Guilty Goodbye

After 10 days being away from my wife I am going home.  It has been a long couple of weeks, with working in excess of 100 hours I am dog tired.  Plus meeting an amazing woman and spending time with her yesterday was a surprise bonus.  I had no expectations on meeting someone who I connected so well with down here.  It just means I have to visit again, the sooner the better.

My plane flies out at 8:20 pm, and since I have to vacate the hotel by 11 am it means I have some free time. I had a bit of work to do in the morning plus I still have to pack. Unfortunately trying to coordinate with my counter parts that have been at another site this week has not gone as planned.  Figure doing my own thing would be the easiest.  It didn’t take long for the time to fly, with packing and working.  Once in my rental car I decided to head towards the mall that is near by.  Figure I could kill some time there.

It was only about 20 minutes away, so I took my time, letting the gps steer me on where to turn.  Noticing a few stores on the way I made a mental note of the target that I passed. Upon arriving at the mall I was little surprised on the layout. Not really what I was used to, with no mall entrance just a large plaza.  After wandering around a bit with only a few stores that interested me I had enough. Plus it is to damn cold to walk around outside.  I killed some time but figure that Target would have some gifts that I could find for the family back home. Plus I noticed a restaurant across the street I could have lunch at.

An hour of wandering in there I finally figure out what I am buying.   By chance as I am leaving I hear back from my counterparts that they are just leaving now, and will be about two hours till they get into the area.  So that leaves me lunch by myself.  I look at across the street and figure I can kill an hour there.  Now to understand this next scene you have to appreciate that I have no idea what this restaurant is like.  I just hope it was some thing simple.

So here I am opening the door to the Tilted Kilt and my jaw hit the floor.  All I see when I step through was hot young girls wearing kilt’s that barely covered their ass and tied up tops exposing cleavage that I haven’t seen since, well a long time.  I am not a boob man but even my eyes were stuck looking at the boobs.  The girl at the front desk asked how many with a sweet smile and I am still not sure how I managed to answer.  She said follow me, which of course I did as my eyes watch her ass sing, swaying back and forth like a watch used by a hypnotist. I swore it wanted to be uncovered. Luckily they had wifi so I had at least been able to voice my surprise to our quad.  The husband laughed and said he knew the place and said “enjoy!”  I was with all the ass and boobs, I was completely like an old high school kid trying not to get caught looking.

After lunch and enjoying the scenery, I paid my bill and head back to the car.  I was drained.  I needed to be awake tonight since I can’t sleep at the airport by myself.  So I got back to the car and looked at my phone.  I have to kill another hour or so before I can wander towards the airport.  Figuring I would take scenic route to avoid the highway and enjoy the ride, I put the car seat back and let my eyes close.

Less than an hour later my eyes open and I look around.  Glancing at my phone it is about 3 pm now.  Also notice a few messages including one from Lilly.  I respond to the wives in turn and then send a response back to Lilly.  She asked how I was doing and I explain my morning and what I was doing now.  She invites me to crash at her place until I had to leave and I jokingly told her little late now.  Her kids were not home and she was serious, saying I was only about twenty minutes away.

My cock got stiff almost immediately.  I asked for the address, knowing that I was not sure if I wanted to go or not.  After inputting it in the GPS I realized I was forty minutes away, longer than what she stated.  After we have been chatting I did the math based on my departure time.  I am still little groggy from the cat nap.  If I left now and with no traffic I would get there sometime after 4 pm.  That would leave maybe half an hour for sex, since I know we will end up being naked.  Then have to leave no later by 5 pm to be able to drop off rental car and get to airport to check in.  Not a lot of time.

“So you are coming?” she asks.

During the whole conversation I was debating.  Do I have enough time?  And what happens if I miss my plane for a booty call?  My cock, still hard was the one that decided.  “Okay, leaving now.”

Putting the car in to drive and heading out of the parking lot I start the trek to her place.  With little time my mind is racing and I focus on getting to my destination.  “I should send a text to my wife,” passes through my mind at one point.  I am crazy to head in opposite direction knowing that I am going for sex?  Do I really want to risk being late to the airport?  What about traffic getting there so that I have time to fuck her?  Should I even do this?  The thoughts continue running through my head the whole drive.  There was even a point I almost chickened out.  Why?  Simply that I felt bad rushing through traffic knowing I am leaving to go home just for a booty call.  Since I was driving and focused on the traffic I didn’t pull my phone out to text anyone.

