Last few days went by too quick

Saturday was relaxing considering how tired we were the night before.  I got up with the dogs at my usual time.   We really didn’t do much Saturday.   The quad and Lilly get to know each other better.  Also had the photo shoot that Numbnutts promised.  I didn’t watch much of it but from the pics should look stunning.  I even got to watch her change in front of me.  Had to resist not taking her right there.

We also found out that Chad and Mellisa would be attending the party tonight.   I’m happy that Lilly gets to meet most of my local friends while she is her.  After dinner we then started eyeing the time.  We got a few hands of Cards Against Humanity.  Funny how a raunchy game can make people turn in to silly kids again.  After we finished the game we then got ready for the party.

Since it was Halloween we knew it would be busy at the club.   Didn’t expect it to be as busy as it was.   Plus there is only one club in the area so it seems everyone came there that evening.   The scenery was great.  Watching the girls shake their thing was entertaining as well.  The DJ still needs to learn his trade though.  Biting my tongue most times when he does something wrong.

Part way through the evening I took Lilly to the play room and asked if she was interested.   She nodded her head and smiled.  It was only the third time that I have been with someone in the club.  Luckily no gangnam style played during sex this time.  Once finished and getting dressed I heard a familiar sound from outside the room.   Hopping up on the bed I see my wife on the cross getting treatment from numbnutts.  I knew this was going to happen.   Glad she got her fix in as well.   What I didn’t realize is that Lexxi was getting shagged by Chad beside them on the bed.

Good all Mellisa was doing her thing chatting everyone up and watching the show.   Amazing how she is so carefree talking to everyone.   Something I wish I could do myself.

The rest of the evening went by fairly quickly.   Once everyone was back in our seating area I can see that everyone seemed to have settled down.  It was also getting late.  We decided it was time to head home.   I made sure to fuck Lilly once we were in bed.  This was our last night together and it will be a while since we will be together again.   We talked and fell asleep cuddle in each others arms.   Sometime during the night my cock woke up again so I made sure to use it on Lilly who smiled as I woke her up sliding it into her.

The morning we woke up cuddled together still.  I didn’t want to wake her since I know she has a long day ahead of her.  Lots of thoughts running through my head today.  I knew that I wanted to make sure we had time together.  Also know that our quad would leaving today too.  Not sure what time and with that I figured it would be hard for one of them.  Balancing everyone has been a tiring task and to be honest very draining at times.

Knowing that this was the count down I tried to make sure I had my time with Lilly.   After brunch I took her downstairs to pack.   Well more or less pack.   We laid in each other arms, sweating after our recent session and talked.  Primarily on how we will see each other next year.  Also touched on her local boyfriend as well.  Poly can be complicated, but with the open communication it does make things so much easier.  It was enlightening to know that we connect so well.   Distance doesn’t make our feelings any different.   Just means we make the best of the time together.

The drive to the airport we talked more about our next visits.   What we can do and timing.   March is a long time away but I know that when I see her again the time spent will be as magically as the previous visits.

At the airport we got her checked in fairly quickly.   Long hug and kiss.  I felt a little empty as I walked away.  Knowing we have skype and a few months ahead of us till next time makes our visit together even more special the next time.  Hopefully we find a few other ways to connect over the holidays.  I have a few ideas and suspect she will cringe and fake laugh when I suggest it.  Guess we shall see.

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