Introductions to my wife

Over the years that we have been in the lifestyle (has it been for years already?) I have made a lot of new friends.  Most of these women have met my wife.  As well I have met majority of their spouses.  I don’t think anything of it when introducing my new friends/lovers to my wife.  Something that we have learned is having Krystalla know them in person.  Helps when I am out with them on a date.

So imagine my surprise when I get a text from my recently new FWB asking what she should wear.  I was giggling as I typed back a response “This is not a job interview.”  The response I got back is “I want her to like me.”  This made me think, since I already have approval from Krystalla to be seeing her.  She already has all the information regarding the women in my life.  Always informing her of who they are and their details.  She is informed enough to feel comfortable, and meeting them is the last step in helping her get to know where my cock is going.  To be honest this is just a formality.  On the other side of the coin though I can see where she is coming from.  I sent back quickly stating if she didn’t approve it would have never gone this far in the first place.  Relax and just be yourself.

I don’t get nervous when I am meeting the spouse of my wife’s lover.  More that I start to get judgmental.  Is he bigger always comes to mind.  Better looking?  Can he provide more than I can do now?  The usual fearful thoughts fly through my head when I meet Krystalla’s new boy toys.  This has not been for a while since she is comfortable with what she currently has.  Guess I am just the greedy one.  Or more I am too giving.  Of late I think that I have reached my limit since I can only be in so many places at once, and I don’t want to disappoint any of my women.  That is my biggest fear of late.

Meeting anyone for the first time there is always anxiety.  Uncertainty.  The only thing that you have to go on is the other person telling you that it is okay.  Trust is important here and it takes a bit of faith as well.  I have never had anyone not approved by my wife after meeting them.  At least on the dating front.  Swinging is different, since you are trying to match a couple to ourselves and that is always complicated.  That is totally another discussion and I won’t go into that here.  Approval has always been from the beginning before I go out on a date.  If things progress then it comes to meeting Krystalla at some point.  Actually some of my women have meet the quad as well.

There is no hard rule on having the FWB meet the spouse.  We found it makes things dramatically easier when they are out on a date since we have met the person and know him/her to a degree.  This works for us.  Other couples may not want this.  No set rules for the lifestyle allow you to adapt it to make it fit within your needs and desires.  So whatever works for you, if you plan to have your partner meet another partner don’t worry about what to wear.  Stop worrying if they will approve.  Meeting you is already the approval and most times it will go better then you could ever expect.

Who knows, you might even gain a new friend to hang out with.  And yes, some might say it is weird.  For us “friends first” so in our case it works.






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