Hands and feet and be quiet too!

As I pass Krystalla3 in the stairwell, she had the blind fold in hand, I scrambled up to our bedroom to see what I can find.  I have been planning this for a few days, or at least the act and not what I was planning to do.  You see I am not really a dom, or have actually restrained anyone woman outside of my hands holding her down while fucking.  

So this is an area that I have only dabbled in once with my fellow partner in crime Bob.  I really should write that up too, but I am getting sidetracked.  As I instructed she left the bag of toys out on the bed.

Going through all the toys inside I pick and choose my weapons of pleasure.  I know that I can do some things to my wife since she has a high tolerance of pain but I do not get off on that.  I am not into making a woman receive pain for pleasure, it is just not in me.  I grab a few other toys from the drawer place them all in the bag and head downstairs.  As I close our bedroom door I see that the bathroom door is closed and light on.  Crap the oldest is still up.  Guess I will have to add another rule.

Making my way to the basement with the bag in hand I head towards the back room.  As instructed Krystalla3 is lying in bed naked with the blindfold on.  Good girl.  I drop the bag on the floor and look at my sexy wife waiting patiently.  I have no idea what I am going to do to her but the first step is strapping her down.wpid-img_20140803_222246.jpg  Taking one of her hands I locate the restraint and place it in it.  Wrapping the velcro around tightly and making sure it is secure.  Hopping up onto the bed, yes I am pretty agile, I proceed to locate the other restraint and wrap it around her wrists tightly.  Looking down I see her body in anticpitation.  Her mouth is slightly open and I think she is trying to remain calm.  She has let me explore other woman over the past few weeks and for that I have decided to branch out and give her something that I have never done before.  If it goes well maybe I will do it again too but for now I have to figure out what to do with a woman strapped to a bed blindfolded.

Looking around I remember that our oldest is still awake.  “Okay you have to be quiet, if you aren’t well, I will have to think of a punishment for you than,” I speak firmly.  She nods and bits her bottom lip.  “Good, ” I confirm and reach for the bag on the floor and open it up.  I pull out the toys I think I will use and lay them on the bed.  I didn’t strap her feet down since I wanted to see how it goes.  I know in the past she has had all appendages secured but I wanted something different.  I can’t just be the same as everyone else, it is just not in me.

“Now what,” I think to myself.  I have no idea what to do next.  Sure I can command a woman to do most anything and it feels good but now that I am here I have no idea where to start.  So I grab the light feather toy and gently run it along her body.  She slight reacts to it so I proceed to trace it all over her body.  Trying to find where it will have the most reactions.  Much like searching for fish to find the hot zones.  Once you have them you can then explore there in more detail. (yes I just made a fish analogy ;))

Not seeing any real reaction I start to wonder if I am doing this right.  I start to focus on her face, neck and thighs.  Little more reaction with a few sighs and silent mouthing of excitement.  Well, this is fun but I need to have something that is going to make her react.  Not being greedy but I want her to enjoy this.  I get off on the woman reacting to the pleasure although pretty hard to do if she has to be quiet so we shall see.

2014-08-03 22.27.13I look over and see the flail and think, “well she does enjoy pain, so maybe this will get a good reaction out of her.”  I drop the feather toy onto the bed and pick it up.  I trace it along the inside of her leg and she flinches, starting to realize what I have.  I lightly slap her with it and she almost jumps out of the bed.  Okay this might work as I grin to myself.  I than lightly slap her again on the stomach, breasts and inner thighs.  She is starting to writher and her mouth is constantly wanting to let any noise out but is trying to hold back.  My cock is starting to grow and I look down to see the tent forming.  Okay I didn’t expect that to happen.  I continue my flogging of her, slowing increasing the strength.  My mind wondering if I could go past this and realize no, this is good.  I am okay with this mild form of pain.  Well I thought I was good until I found the sweet spot.