Trust me, I really wanted the booty call.  I enjoyed my time with Lilly a lot!  We connected strongly and I do not want to hurt her.  Majority of the few woman I have connected this strongly with I worry about how it looks as well, to all parties.  So as I continue my journey to see her I curse at the traffic and also realize I need to get gas on the way back.  Add more time to the travel, but it shouldn’t take long to fill up a tank right?  I spotted a spot that was near the highway so I note the place for me to stop on the way back.

Pulling into her place I was very nervous.  I felt guilty, which quickly disappeared as I see her appear from her door with a little dog on a leash.  I giggle thinking back to my dog, whose head is the size of hers.  I give a her hug as we say hello and then head inside.  Chit chatting along the way about nothing important I enter her apartment.  It is cozy and I notice her bed in the living room.  I do recall her saying that she didn’t have her own room with the size of the apartment during our lengthy time texting the past week

I took my jacket and shoes off and not soon after she was in my arms.  Our tongues searching as her hands slide down and started to tug at my belt.  A few seconds more and we separate and quickly undress our selves.  I admire her body as she strips, her trim body and perfect little ass.  As she finishes undressing I come up behind her and pull her in close.  Kissing her neck and pressing my body against her.  My hand slides up and cups her chin holding her head high.  Her breathing quickens and she whimpers as my lips nibble and kiss her neck.  “I want to fuck you,” I whisper.

We move over to the bed and as I sit down as she goes to find a condom. Her dog hasn’t stopped barking the whole time. She quickly puts him in another room and then turns to me.  She pauses for a second and asks, “How about some music?”

I nod and reply “sure,” figuring she wants to have noise on to drown out her possible screams of passion. I know she is self-conscious about this from the hotel and I smile to myself. She finds some top forty music and then rips open the condom and slips it onto my rigid cock. In a smooth motion she hops up on the bed and guides my cock into her wet pussy.

A groan escapes my lips as my cock buries deep into her. She slowly starts to bounce on my cock. He mouth slightly open and her eyes closed as she enjoys the sensation. My hands move to her hips to help guide the motion.  My eyes close as I feel my cock slipping in and out of her wet hot pussy.  She shifts position and pulls her legs up liking a catcher in baseball and starts to bounce up and down on my cock.  The change in position and the look of her riding my cock excited me more.  It also made me realize that I was building up to fast.  I don’t want that to cum yet, wanting her to enjoy my cock as long as I can.

Looking up at her and seeing her face enjoying the sensation of my cock I smile to myself.   “Lie down,” I command and she quickly complies.  I mount her and my cock finds her hole without guidance as it slips in again.  I pound my cock into her.  Deep and steady as I don’t want this to end to quick.  She is moaning with each thrust and from the sounds of it she is getting close.  Focusing my onslaught, pounding her pussy to make her cum.  I know that myself I will lose control easily, and not wanting to blow my load until she cums I focus on her as much as I can.

Suddenly the walls come down quick and I feel the pressure building rapidly.  Nothing is going to stop my release so I fuck her faster, hoping that she has cum since I am about to lose control quickly.  I start to shake a bit as the sensation takes control and a loud groan escapes my lips as my load blows into her, pumping non stop until I feel my cock starting to lose its firmness.  She is smiling at me and I pull out of her gently so I don’t lose the condom, quickly take it off and tie it into a knot.  “Where do I put this,” I ask quietly and she takes it from my hand and puts it down somewhere.

Lying beside her I know this is it.  I know that I am leaving soon and won’t see her again.  I want to see her again, and because of this I am sad.  The drive to to see her, risking me being late for the plane, for one last coupling.  I must be crazy?  Why am here?  How does she have this power to draw me to her.  The connection we built over the past week is strong and because of that I feel guilty.  And I don’t even know if she cum so that adds more weight to my guilt.  She still seemed reserved even in her own place with music on.

As my mind is racing with all of these emotions she starts to talk.  Nothing really important at the beginning but as we got talking more we discussed how to see each other again, the lifestyle and then onto a point that surprised me.  “Maybe all the nice guys are poly?” she questions.

