Illness relationships

Never ever say that you haven’t gotten sick. Seems it will bite you in the ass. Found that out over two weeks ago.

Caught strep throat somehow and luckily didn’t infect anyone I know.That was a fun ten days. Meds finished and then I catch cold.

This is also during a new girl that I have met recently. We have been together twice so far and considering the timing I appreciate her patience. Also impacts my other local girl too. Timing just sucks. One thing that I am very careful is if I’m sick I avoid any contact with anyone including any relationship I’m in. Don’t need to expand the infection let alone get into a loop where we keep getting sick over and over again.

It had been a while since the women I know have being trying to find time to be physical with me. Granted I have never had two locals either this way. It is a new experience and I am fortunate that both understand the scope of my relationships.

Which leads me to today and my cock getting urges. I have had physical contact only four times in past two and half weeks. And this was when I was on mend. Ironically I need some type of contact after a few days. Don’t know why but it is something I have noticed.

Hopefully I can get back to being healthy sooner. Have a busy month ahead of me.

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