Open to Change – the next day

This is the writing I did after I found out my wife wanted to explore.  This is the second part to the story.  This has been edited from my original post that I did.  This does contain sexual content so you are warned that you might get aroused.  Enjoy!



I woke up pretty much every hour on the hour that night tossing and turning.  Being told by your wife she wants to try other cocks kind of does that to you.  I did tell her shortly after we married if she wants to explore that curiosity, since I was her only partner, I would be open to talking about it. The shock to find out that she has already found a man to fuck is a little much.  Am I wrong to be a little angry that she went ahead and looked first without talking about it?

My thoughts fall back to Gary, the guy who wants to introduce my wife to his cock.  “Can I handle having another guy fuck my wife?”  I wonder, and start to imagine the actual act of his dick going into my wife and my cock starts to stir.  Well maybe, but I still do not understand the impulsive nature of my wife to go out hunting for another man.  Even though she said later that evening in bed it was not like she was looking, it just happened.  I don’t know of anyone that is not looking but signs up on a dating site.  My mind wanders back to Jane on her knees giving Gary a blow job as her hand strokes his rock hard cock as she guides it into her mouth over and over again.  My dick is now pulsating with blood and my heart is racing a bit faster from the inappropriate thoughts.

I roll over and see the shadow of my wife lying on her side breathing lightly.  The little light from the windows allows me to vaguely see her in the shadows but I can hear her breathing slowly.  My heart starts to race and I can feel my cock growing with each passing second.  Why do I get so aroused every time I see or touch her now?  It is a like a drug and I just can’t get enough.   I glance at the clock on my night stand and it displays 4:53 am.  Waking her up is not something that I do since she is a bear if she doesn’t get her sleep.

My cock is wanting attention and it would be so much easier to bury it in her pussy than masturbate.  It is fully engorged and my hand goes to stroke it a few times.  I have never woken her up for sex before.   I am so horny that the thought of her being mad at me for waking her dissipates from my mind. I need to get off and the best solution is in her pussy.  Shifting her blanket so I have easy access to her bare ass, I press up against her back.  The heat from being cocooned under the blankets radiates off of her body.  My hands start to move over her, feeling the warmth coming off of her body.  I get more aroused and nuzzle in closer.

She shifts slightly as my cock pushes up against her ass crack.  My hormones are in overdrive and my mind can only think of my cock filling her vagina.  Moving my hand down to her ass, I gently massage her ass cheek working towards her pussy.  I part her cheeks to gain access.  I am surprised to feel her wet pussy.  Never thought it would be this wet, I think as I slide my finger in and out to lube her up to get her ready for my hard cock.  A slight groan escapes her lips.  Guess she is waking up now, I think as a smile comes across my face and I continue to lube up her pussy with her juices.

Sliding my hips so they’re pressed up against her ass, I gain easy access to her vagina.  I feel her shift a bit to help expose her wet pussy.  I tease her hole with the tip of my cock for a second or two and then slide it in slowly.  A short gasp of air comes out of her mouth and she shifts her pelvis to take more of my cock in.  I push it all the way in to the base and pause inside feeling the heat of her vagina surrounding it.  Moving my hips slightly I am able to produce a good rhythm and her hips start to match my pace.  I reach around with my hand to massage her tit through her night shirt and a moan quietly comes from her lips.

“Sorry but my hard-on need attention and I thought this would be the best way to fix it,” I whispered into her ear.

“Ummmmmm,” was all that I heard from hear as I kept up my slow pace and her hand reached back to run her hand through my hair.  “You don’t hear me complaining,” she says quietly with her eyes closed focusing on my actions below her waist.

Hearing my wife respond to this gets me even more aroused, and I start to increase my pace.  She starts pushing against my cock driving it deeper with each thrust.  I really can’t get full access to her pussy from this position and my muscles are starting to cramp.  Slipping my cock out of her soaking wet pussy, I sit up so that I can get on top of her.  She looks at me as she rolls over onto her back while I move over her legs to gain full access to her pussy.  Seeing her pussy coated in her juices looks so inviting that I have to have a taste.  Bending my head down and kissing her pussy lips sends shivers through her as I move towards her clit.  I gently flick it with my tongue and she moans and tries to push it up for more attention.  Teasing her clit has her grinding her pussy into my face and I am enjoying every minute of it.

She is now moaning and bucking as I tease her pussy making her jump and squirm.  I slowly start to kiss my way up her belly to her tits to have a mouthful of nipple.  She lets out a loud moan and I feel her hands go to my head and stroke my hair.  Switching to the other nipple so that it doesn’t feel neglected, I pull and tease it with my teeth.

“You can go harder,” she whispers and my cock jumps with the comment.   I bite a bit harder and another loud moan comes from her lips.