Little taken back by the statement I turned and looked at her.  “There are some very nice guys in the lifestyle, ” and then with a serious tone, ” but there are also some very bad ones too.  Not everyone is in it for the same reasons.  The beauty is the rules are not set.  No guide-book.  No document saying this is how it works.”

Pausing for a second I formulate my thoughts, “There are rules that are expected, and yes majority of guys are nice.  There are also a few bad apples in the tree too.”  I didn’t think I explained it that good but I wanted to make it clear that there is always a few bad apples out there, regardless on where you look.  “Regardless of the lifestyle, good and bad both exist.”

She looks at me as she digest what I just stated and smiles.  She cuddles in close to me as I smell her hair.  I am going to miss her.  Damn, how in the hell did I find someone so far away that I connect with so strongly.  Pulling her in close for a hug I then separate and sit up.  Hunched over the couch I am exhausted.  Emotionally and physically.  The past few weeks have been a worn me out with working all the hours.  Finding someone who I am leaving behind and wish I could see again seems to have added to my tiredness.  Her arms wrap around me and we sit there for a minute, as I think again on how to say good-bye without saying good bye.

“I am going to explore more of the lifestyle,” she looks at me and kisses me gently.  “I have really enjoyed our time together, and I want to see you again.  And meet your wife too.”

“Well I want to see you again too.  I just don’t know how yet.  And I know she wants to meet you too.”  I pause for a second.  Damn, I didn’t tell her about the meeting.  Crap.  Before I could formulate any thought about it she gets up from the bed.  She holds my hand to guide me.

We head towards the kitchen, “Our you thirsty?” she asks and opens the fridge and offers me a beer.  I could have kissed her right there.  Something about her just draws me in, and this little jester made me realize how much I am going to miss her.  She is kind, honest and deserving of a man who can treat her right.  Being 900 km away I am sad that I can’t help her find this.  Shaking my head I decline, ” I would love to but I have to drive to the airport.”

I then start looking for a clock. “What time is it,” glancing around the room.

“4:50,” she replies as if she has been watching the clock closely the whole time.

“I have to go, ” speaking quietly.

“I know.”

Both of us start to get dressed, silence between is unspoken on how much we didn’t want this to end.  By the time I have finish doing my pants up she is already done getting her clothes on.  I pull her in for another hug and kiss.  “I will see you again?” more of a question then a statement.

“We will, ” she confirms.  “I promise.  Safe drive and flight.”

“Well I am not flying so it should be safe for sure,” as I smile.

Laughing as she says, “Good point.”

“Bye,” as I open the door and she is smiling as I look back.

“Bye,” she says and smiles.  The door closes and I head off to my car, thinking on what just happened, and then looking at my phone to see what time it is.  5 pm, right on schedule.  I should have an hour to get to car rental place and if things work out I will be on time for my check-in.  My mind shift as I focus on getting to the rental place.  One thing about me is that if I am focused I get tunnel vision, only look at the goal.  Right now it is to make it back to the rental car place so I can get to the airport on time.

Starting the engine I head out hoping traffic is not to bad. I don’t like to be late for anything and with unknown factors it made me nervous. Plus I needed to get gas since that was the rental agreement. Remembering the gas station on way in and focus on looking for that I head off. After a short drive I find the station and pull in. Now, for those of you that understand cars getting the gas tank door to open is normally an easy affair.  What is not fair is not having an owners manual in a rental car.  I parked beside the pump and got out of the vehicle and went to open the tank. It wouldn’t open. So I look for the release switch.

Opening the glove compartment and no switch. I look at the console. Nothing. Now for those that can imagine this here is a guy who is now getting in and out of his car, opening one door than another, trying to find a stupid little button. I swear people were watching me and shaking there heads. After ten minutes of me searching and now almost to the point of panicking I think “maybe he would known here it is?” as I look towards the gas attendant. Then reality set in. No one would know this vehicle.  How would it look with two guys searching for a button. Forgetting that option I continue, my panic now rising by the minute.  Am I going to miss my plane because I can’t find one stupid little button.  Cursing to myself I lie down on the passenger seat thinking on what I am going to do. I am now running late and as I look up I see a button. It is under the arm rest on drivers door.  As I focus on the button it has a fuel gauge showing. I almost screamed with delight as I race around and hit the button.

