NRE is real and better than alcohol

Three days. It took three days and it was all a blur. My new girl who I will call Red took me a New Relationship Energy (NRE) high.  This is the feeling of someone new. Exciting. Thrilling. Intoxicating. Every new girl I have meet this happens to me and it can also blind judgement.

Normally when you are dating you don’t have to worry about NRE.  You go with it and enjoy the ride.  When you are married and in open relationship it gets more complicated. You have to balance everyone’s emotions and as I found out last night it is exhausting.

Three days of riding the high and then seeing my wife after being away for the three days I crashed.  This had nothing to do with see Red at lunch and having a great time or talking to her for the past three days.  Or even my night of fun on Monday night with my other lady friend. It’s from the seeing the person who I married and have missed for for the past three days. It is reconnecting and with that I crashed. Hard.

It is something that really can’t be explained. Feeling the high and then having the closeness of my wife just made me tired and exhausted. Then again I didn’t eat lunch since I had my head buried in a pussy instead that day. Still it caught me off guard.  I didn’t expect it.

We talked for a long time last night. Covering who I saw and what I did.  It is something that we do to keep everything open. It also turns us both on. Well that and she just blew a guy before she came to bed.  One of our old couples from a while back.  The husband is crashing for the night at our place and I told her to go fuck him if she wants. Anyways getting side tracked and now a semi as I write this.

So we talk and felt each other out about our feelings. I did fuck up a few times over the three days and I wanted to make sure we were on the same page. My page seems to be on the back page in the footer for some things.  Once we cleared or feelings I fucked her. Good. Slow to start as I felt her wanting more which I withheld. Letting her almost beg. Then giving her what she wanted a few times over.

We talked a bit more and then went to sleep. I felt great in the morning and just didn’t find time to put my thoughts down till now.  I have stayed quiet with everyone only to let me get my thoughts out.

To the two girls this week I had a blast. I never expected that those three days would be so intoxicating.  The high and permagrin was amazing and even though the permagrin is disappated I know that my adventures with you both in the future will be just as intoxicating.

The NRE is still going to happen. My fetish is new meat as pointed out by Red yesterday. I don’t think I want anymore right now with my appetite satisfied for the time being. Of course that can change quickly but right now I am happy.

And not forgotten is my other wife. She has been so supportive of me over the past three days. She has also experienced having her husband with her first play date.  An amazing woman that keeps surprising me in new ways. I miss her too and look forward to hearing about her date in the near future.

NRE high is something that can take you by surprise. If you acknowledge it you can ensure that you can ride the wave. Just keep grounded with your spouse and it makes for an intoxicating blissful ride.

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