Teasing my wife is such a pleasure but my cock is being left out and I need it to have some attention too.  Moving off of her nipple and locking my lips onto hers I can feel her passion.  Her tongue is moving around trying to tease and play with my tongue.  My cock is pushing up against her pussy.  Rubbing her clit, she pauses to let out a moan and then starts to kiss me deeply.  Sliding my cock over her pussy is getting her even more wet.  Shifting my hips so that I can penetrate her pussy lips, I slide forward one more time.  She pulls away from my lips to let out a deep groan as my cock buries itself into her pussy.  She lifts her legs up so that I can go deeper and I pump slowly feeling how wet and hot she is.  Wrapping her arms around me and pulling me in close she starts to move her hips in sync with me and we slowly move in unison.  With each thrust she moans louder and she is pushing onto my cock with more strength each time.  I speed up and start pounding my cock into her, she opens her mouth and a long groan comes from her as she holds on tighter.  The slapping of flesh is loud now and I increase a bit more trying to push her over the edge.

The intensity is overwhelming and I can barely control myself from shooting my load.  Her moans are louder and she starts to whimper as she bucks harder.  She is getting close so I thought I would try something different.  “That’s right, fuck me!”, I whisper into her ear.  “Come on FUCK ME!”

She lets out a loud moan as my words of encouragement prompt her to take more action.  Her hips pushing up with each thrust of my cock and she speeds up the pace.  She is so wet that it feels like my cock is on grease rails, hitting her g-spot as she arches her pelvic with each thrust.  As she starts to tremble I hearing her whimpering, almost ready to cum.  I can’t control my self as my orgasm starts to build up and prepare for release.  Grunting which each thrust I feel it building as she moans and whimpers and holds on tight with her climax.  I finally can’t hold back anymore and shoot my load into her, grunting and panting which each thrust.

I lay on top of her, breathing heavy and trying not to apply all my weight so she can breathe as well.  I pause for a minute then suck her nipple as I roll off to my side of the bed.  I lay my head to one side and look at her in the darkness, only seeing a faint shape of her face and unable to see if her eyes are open.

“Well I really couldn’t let the hard-on go to waste,” I say as my hand reaches up to squeeze her tit gently, “and I also needed to pee.”

“Pee?” she questions as I sense her shift her head down to look at me.

“Do you know how hard it is to piss with a hard-on?”

“Can’t say I – .” I cut her off before she could finish it.

“Yes, you do not have a cock so you wouldn’t know. Simply put that pointing your dick into the toilet is not really possible when your cock is pointing straight out and up from a hard on,” which is really a pain when you’re young and learning about what a hard-on is.  “The other hard part is letting the body know that it is okay to pee”.

She grinned back, “Makes sense and I don’t mind be woken up for this at all.”  She starts to laugh and continues, “although let’s try to make sure that I get some sleep at night?”

I slowly slide off to the side of the bed so I can get up and go to the bathroom, ”And now I will go pee,” as my limp dick points towards the floor as I stand up.

She chuckles quietly and rolls over on to her side so my recently deposited semen does not flow out onto the bed covers.  I head to the bathroom and empty my bladder which normally does not include sex first, let alone hot sex.  What is wrong with me?  Why do I have to keep fucking my wife whenever I see her or touch her?  Again my mind wanders back to her wanting to sleep with another man and I shake my head quickly trying to get the thought out of my head.  This is going to be a long day, I think to myself as I flush the toilet and turn to the sink to get ready for work.

Arriving at work I feel different.  Changed.  Not normal but going through the motions of opening the door and walking through to the elevators. Waiting for the doors to open and then stepping into the elevator I push the button labelled 4 and it lights up as the doors slowly close in front me.  I wait patiently and wonder what Jane is doing now, is she chatting with this guy again?  Why does it seem that she is talking to him more then me?  Arriving at my floor and disembarking from the elevator I glance quickly at the phone to see that I am on time and there are no messages waiting.

My mind is still falling back to my wife and what she told me.  If I can keep focused on work I should be able to get through the day and hopefully not dwell on my wife and her thoughts on other guys.  I reach into my other pocket and pull out my iPhone so I can listen to the my regular podcast on the popular gaming systems.  Normally this entertains me while I work but today my mind is still focused on sex, cocks and my wife.  As the podcast is buffering the stream I reach into my pocket to get my headset and shove one ear bud it into my left ear.  I can’t focus on anything work related and the podcast starts up with discussions on what they are playing for the past week but my head or heart are not into it.

After about 15 minutes of trying to focus on the voices talking about how bad they play as a team I thought, I wonder if Jenna would have an answer for my dilemma?  Over the past few months I have been listening regularly to one of the pod casts done by former porn stars.  They regularly answer emails and questions sent into them.  I enjoy listening to them since they come across as real, answering the questions they receive based on experience and common sense.  I don’t have anyone else to talk to about this problem so quickly pull my phone out and start to draft an email to them.