Like everyone that I have met the inner thigh is sensitive, and that is where I started to focus.  Maybe I focused to long, but I was having fun.2014-08-03 22.30.12  Although I did have to tell her to stop shifting her legs.  “Kind of hard, ” she gasps out between strikes.  “Do you want to be restrained? ” I questioned and she nods yes rapidly.  I then work on having her legs spread wide and strapped down like her hands.  Once secured I continued the pain sensation to see what other reactions I can get from my loving wife.

As I continue this pain sensation my cock is stiff and leaking precum so I drop my pants and decided that she needs to clean my cock.  With that I proceed to hop onto the bed and straddle my wife with my cock just inches from her mouth.  I slowly lean forward and her mouth opens up and takes my cock, moaning slightly as she cleans and sucks my cock.  Once it has been completely cleaned, and now very awake, I get off the bed and continue my focus on her thighs again with the flail.2014-08-03 22.37.14

Now granted I may have been a bit overboard on the thighs.  In my defense, I didn’t care, well to a degree.  She was reacting with pleasure so I decided to keep going.  How far can I go?  How far can she go?  I also had an idea after this for my next toy.  Well not so much toy but a sensation.

With her thighs very read I think it was time to cool them off.  I put the whip down and head over to the ice making machine.  Taking an ice cube and returning to my poor wife who has very red thighs I proceeded to cool them off.  Sliding the ice cube around her body and along her thighs she shivers and whimpers, which I quickly reminded her to, “Be quiet” which she quickly complies.

2014-08-03 22.41.25The cool liquid flows down her body letting the hot areas cool a bit.  The redness is still very apparent and I focus on those areas.  The ice cube doesn’t last long and I want to heat those areas up again with something else.  Taking the wax candle I light it quickly and than let it heat up so that the liquid builds up.  I than proceed to drip it on to her body.  She writhers and silently sighs again her arms and legs pulling against the restraints.  I cover her breasts, thighs, and stomache with hot wax.  Letting it hit her body as the was instantly cools and solidifies.  I could watch this all day long since it is cool seeing the wax react to the body.  Having a dildo wedge between her pussy lips also helps remind her what is coming next.

Blowing the candle out I than take the dildo and put it to the side and head back and get another ice cube.  Taking it in my mouth I proceed to tease her hood piercing.  The cold water slides down her pussy lips and she is trying to stay quiet and hold still.  As the ice cube melts lower and lower I than take it out of my mouth and slip it inside her.  She groans and I remind her to be quiet.  As I make sure that the ice cube has melted fully I proceed to use the dildos on her.

Sliding the dildo back in to her pussy, it slips in easily and the gasp from her mouth lets me know she wants more.  Buried deep I leave it there, but I don’t want to hold it.  Trying having the hitachi keep it in place but that didn’t work.  It just didn’t have the right base or position.  I pulled this one out and notice the other one that has a wider base.  I take that and work it into her.  It has a flat base and with that I can have the hitachi held up right against it.  On low it seems to vibrate the dildo inside her and I can see she is getting close to cumming.  She asks, “Can I cum” between breaths and I was a bit shocked.  Never been in a position where the woman is asking for permission to do something and it gave me a sense of power.  “Yes,” I reply as I crank up the hitachi to high.  She didn’t take long to cum and she came hard.

Needless to say that I unstrapped my wife and removed the blind fold.  She was slightly panting.  Glowing.  She loved it.  Not something that I am going to do regularly but I have a solid understanding on what this entails more now being alone and doing this with my wife.  We will do it again sometime, and with the input from Krystalla3 I will be able to enhance it more.

I may have left out a few things that happened but these are the points that I remember clearly the most.  The sensation of my wife getting off on the toys and my reaction to it.  A great experience that I plan to try again in the future.  This is going to be exclusive to my wife and poly wife since I need a strong relationship with the woman to be able to even consider this.  They trust me and I trust them.  Without that I wouldn’t even have attempted this.

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