulled up her top to expose her breasts again.  Angel’s hands moved out slowly as she touched one then the other and gently squeezed them.  Lexxi’s eyes closed and her breathing change as she enjoyed the stimulation.  This didn’t last long and the conversation turned to if we wanted to play or not.  “No sex, but anything else would be fine I think,” I stated.  Both girls seem to agree with me and Angel stated she would talk to her husband to see if this is okay.  We needed to talk to the quad as well, since they had no idea on what has transpired over the past fifteen minutes.

As we separated from the garage to talk to our spouses my cock started to stir a bit.  Was this really going to happen?  You see when we went to meet them for the first time I wanted to get to know Angel more.  We connected well and I was hoping things would progress that first time.  Things didn’t work out with the group that was there and I didn’t think it was an option any more.  These last fifteen minutes, well that seems to have changed my mind and also made my cock little excited.

As we broke down what happened to our spouses there was not really any surprise from them.  My wife knew I was attracted to Angel.  After a quick discussion and agreement that it was a no sex play party we went to pour ourselves another drink.  While waiting for the other couple to return from their pow wow we talked about anything but what could happen.  Not that it wasn’t on our mind, but we didn’t want to over think things as we sometimes do.  We didn’t have too wait to much longer as they emerged from the stairs smiling.  As we started to talk it was communicated that everyone was in agreement.  A smile came across my face.  A little bit of fear also credit in but I pushed it aside.  No expectations just let things happen as it unfolds.

Let me tell you, the best decsision that evening was the no sex rule.  Everyone relaxed even more, if that was possible.  Flirts were happening everywhere and everyone seem to be on the same wave, just riding it out and enjoying ourselves.  I am at the front of the bar as everyone else is behind it and the next thing I know there is Lexxi with her shirt off, hands groping mouths exploring and me watching as everyone but myself seemed to be all over Lexxi.  Angel had her head buried in Lexxi’s pussy for some time.  Everyone else had hands on someone and groping them.  Lexxi was just in her element as she tried to stay standing.

I took some pictures and admire the hot scene in front of me.  After a while I realized that I was getting bored so I sat down on the couch.  As they continued to play.  Group play is still new to me and I have no idea on how to inject myself into it.  Either way I sat down on the couch and had a few sips of my drink when I felt someone touch the back of my head.  I look up and it is Angel, she leaned down and kissed me.  Our tongues reached out and danced for a second and then she separated.  Her eyes were on fire, drawing you in and seeing the lust coming from those eyes made me pull her in and kiss her again.  As I did this Bob came up behind her and started to tease her.  She moaned as we kissed and I can tell she was enjoying herself.

It is all a blur on when the clothes all came off, and more surprising I don’t even recall how we found all of our clothes after.  This started behind the bar and ended up being on the couch, loveseat and chair in the entertainment area in the basement.  My eyes turned 180 degrees and all I saw was two people involved in exploring and pleasing each other orally.  Angel was to my right with Bob’s head buried between her legs.  Her eyes slightly closed and her moans escaping her lips as he hit the right spot.  Looking down at my cock buried in Lexxi’s mouth as she worked her magic on it.  I can hear my wife behind the bar be pleasured by Hank.  Everyone was naked and the sounds of moaning was intoxicating.  As much as you might see something like this on TV it is nothing compared to being in the room and feeling the vibe.

Unspoken we all seem to switch partners on cue.  Next thing I know I am infront of Angel, staring down at her sweet pussy.  She reached out and grabbed my hard shaft and stroked it.  I hear other motions behind me as as the other two couples were engaging in activities but I was focused on the task at hand.  I lowered my head and started to lick and suck on Angel’s clit.  She moaned and her hands fell to my head, gently holding it in place.  The sounds in the room combined with my focus on what I was doing felt like time standing still.

Again almost like we had an unspoken signal we seem to switch partners.  It was uncanny how we were all in sync with each other.  Moving between partners as we glanced at our own partner to check in to see if everything was good.  The smile on their faces confirmed that there was no issues.  Having sex removed from the table also made it no pressure.  One thing that has been an issue for me, and have seen in other group play, is the cock not wanting to play.  With sex off the table there is no concern for that.  We just focused on oral, pleasing the woman and making sure that they had a great time.

I hear Angel whisper in my ear if she can play with Lexxi, so I said you can ask her.  Lexxi was on the love seat and when Angel approached her she whispered something in her ear, kissed, and then Angel moved to bury her head between her legs.  Standing to the side of them I have Angel’s ass in perfect view.  Very easy access to play myself so I proceed to bury my fingers into her pussy.  Finger fucking her as she is eating out Lexxi they both start to moan.  It didn’t take long for Lexxi to cum, with Angel right behind her as I stood up and looked around.  Everyone else was watching the show.

It was a hot night.  Everyone was relaxed and went with what happened.  This was not expected, and the smiles from Hank and Angel confirmed that it was something they needed.  No drama.  It was freeing in the sense that we all just had an amazing experience with no pressure or worries.  Someone asked the time and after a few minutes I hear we went for over two hours.  That is a lot of pleasing in that time.

This was my first orgy.  Yes we looked it up and confirmed that by the numbers it was an orgy.  Funny how the Internet can confirm something so simple.  No sex but what an experience.  It is one night I will never forget.  Also, I don’t think we could ever replicate it since it just happened so smoothly.  We’ve been with this couple again but it has been a while.  Timing has been against us of late but I do hope we can find matching schedules soon.


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