Within 30 minutes I have the email ready and I send it off, which seems to have helped me focus a bit.  Writing it down and expressing my feelings and concerns seems to have helped alleviate some of the concerns and clear my mind.  My stomach is still a bit upset but this is just the anxiety that I am feeling.  My phone rings so I push all my thoughts out of my head and take a deep breath before picking up the phone thinking, this is going to be a long day.

Lunch time rolls around and I have managed to get a few items done but my stomach is feeling so nauseous that I almost feel that I have to go throw up to get rid of it.  Knowing that this is more related to my body reacting to the news and stress on not knowing all the details.  Throwing up would not make it go away and my stomach feels like it is doing somersaults.  I need a distraction.  I get up from my desk and navigate to the support area to see if my friend is there.

Walking towards his area, it is hard to see him since he is short enough that the walls for the cubicles hide him when he is sitting.  Plus he is also seems to lounge in the chair so I really can’t tell if he is there until I am almost at his desk.  Turning down the main channel between the cubicles I approach his desk and see that he is there and not talking so hopefully not on a call.  Coming up behind him and knocking a couple of times on his desk makes him spin around and smiles as he sees me.

“Hey Trevor, how is it going?” he says as he takes his headset off.

“Not that great, wondering if you have time for a break?” and from the way I was speaking and my facial expression he understood.

“Sure,” as he stands up and signs out of the phone queue with quick flip of a few buttons.  Turns back to his computer and locks the screen and gets out of his chair.

“And can you spare a smoke?” I ask quietly, “I really need a break.”  I quit smoking so many times now that I think I have lost count.  I normally avoid them but when stressed, and they are accessible, I will break down and have one.

“Yeah no problem,” as he makes sure he has cigarette pack on him and leads the way towards the stairs.  “Everything okay?” he asks as we get out of earshot from the rest of the department.

“Well I think of you as a close friend and I really don’t have anyone else to talk to about this,” I start of slowly trying to formulate the words so as to not sound like I am crazy, “and with your background I think you can help me understand.”

Jason is a good looking guy and with his MMA training he is in great shape.  His body is shaped and molded into a prize fighter with his body toned and muscular.  During the MMA classes we take together he is agile and quick with his small size.  He is growing in a beard, which is about the same length as the brown hair on his head, since he has sworn off women recently.  He has had a lot of heartache of late and taking a break from dating scene.  Charm and charisma are his way of dealing with users on the phone and allows him to charm himself into the bedroom of his conquests well into hundreds.

A puzzled look comes over his face since he is unsure where I am going with this statement, ”I consider you a good friend as well, Trevor.”

Like pulling a band-aid off with one swift motion I blurt out, “Jane has told me that she is curious about other guys and has found one that she wants to fuck.”

His face contorts for a brief second with his own personal feelings inter-mixing into his reaction, “and what did you tell her?”

“Well I didn’t have an actual answer.  I have no problem with the sex part, which even saying out loud is a bit weird, but it is the fact that I thought we would have discussed as a couple.”  We have reached the stairs and there are other people coming up so I pause so that we can have privacy and to collect my thoughts.  We reach the bottom of the stairs and quickly scan the area to see if there is anyone else in the room.  It is empty save the staff in the cafeteria and they are out of earshot.  “I also thought this would have happened earlier and not now.”

We pass through the seating area and turn towards the back doors where we can gain access to the smoking area.  As we turn down the hallway, we see another co-worker coming back into the building so I wait patiently, trying not to blurt out my thoughts all at once.  I feel like I am going to explode.  I have had no one else to talk to about this and even though I’m discussing this with someone who is not my wife, I have to verbally express my thoughts so that I can attempt to make sense of them.  Also having another input into why I am going slowly crazy since she told me last night helps too.

Finally we can access the doors to go outside and with a quick swipe of my access card the door beeps and unlocks so we can pass through.  Again to make sure we are alone I quickly scan the area and confirm that there is no one else with us.  I was about to continue my thoughts that were interrupted before we came outside when Jason asked, “Did she say you could go and fuck other woman?”

“No, but under the circumstance I would say that I am allowed.  But at this point I really don’t have any urges,” which surprised me even though looking at other woman and wondering has always happened with me.  “Maybe I am just getting old and insecure but I am happy with my wife and don’t think that I need to fuck another woman,”  I say as he passes me a smoke from his pack and gets one for himself.

Pulling his lighter out he flicks the end and lights his cigarette and then passes me the lighter.  “So you could handle your wife fucking another man?  That wouldn’t bother you at all?”

