Just a drink

Telling you to get my drink made you happy.  You enjoy pleasing him and if that is something simple as this then you are happy to oblige.   Mixing the whiskey with ginger ale you add a few cubes of ice and hand him the drink.  His face is emotionless.  No sign of approval or not.  “Thank you,” he firmly states.


“I will let you know if I need anything else” as he turns back to the tv and continues to watch it.  You are unsure what to do.  You stand there fidgeting.  Looking at him and then the tv.  You finally decide to sit down beside him.  Placing your hand gently on his leg it rests there as he sips on his drink.  This continues for a time.  You wondering what you are allowed to do as he is enjoying the show.

With no response from the gentleman you wait patiently.  You decide to push it.  You hand raises high on my leg.  Moving along his thigh up to the crotch.  Inside you are grinning.  Starting to get wet with the thought of his cock in your mouth.


“I wouldn’t,” he states firmly. You freeze.  Unsure what to do.  He continues, “the show isn’t over.”


Your hand doesn’t move.  It just feels stuck there.  You nibble your bottom lip unsure what to do.  You lean into him and rest your body against his.  The warmth relaxes you and you close your eyes listening to his steady breathing.


You wake up on the couch alone.  Unsure on how long you slept you glance around.  Seeing him standing by the bar with another drink.  “I had to make this myself” he states firmly.  Still no expression on his face.


Embarrassed that you feel asleep you get up and move towards him.  You kiss his cheek. “anything else you need?” you whisper quietly to him.  Unsure on his reaction you look at his face.


Shaking his head no he moves back to the couch.  You follow like a puppy.   Hoping to get some reaction.  As I sit down he adjusts myself.  The bulge in his pants is apparent.


“You need relief,” you state looking at his crotch.   Sliding in beside him you look for confirmation.


“Only if you do two things.  First you don’t tease.  You suck my cock.  Second you make him finish.  I need to cum.  If either of these are not done then you will not be allowed to cum tonight.  Do you understand?” A subtle smile crosses his face and then goes stern again.


Nodding your head, afraid to say the wrong thing, your hands slowly move to his pants.   Undoing the button with a flick of your wrist and sliding the zipper down his cock pops out.  Not wearing any underwear.  You eyes change with purpose as grin crosses your face.  You are going to make him cum so fast and hard.  Your hand slowly strokes the cock in smooth motions.  Somehow it feels like it is getting bigger and harder with each stroke.


Leaning over you take the engorged member in your mouth.  Once you hit the back of your throat you move back to the tip and then down again.  Your hand stays at the base and follows your head movement.  Your pussy is throbbing.  Aching and drenched.  Your hand slides down and starts to rub it through your pants.  Wetness has spread through and you feel how moist it is through your clothes.  If you weren’t dressed you would be dripping.


You slowly start speeding up the motion.  Your tongue circling the head when you get to the tip.  My breathing is getting quicker.  You feel him getting closer.  You continue sucking, wanting his load in your mouth.  Massaging your pussy has made you close to cumming.  Fearing that you might be punished if you did you stop.  Focusing on the job at hand you are spurred on to have him finish.


A hand rests on your head and you feel the hair being pulled.  His fist grabs a handful.  You speed up more,  head bobbing up and down with his grip guiding your speed.  Suddenly you feel the his hips buck and a loud groan escapes his lips.  Cum spurts into your mouth.  You continue to suck his cock as each spasm results in more cum in your mouth.  You don’t swallow but slip the cock out of your mouth.  And look at his eyes as they are half closed.


You smile slight as you swallow the load of cum in your mouth.   He smiles as well.  “Now take off your pants and panties,” with a sly smile.  Lay down and spread your legs.”


Slowly you stand up and remove your clothes.  The chilly air hits your skin but the warmth between your legs is all you can think about.  You toss the clothes to side and lay down on the couch.  Slowly you spread your legs.  Your are dripping wet.  The gleam of juices can be seen from where he is sitting.


Smiling he admires you pussy.  Shaved.  Clean except the wetness that has been flowing for the past little while.  He moves towards you.  His mouth starts at your toes.  Kissing gently and travelling up your leg slowly.  His hands flows over your legs as he moves further up.  Past your knee he kisses the inside of your thigh.  Getting to his goal he buries his head in your pussy.  Tongue slips out as I tastes your juices.  Your pussy is drenched.  Licking your clit and then taking it his mouth gently sucking it.


Letting go of your clit his tongue travels down to your opening and it flicks in.  Juices running like a stream from your opening.  You shiver from the sensation as he moves back to your clit.  Sucking and licking it his finger slips into your pussy and you almost cum from surprise.


Slowly finger fucking you and licking your clit you start to moan loudly.  Feverishly.  Feeling you tense up to cum all over his face.   The sound of licking and finger fucking your pussy fills the room as it gets louder.  Moans turning into subtle screams as you get closer.  Pushing you over the edge you let out a loud scream as the orgasm hits you fully.   Pussy gripping his finger as more fluid flows out of you.   Covered in your juices he slides up to kiss you.  Your panting.   Smiling he kisses you gently so you can taste yourself.


“Good girl”

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