It was a Crappy Night

It was a rainy night, well not really.  It did rain most of the day but it is cold out. They used to have the smoking area in another room but it is now moved to be outside in the cold.  It does get pretty warm in the club after a bit of time, so the cold air does help to cool off.  The girls usually go outside throughout the evening to cool off after dancing.

Lexxi and I went outside few times to cool off. I wasn’t dancing but I was enjoying the few girls that were. Actually met one couple when we were outside the first time. She was in a sexy red dress and she knew how to move.  Her dancing had me focused on her entirely.  To the point I felt embarrassed watching her since I was imaging what I could do to her.

The evening was going well although Lexxi did make Bob’s drink to strong.  The meds he was on had an adverse effect on him. Basically he was drunk on one drink.  Granted it was a strong drink.  I became the DD after that which he appreciated since he was seeing double.

Did get the pool table to ourselves for a bit later in the evening.  It is in the back out of sight of the dance floor.  Bob joined us and was sitting in the chair with us basically trying to stay awake.  At one point a woman asked our wives if it was okay if she sat in his lap and put her boobs in his face.  Since it was later in the evening and the midnight snacks were out most of the people were mingling near the pool table.

It felt good to play pool again. I am no shark but I do know how to play a decent game. During this time I noticed one of the girls walking back awkwardly. Her one foot seemed to be injured as she walked on her heel with the help of one of the staff.  They moved to the shower and proceed to wash her foot. Thought it was a bit weird but dismissed it since it she didn’t seem like she was in any pain.

For those of you that don’t know I watch everyone at the club. It gives me a sense that I am doing something. As it was I ate to much at dinner and couldn’t barely do anything until my stomach settled down. It also allows me to know who is with who. Observing other people gives me a sense on who they are.  My cute red dress had a guy already and I suspect that they arranged to be there together. The wives liked her husband so hopefully I see them again.  Although it was funny watching the guy try to dance with her.  She offered her ass up a few times for grinding but he just kept spinning her around and dancing away from her.  I would never turn down an ass to grind.

After I finished playing a couple of games of pool I headed outside again.  All of the staff were outside and talking and giggling.  Letting me join the circle they continued their conversation and since I was walking into the middle of it I tried to catch up.  When they mentioned shit for the third time I finally figured out.

It seems that sometime after we were in the back playing pool, someone took a dump on the dance floor.  The discussion was about why and the effort on getting the lady who stepped in it cleaned up.  Hence the woman I saw being lead to the showers to wash it off.  The staff were baffled, as much as myself and the jokes started to flow pretty much after that.  Needless to say when I went back in I told both wives and they were baffled as much as I was.

We left not to much later after that.  The ladies had gotten a few comments about how they were dressed that night so they were beaming on the way home.  We were in bed pretty much after we got home after greeting the dogs and getting them settled down..  The next morning it didn’t take long for the shit jokes to start.  They seem to flow pretty damn easily.  Really didn’t stop all day and into the evening.  Surprising how much you can say referring to shit. It was a fun night, and actually I am looking forward to go back again.   Seems every time I go there is one story that seems to come out of the night.

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