“No, that is not what bothers me.  It is the other stuff surrounding it like is he better, does she love him, how big is his cock compared to mine, you know stuff that in reality is trivial considering the actual act,” bringing the cigarette up to my mouth, I light it and suck in a deep breath, feeling the slight rush hitting my veins.  It’s been a long time and the head rush will dissipate in a few seconds.

“So you wouldn’t leave her?” as he looks with a serious face.

“NO!  I told her that she could explore her feelings if it came to it, but just didn’t expect it to happen like this.  She surprised me having a guy already that she wants to fuck,” taking another drag on the cigarette and exhaling it, “and honestly I wouldn’t leave her since divorce is just not worth it.  No one wins,” as I flick the ashes off the end of the cigarette, “except the lawyers and government with the fees and charges.”

The fact that she went looking is still causing me grief, “My question is, how could she search out and find a guy without telling me first about her thoughts?”

Jason ponders for a moment, taking another drag on his cigarette.  “Most men couldn’t even handle the glancing thought of their partner with someone else.  They would kill anyone that would look at their woman let alone take them to bed.”  Pausing for a second he continues, “You are a stronger man than most to even approach it this the way.”

“Why would I want to punish her for being curious?  She has only been with me and discussing the urge or impulse to act on it without my knowledge would be more harmful,”  My cigarette is almost done and I am starting to calm down a bit.  My stomach has is now a faint dull ache, although I know as soon as I go back into the office it will probably start acting up again.  Taking another drag and exhaling the slowly as I ponder his point, Jason tries to cheer me up seeing my face looking so down, “You’re coming out tonight, right?  You can throw down and get your frustration out punching and kicking.”

“Yeah, you’re right, that would help.”

“Fucking right it would.  Get that frustration out on the punching bags, should help you focus.”  his cigarette is done and he walks over to the outdoor ash tray to put it out.

“It would give me a distraction, and allow me to get some energy worked off.  Plus I don’t want to start gaining weight after all the work I have done for the past six weeks.”  Jason was the one that got me working out at the club he has been with for a over a year now.  If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be losing the weight and feeling more confident over the past few months.  “I will be out tonight, it’s at 7 pm right?” as I navigate to the ashtray to put my butt out.

“Yeah 7 pm, but I might be there earlier to do the strength and conditioning,” swiping his card we hear the beep to unlock the door.

Pulling the door open, I exclaim, “You’re fucking crazy!  I don’t know how you can do that and then the class right after.”

“Nothing else to do.  I have sworn off women, so I have time, ” as he opens the door and holds it for me.

“True,” as we pass through the door and walk down the hallway back to our desks.  “Thanks again, I appreciate letting me vent and get this off my chest.”

“Anytime.  I have vented to you about my girl issues, so it is only fair.”

We’re passing through the cafe area again and heading towards the elevator and a few of his teammates join us heading towards the elevator.  We get to the elevator and push the button while everyone is making idol chit chat..  With a ding, the elevator announces itself as the door opens up so we can pile in.  Once the elevator has arrived at our floor we step out and start to work towards his desk.  “Well, I should get some work done,“ as I slow down my pace near my the door back to my desk.

Jason stops and turns to face me, “No problem.  If you need to find me later, swing by.”

“Will do, thanks again.”

Jason heads off quickly to his desk so he can sign back in to his queue as I turn to the door and open it up.  On my way to my desk, my mind slowly turns back to my wife and I realize that I need to confront her to understand more on how this happened.  I love my wife and would do anything to have her happy but I need trust and right now that is where I think my issue is.  I sit down at my desk and focus on work as I glance at the clock on my phone.  Four more hours to go but all I really want is to be talking to my wife so I can get this off of my chest.

The afternoon dragged on to the point that I thought it would never end.  Nothing I did distracted me from the thoughts running through my head.  After what felt like an eternity, it was finally time to go home and I quickly packed up my desk and headed out.  My mind was so clouded by my thoughts that I instinctively left the building by routine and got into my car.  Starting up the engine and pulling out of the parking lot, I pretty much flew home driving through a few late yellows so I didn’t have to wait any longer then I had to.

Parking the car in the driveway and then heading through the front door, I see my boys playing on the Xbox.  They are focused on the TV and know that I came home, but didn’t really have to say anything, “Dads home,” and “I know.” came from the room they were in as  I walk into the kitchen to deposit the lunch that I didn’t eat and then head to the living room to work on my laptop.  As it booted up, I start to think, should I put spy software to monitor what she was doing?  Could I do something on the router to track her activity?  As I login to the laptop and wait for the desktop to come up, I thought more about it.  I have to know what is happening, I just can’t sit here.  Not knowing is killing me to the point that I didn’t want to eat.

