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So not having a empty house to use is a pain.  Add on the fact that your date has the same problem and it makes it hard to hook up.  And no I don’t mean just for coffee, I mean for sex.  Yes there are a few that I see that we hook up for sex when we meet since it is so rare to see each other.  This is something that even Krystalla can attest to.  When she first started dating her bf she has the same problem.  They would go out, talk and hang out but when they wanted to fool around they ran into the same problem.  Where do we go?

So here I am with a girl in my old town where I grew up (just north of where I am living now) and I thinking “Where did I go back when I was in high school?”  Funny story, I didn’t go to far back then.  Actually I didn’t get laid until I was 17 for the first time.  Sure I had a few girls naked, and almost had it couple of times before that but circumstance and timing just didn’t happen then. Thinking more about it as I drove there I realized that I didn’t have much sex outside of bed when I was younger.  Really didn’t have outdoor sex either, and I mean in public not a backyard.

My brain is trying to figure out where to go pretty much the whole time we are together eating dinner.  My blood has been boiling for over a week now, wanting to find the kill that I missed in Cuba.  I am a bit weird, but hey if I have a few woman that love me then I can’t be all that bad.  So after we ate we walked, a lot.  Ended up at a park and by chance there was a some what secluded area that we staked for ourselves.  We moved a picnic table behind a small row of trees that gave us some privacy.  Didn’t sit down long till my pants were undone and my cock popped out.  She kept stroking it and then took it into her mouth.  Have to say this is the first time, in public, that my cock didn’t go limp.  Normally I am nervous about getting caught but the excitement, thrill and the chance of being caught actually helped my cock get harder.

Now you would think with the sun setting we would be alone.  Not the case at all.  People kept walking the trail, and after the third or fourth interruption we noticed that it might be a good idea to leave.  My hand was down her pants stroking her pussy as I told her how much I wanted to just pull her pants down and bend her over.  Of course this thought was interrupted with the parents, two dogs and young child that came by.  Also hampered because they then moved off the trail, unleashed the dogs and proceed to the water.  With that I said we should head back to the car as I did my pants up.

Now trying to find a dead end street, or even a place to pull in off the road is near impossible these days.  We did find a few closer to town, but on the outskirts there was basically none. We wanted private. What happened to the old days where everyone seemed to have some sort of driveway that was closed but more off the road?  Plus there is no foliage on the trees at all.  NONE.  So even if we pulled into an area we really didn’t have any cover from prying eyes.  Made for some fun conversations while we drove around and debated.

Being away from my old town for over 15 years has shown some changes.  There are more buildings, houses and even new development that didn’t exist when I lived there.  This is where I was surprised.  Didn’t realize how much has changed and what has been added over the years.  My date told me that there is a place that could work so we headed there.  Unfortunately the lights were on so we said we could come back in a bit since they can’t be playing all night at the rec centre. As we left and started to turn back towards town she spotted a parking lot for a trail.  Funny story, I drove my dad’s car through this trail a very long time ago.  Anyways it seemed to be a good idea so we pulled in.

Timing was good since the sunset has dropped down low enough that it was darker but not to dark that we can see what is around us.  We didn’t waste much time, and after we both were breathing heavy we agreed that the car was to small to have sex in so we did it outside.  Have to say it was hot, the sounds from the woods with the full moon lighting the area.  We stayed there till it got dark enjoying each other.  As time went on I really needed a break, cock can only stay hard for so long, so I suggested that we get her car and bring it back here.  The highway is just around the corner so we can hop on it when we are done when we head home. So off we went.

Not more than half an hour later we got back to our spot.  It was pitch black so the lights shined through the trees as we pulled in.  Again with no foilage we were not covered from people looking in, although it was so dark it would be hard to see.  With our cars parked side by side it didn’t take long for my pants around my knees and my cock in her mouth as she sucked me hard.  My mind started to wander, thinking on how I could fuck her again when the warning went off in my head.  My ears picked up a noise that was not normal.  My head cocked to the side as I listened more and I then pulled her off my cock so she could hear it as well.  The steady sound of twigs cracking as someone was walking.

She said that it didn’t sound like someone walking, to light, but she pulled out her phone and shined it in the direction of the noise.  The sound stopped immediately.  Looking at her as she turned off her phone I suggested that the other lights are off at the rec center so we could go there now.  She agreed, not as uneasy as me but she also wasn’t sure what we heard.  Pulling out of the parking lot I tried to shine my lights in the direction without being to obvious but failed to see anything.  When we arrived at the other place she proceed to ask if I saw the guy in the woods.

No, I didn’t.  Seems that when she left she shined the lights in the direction and saw a guy frozen still about eight feet from the fence of the parking lot.  Guess my ears are good after all.  We laughed about it and figured that the creepy guy must do that a lot since it is probably a common spot for people to park.  We walked down onto the field and ended up fucking one more time before we headed home.  I actually ended up going past the spot as we left and noticed lights in the parking lot.  Giggling to myself I texted her letting her know what I saw.  Response from her was “maybe creepy guy got lucky”.

Finding a spot to fuck is not easy.  You have to be creative. Timing is important as well.  We agreed that next time it will be in a bed but have to say once in a while having the fun outside in a public place can be very hot.  Change of pace.  The added excitement, if you like being watched, is that it might actually happen too. And for myself I am starting to think I like being watched as I fuck.

4 thoughts on “Location Location Location”

  1. I like being watched too. And I like to watch. Both have a naughty appeal to it. But watching is hard to do without wanting to join in.

      1. I do have a fantasy which I sorry of lived but would like to experience in a more structured way of being made to watch and not touch or participate. Being tied could be part of that fantasy too, but not absolutely necessary.

  2. If you knew the town we were in you wouldn’t want to be watched. lol. I was partial to the alleyway off Main Street but lots of people walking by. I doubt Krys would have been impressed with a phone call from the cops.

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