It was a dark and snowy night

The lights shiny brightly as the bus pulled into the terminal.  Glancing around I see that I am the only one heading towards it.  Doors open with the familiar swoosh sound and I head up the stairs to board the bus.  It is dark, being it is night time there are no running lights inside.  I glance down the isle to head to my seat and notice a woman sitting near the middle.  She glanced up briefly as I moved down the isle and then back down at her phone.  I maneuvered myself with my bags into a seat just ahead of her’s and settle in for the long ride.

So that is the excerpt from the new story I am writing.  Why now?  Well funny thing after travelling over 13 hours your mind really begins to wander.  You see seeing numerous people getting on and off the bus.  Sitting in terminals for periods of time.  You start to get ideas, thoughts and well images pop into my head.  Heading down to see my my poly girlfriend and here I am scoping out possible opportunities.  I am a bad man.

The bus trip actually was not that bad.  Long but manageable.  I will say that after that many hours my legs had to take a minute to get used to the blood flow.  Plus I didn’t eat for the whole time so I need something once getting to my destination.  As it was to see her I really didn’t mind.  It helped to see if this is something that she can do when she comes to visit the next time too.

Since I have been here we have watched TV, caught up on our families and what is happening with them and maybe a few trips to the bedroom (and kitchen).  It is weird that after so many months we just seem to fall right back where we left off.  We talk regularly enough on during the time away.  I treasure the time that I do have with her, and never expected just over a year ago that it would have evolved as it has.  The distance is a factor but I already have one another poly wife 500 km away, so what is few hundred more?

Anyways back to the point.  Yes I am now writing another story.  Will it be true, heck no.  I wouldn’t get lucky on any bus or trip.  The thought is exciting though and with that my mind begins to wander.  Looking at how it could happen, and if it did how it would play out.  I do plan things if I can, to make sure I don’t get caught.  Wouldn’t want to have to explain why married many is fucking a younger hot girl on a bus.

So you will have to wait.  I know some of you are impatient.  Good. That is why I am posting this!

Till later, off to see a band play and maybe get Lilly a little bit tipsy.

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