Torn on what to do, I open up Firefox and navigate to my google reader to go through the news feeds.  Like last night, my mind is not focused on what my eyes are doing, so it is going through the motions while my mind continues to work on the problem.  I open another tab and in the google search field I type in ‘Spying software’ and hit enter.  Up pops up lots of hits so I click on the first one to review the top ten software.  Scanning the page I start to feel guilty, and after a few minutes of reading the descriptions I realized I really couldn’t do it.  The impact if she found out would be almost as bad as when she told me about Gary.  I have to keep the trust between us and the communication open.  If anything breaks that, I will have more of a problem.

Dinner time is quickly approaching so I close the laptop lid and head to the kitchen to figure out dinner.  Surprisingly my mind is able to focus better on making food then at work.  I pull out the food from the freezer and turn on the oven as my youngest wanders into the kitchen.  This would entail him asking what is for dinner I suspect, so I patiently wait for the question to come out of his mouth.

“Whats for dinner?” he says with a slight grin..

Smiling I simply say, “Food.”

“What kind of food?”

“Cooked kind,” as I turn back to the fridge to see what vegetables we have.

“AWWW Dad!” he whines but with a bigger smile now.

“What do we normally have tonight,” I ask since I really don’t want to tell him.  It ruins all the fun and besides, they know the schedule by now on what we do for dinner.  Opening the freezer I find one half bag of mixed vegetables that can be our side dish.

“Oh, so it is veal and pasta then.”

“Good guess,” I reply as he then turns around and heads back to the family room repeating what he just said to his older brother.

I start to get everything ready for dinner and clean up the kitchen from last nights dishes.  I try to have the kitchen kept clean but I do have times where I forget.  Then having to do a major clean up later which usually involves a stack of dishing in the drying rack.  As I finish cleaning the counters and have dinner in the oven I hear the front door open.  With the kids up it will make it harder to find out more but I really can’t wait.  Discussing what has happened is not something that I want to do in front of the kids.  Jane walks into the kitchen, greeting the boys who barely take their eyes off the TV.

“How are you doing?” as she puts down her work bag and comes towards me.

“Well, still in shock,” A small white lie but it is partially true.  ”Trying to get a grip on everything,” still trying to understand how it came about is more accurate. “Is there anything else that you want to tell me?” I ponder to my wife.

She looks at me trying to read why thoughts, “Well do you want to be surprised again?” with a slight mischief smile.

Another surprise?  Could I handle this one or will it send me back to the abyss of uncertainty again.  Slowly I say, “Yessss, I think.”

She comes up to give me a hug and and then pulls back to whisper in my ear, “I want you to find someone too and after you sleep with them, I want to hear all about it.”

I think time stood still for that split second.  This was not what I expected to come out of her mouth just now.  I had suspicions that is what she wants, but it still surprised me.  My cock stirs and she pushes in closer to rub against it with her body, nudging it to life.  “Really?,” my cock growing by the second, “Just didn’t expect that to be what you were going to say.”

“Why do you say that?” she asks as she pulls away from the hug and turns to the stove to see how long dinner has left.  Then looks in the microwave to see if I have forgotten the vegetables.

Carefully formulating my thoughts I ask, ”Well I am still a bit confused as to how this all came about?  I am not upset since it is not the thought of the cock that you want to fuck,” which caused another stir in my pants, “but more on how it came about.  You just thought one day that you should sign up to a dating site and look for another man.  This is where I am confused.”

At this point my oldest comes into the kitchen with his nose sniffing trying to determine what is for dinner.  Interrupted again so I will have to carry on this discussion when they are in bed.  It’s too hard to discuss these kind of details with little ears hearing things that they couldn’t possibly understand.  Plus I need to collect my thoughts after the latest surprise she has thrown my way.  The timer goes off on stove so and I quickly turn it off and prepare getting dinner on the table.

I will sit down with her after my workout and discuss more on her thoughts and feelings, I think as I start to get the plates out for dinner.  Actually since she told me her feelings it seems that we are more carefree in discussing our thoughts.  I just hope that we can discuss our fears as easily too.  The communication between us seems to be expanding which is great.  I just hope that there are no more surprises in store.  I yell to the boys to get ready for dinner as the rest of the food is being placed on the kitchen counter ready to be served.

Dragging my ass back home after class felt longer then what it was.  Wanting to talk to Jane some more about her thoughts was one of the reasons, with the other being my body is tired from the workout.  Was the first time were our instructor drilled us so hard and the sheen of sweat over my body when we finished was thick.  Pulling into the driveway and I sit for a minute to collect my thoughts.  Picking up my phone and making sure I have everything I turn the car off and getting out of the car.  I retrieve my gym bag from the trunk and head to the front door, the cool air helping to cool me off since I am still sweating.

Closing the front door I notice the boys are up still, though they would be going to bed soon enough.  Dropping my gym bag to the floor with a dull thud I proceed take my shoes off.  My hair is soaked with sweat and I can smell my body which I really don’t want to have on the couch.  I should be able to have a shower and be done before the boys go to bed so I can get my goodnight hugs.  Heading upstairs to the shower, I drop my phone of on the end table on my way by.

Stripping my sweat soaked clothes, I toss them in the laundry hamper.  Heading into the bathroom, I walk over and turn the water on letting it warm up.  Testing the water with my hand, I adjust it so that it is slightly warm but cool enough to not get me any hotter.  Taking my towel off the back of the door I toss it onto the side of the tub and slide into the shower stall.  Quickly lathering up and then rinsing off my body of all the soap and sweat, I notice the definite loss of weight as I move my hands over my body.  My stomach is drastically reduced, to the point that I don’t look like a bloated pinata anymore.  Reaching for the shampoo so I can wash my hair, I dunk my head under the water and then lather up my hair.  My hair is starting to get a long again, I think as my fingers run through it as I lather my hair in soap.  I wonder if she would be into shower games? I ponder as my head goes under the water to rinse off my head.

Turning the water off I get out of the shower and start to dry off.  Looking into the mirror, I notice the change in my body.  Some muscle toning is happening along my back and arms.  My upper body is starting to show the loss in weight and muscle toning is seen my deltoids.  Flexing a bit shows my muscles along my back puff out a bit.  My pecs are still half ‘moobs’ but they are looking smaller and starting to perk up.  Even my thighs look smaller which is notice of late when I have pants on and they feel ‘big’ and ‘baggy’.  The change is good and I feel stronger, more confident, and even have more energy.

After finishing drying off my body, I quickly brush my hair so it is not a mess when I get up in the morning and then throw some bumming around pants and a t-shirt.  Heading down the stairs I hear Jane yell up from the basement to the youngest it is bed time.  Meeting him at the bottom of the stairs he gives me a quick hug and then heads down to see my wife for hers.  I grab my phone and make sure I haven’t missed any messages before I head downstairs to see what my wife is doing.

My youngest is heading back up the stairs so I wait until he has got to the top and then say “Good night,” as he walks by.

“Good night.” he responds as he starts to skip to the upstairs to his room.

Just wish I had about a quarter of that energy, thinking to myself as I walk down the stairs.  I then ponder on how to approach the subject again and as I turn to see Jane on the laptop typing away.  Not even thinking twice I ask, “Talking to Gary?”

She looks up at me and says, ”Yes.”

I move to sit on the couch beside her.  Normally she is on the love seat but tonight she is on the couch I normally sit on.  Reaching for the remote I turn on the TV and receiver which turn on with a “click”.  Realizing I have to turn on the media system I get up and walk over to turn it on, noticing that Jane glanced up quickly to see what I was doing.  Sitting back down on the couch I flip to the shows that are available for today.  Picking one our favourites from the list it pauses for a second then starts.  I look over at her and ask, ”Anything interesting?”

“Not really,” she pauses and then asks, “Do you have any other questions?”

Looking at the TV but not paying all my attention to it I reply, “Lots but wouldn’t know where to start,” I say as I shift my seat, feeling a little uncomfortable.

“Well Gary said that he understands what you are going through.  He is in an open marriage and if you have any questions feel free to ask him.”

Interesting, ”So he is in an open marriage.”

She realizes that this is going to be a longer explanation and turns towards me to give me her full attention.  “They have been in an open marriage for four years now.  She was the one that wanted to explore and after that and they have found that this is best for their relationship.  It works for them,” and she pauses for a second, ”and I think that we are on that same path.”

“So you want to do this?  You really want to fuck another guy?  I still can’t understand how you went looking and we didn’t discuss it first?  That is where I am the most confused and frustrated.” My eyes start to get a little misty and she notices that I am starting to get agitated.

She quickly turns back to her laptop and starts the shutdown process and closes the lid.  Placing it on the bench in front of her she turns back to me.  She looks at me and her eyes slightly water and she leans over to pull me in close, “I never wanted to hurt you and really can’t explain how this came to what I did. I was scared to tell you but I am glad I did.”

“You were scared to tell me?” I was surprised by this statement.

“I didn’t know how you were going to react.  I knew that you were open to the idea but just didn’t know how you would react.”

Good point, I thought.  I couldn’t imagine how most of my friends would have reacted with that news.  Going over all the the conversations again, to what she has told me so far, I start to get more curious and bold with my questions, “How long have you had these urges, ah, thoughts?”

She thinks for a second, “I have had these thoughts for over eight years.  I didn’t think I would actually act on them let alone find someone that I would think about fucking.”  She looks into my eyes, “Can you understand that?”

“Well no, not really,”  I stare back at her, ”I thought that something like this would have been discussed first before looking.  I am just glad we are talking about it.  Actually since you have told me, I have felt more,” my eyes seem to focus off into the distance as I try to come up with a description.

“Confused?” she interjects.

“Well that is one feeling, but I also feel closer.  We have not talked like this in a very long time.  I have taken you for granted in a lot of areas.  For that I am sorry,” did I really say that out loud?

“I agree,” as she sits up and seems to be thinking of something.

“But, “ I continue, “if you want to pursue this then we have to talk openly.  Clearly.“  Looking into her eyes I can see she understands.  “I do not want to get back into this rut of not talking.  I suspect this would have been brought up before if we did talk.”  I then started to grin, “I also have not stopped thinking about your pussy,” as I slide in closer to her, “which is another weird feeling.  I am so horny that all I want is you. I want to fuck you right now!”

“Well, what are you waiting for,” as she smiles and moves her face close to mine.

Looking into her eyes I can see the affection for me and at that moment all doubt of the past 24 hours disappears as touch her lips with my in a very slow seductive kiss.  Her mouth parts slightly as her tongue whips out to tease my lips.  My mouth opens as our lips lock together and our tongues start to tease one and other.  Her hands reach up and caress my hair lightly and my cock jumps at that feeling of her affection.

Her night shirt is loose so my hands easily slide under it and caress her back pulling her in closer as our kissing seems to have ignited a long lost passion.  I pull my mouth slightly away from hers and I move to her neck nibbling and teasing it with my mouth and teeth.  Searching with my hands, they move up her back and down along her spine tracing it gently with my fingers down to her ass cheeks.  I feel a slight shiver from her as my mouth moves up to her earlobe and I gently trace her ear with my tongue.  A short gasp escapes her lips followed by a low moan of pleasure.

My tongue traces her neck down to her below her chin and then to the other side, ensuring that I give equal time to the other side.  Her hands slide down my back to pull me in closer and her tits push against my chest.  Her smell is intoxicating and I don’t recall being turned on by just smelling her.  I break away from her and reach down to pull her shirt off, wanting full access to her tits.  Her nipples are hard and I use both hands to tease them.  Jane lets out a moan and her head tilts back a bit from the pleasure.  Wanting to suck one of them I lean down and take one nipple in my mouth, sucking and teasing it with my teeth, while my other hand continues to tweak the other nipple.

Jane’s hands move to my front trying to feel my nipples through my shirt.  With some success she moves her hands down and lifts my shirt up to gain access to my chest.  Teasing my nipples with tweaks and pulls she starts to get them erect.  I lean back and she takes my shirt off and tosses it to the floor and then leans down to suck on my nipple.  I sigh and lean back a bit.  She pulls and sucks my nipple, getting it to come out as far as it can.  I can’t take it anymore, I need her pussy so push her back onto the couch and start to take her pants off.  They fall to the floor in a pile as I bury my head into her pussy smelling her sweet aroma before I can even make contact with my tongue.

She is wet, so very wet and my tongue slowly slides along her clit.  She flinches, then her hips start to move trying to get it in contact with my tongue.  I flick my tongue faster and a moan escapes her lips and she bucks a bit more wild.  My fingers slowly slide between her pussy lips, she is so wet.  I easily coat my finger in juices as I tease her vagina, circling the outer edge making her buck more trying to get the finger inside.

Sliding my finger into her pussy, she lets out a loud moan and she bears down on it trying to get it as deep as possible.  Slowly pulling it almost all the way out and back in again.  I suck on her clit gently and she moans and grinds her it into my face.  My finger is sliding in out of her at a steady pace with her hips in rhythm.  Every deep thrust produces another moan from her lips and I can hear it in her voice, the passion growing.  She wants a cock soon and it is going to be mine.

I stand up again to take of my pants with the tent forming from my hard-on.  I slip them over the cock and they drop to the floor.  She sits up and grabs it and starts to stroke it, “I see that your ready and so wet too, ” she comments as she eyes the pre-cum dripping off the head of my cock.

“Yes well that is what happens when…”, I never got a chance to finish the sentence as she opens her mouth and engulfs my rigid cock.  I let out a groan as she strokes my cock with her mouth teasing the head with her tongue with each stroke.  The feeling of it sliding easily in out and out of her mouth is making me wish it was in her pussy instead.  She takes her hand and starts to play with my balls, one and then the other, and I let out another groan and realize that I need to have her now.  Pulling her head off my cock gently she looks up seeing that I can’t wait any longer.

She stands up and says “Sit,” as she gently pushes me onto the couch.  She climbs up straddling my cock and then sits down and rubs her pussy along my shaft as she starts to kiss my neck.  Feeling me pushing my cock up she shifts slightly up and slowly impales my cock into her and I let out a slight moan as it slides in.  She sighs as she buries it to the hilt and then starts to gyrate on it.  I move my hips, trying to match her rhythm and Jane adjusts slightly to get a better position to ride me.  I feel my cock hitting her g-spot and I see the expression on her face with each thrust.  She starts to move a little faster and harder, making it ram harder into her .  I can feel her getting closer as she starts to ride me like never before.  Ramming her pelvis into me trying to get my cock deeper with each thrust of my cock.

Feeling her getting closer and her moaning with each thrust we are both ramming each other as hard and fast as we can.  Her breathing is getting heavier and she is beginning to whimper quietly.  Each thrust of our hips begins to move the couch.  She is so close, and we increase the pace, she wants to cum hard.  The couch is now moving in time with each thrust and she leans her head back and starts to let out a groan.  She is so close to her orgasm and I want her to release it.  I want her to cum so hard that she wails with her orgasm.

I feel myself getting lost in the moment.  The couch rocking, her moaning ever closer to her climax, I start to lose control as well.  She lets out a whine and a tiny scream and she shudders on my cock and cannot hold back any longer.  I let out a loud groan and start to spasm as my cock spurts my load into her.  Jane, shaking slightly with her after glow, crumbles onto me breathing heavy into my ear.  Our hips continue to move slightly even though my cock has become only semi hard by now.  Our juices intermixed now flow slowly out of her down on to my leg.

Neither of us caring, not wanting to move, the closeness making me feeling more connected then ever before.  I wrap my arms around her and pull her in close.  I can feel her breathing slowing down and becoming more normal.  I close my eyes and enjoy the contact and connection.  Feeling her breath against my chest has not happened since we have known each other.  Jane has never been a cuddler and this is the first time that she has really cuddled after sex.

She moves her mouth to my ear and whispers, “You are my only one,” and then lifts her head up to look in to my eyes.  “I have never been so happy and want you happy too.”

“I am happy,” pausing for a second, ”and I think I understand now.  You really want me to find someone to fuck?”

“Yes ,and I want to hear all about it after,” a slight twinkle flashes across her eyes, ”and I also would like to have a threesome.”

We briefly discussed this a few years ago, not seriously, but enough that I got a vibe that it has crossed her mind. “And that would be two guys you want at once?”  I wanted to double check that I wouldn’t be getting my fantasy with two girls.

“Yes two guys, girls don’t do anything for me.”

I chuckled and stated, ”you just want to cocks at once.”

A smile crosses her lips, “Maybe, guess we would have to find out if it happens.”  She leans down and kisses me passionately and then sits up.  “Ah Trevor?”


“We moved the couch a foot back.”

I look around and then started to laugh, “Well that is first, hmm seems that we are having a lot of FIRSTS of late.”

She slides off my lap,  “Luckily I brought down some towels just in case,” as she goes behind the bar to grab one and wipes down her pussy of our juices.  I stand up and she grabs my cock with the rag to clean it off as well.

I reach up and hold her head as I kiss her gently on the lips.  As I pull away and bend over to get my cloth, II hear, “Amber would like to talk to you.”

“Who is Amber,” I questioned as I pulled on my sweat pants over my ass and hiding my cock from her sight.

“Gary’s wife,” she quietly says, “she would like to talk to you about what you are feeling.  She think she can help you understand what your going through.”  She walks past me and smacks my ass check as she passes by.

“Interesting,” I say out loud.  “Well that would help I think.  Not talking to anyone else is not helping me so having someone who is in the same situation would be helpful.”

“I thought so too, “ she has collected her clothes now and is heading for the stairs.  “I will pass along your email to her then?”

“Yeah, that is fine,” as I click the power button on the remote to turn all the hardware that we used to watch TV, or in this case, listen too.

We both head upstairs to our bedroom, turning off the lights along the way.  I strip down to my birthday suit beside my bed and then pull back the covers and hop into bed.  My mind goes over what she just told me.  The wife wants to talk to me and help me.  My hand reaches for my cock and it starts to slowly stroke it under the covers.  Does she want to fuck me as well?  Is Gary offering his wife up for me since he wants to fuck my wife?  Slowly my cock is enlarging with the thoughts of sleeping with another mans wife.  What has come over me of late?  In the past 24 hours we have opened up more about our feelings, talked about our fantasies and have fucked like teenagers.  Could all of this lead to more adventure?  Could we end up in a threesome?  Hell could we end up swapping partners in the same room?  With this last thought my cock is ready for some need attention.

My wife comes back in to the bedroom after finishing up in the bathroom, and climbs into bed beside me.  As she pulls her covers up I slide over to her and lean up on one elbow.  She looks at me and can see it in my eyes the lust I have for her.  She smiles, “Guess I am not going to be reading right now eh?”

“No,” as my mouth gently kisses hers.  “You won’t be reading much for a while I think,” as my I slide my had up to her pussy.  “I do think though you are going to be sucking my cock in a minute.”

“Oh really,” she grins and wraps her arms around me.

This is going to be a long night.


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