I fill up the tank, which by the way is half the price than it is in Canada, and speed off to get to the rental company. Thank God for gps since I did take one exit early so got to do the four leaf clover roundabout.  I was laugh to myself as I try to calm the voice inside my head saying you are late.  What I didn’t know is that I am approaching from a different direction.  Luckily I caught the left turn lane at the last second. Not sure if I cut anyone off but at this point I really didn’t care.  So here I am on the bus and look at my phone. The wives have both texted me.

My mistake was I didn’t say why I was late. I just said I was on the shuttle.  Guilt along with uncertainty as to what they would say after the fact was part of it.  Worrying that they would condone me going for a booty call and cutting it close to getting to the airport.  Yes I was afraid of what they would say.  Secondly I was still focused on the task at hand, getting to the check in for my flight.  Sitting on a shuttle waiting for it to go to the airport knowing that I am cutting it close.  A little to close for check in time by my calculations.  I wanted to scream at the other customers to put their luggage on the rack and sit down.  Finally the shuttle begins to move and we are off.  Ten minutes or so later I am out front of the airport rushing inside.  Needing to have a smoke but knowing there was no time I raced inside found the check in line and start the process.  As I am about to head into the airport I get another text from my wife.  “Fuck it is delayed.”

I didn’t see any signage for the flights when I got into the terminal.  I start to relax as I punch the information into the computer as it spits out my ticket.  Heading over to the baggage check the lady waves me over and as I hand her my ticket.  Waiting patiently as she enters in data about my luggage “I see here the flight is delayed,” she comments.  “Looks to be an hour delay at this time.”  We chit chatted a bit more about the delay as she finished the last few steps for me checking in.  “Security is to my right,” as she points towards the area.

“Do I have time for a smoke?” I questioned.

“Oh lots of time, although security does close at 7,” as she moves my luggage off the scale and onto the belt so that it can be put on my plane.

Looking at my phone I see that I have about 30 minutes before they close.  Shaking my head on the inside I never understood that.  Closing early when the airport seems to run 24/7.  Thanking her I head outside and have a brain break.  Thinking about how I got here, the week and how I will be seeing my wife in a few hours.  I told her to pick me up in a skirt and no panties.  I plan to fuck her in the airport parking lot.  We miss the re connection and I think we both really want that.  And then I remember that I still haven’t told her about the quickie I had with Lilly.  As I debate again on what to do I put my smoke out and head inside to deal with the security checks.

Surprisingly it was painless getting through security.  I made it through fairly quickly, and then wonder if my one counter part is here.  He is on the same flight as me.  I found my gate and he wasn’t here.  I wandered a bit and still didn’t see him.  Giving up I went back to my gate and sat down.  I debated on getting a drink or two but thought about how much fun it is use to a bathroom on a plane.  I skipped that idea.  I settle in on my tablet and tried to pass the time.

I really can’t go into all the details as to what transpire over the next few hours.  Well okay, not really a few hours.  My flight was delayed until 11:20 pm, and during this time I was dealing with a drunk co-worker.   Needless to say it was not the most enjoyable experience but it did provide some very interesting laughs.  Explaining to someone why they are drunk, and then how to cure it is a mute point once they are drunk.  Communicating with my quad the whole time did help lesson the stress.  Needless to say, with the delays I did find a drink or three while I babysat my co-worker.  It was a long evening and it seem to drag on forever.

The flight was uneventful, although I did get a empty seat beside me so I was able to watch the take off as I shifted to the windows seat. Dozing off and on for the short flight, waking up as usually on decent.  Funny how my body knows this.  Upon arriving in Toronto I was happy to not find him.  It was a long night and I really didn’t want to deal with him, just wanted to get my luggage and find my wife.  I made it through customs with no slow downs and no co-worker.  Did I make it out faster or did he get held up?  Finding the baggage pickup turnstile I wait patiently.  Seems that they have to combine all three flights on to one, even though they had at least five or six of these in the area.

Suddenly a familiar voice calls out my name.  “Damn,” I say under my breath as I turn around and there he is.  He looks a little better, but he doesn’t stop talking.  The whole damn time as we wait for our luggage and walking back towards the arrival area.  He just didn’t stop.  As the doors slide open and see my wife a big smile appears on my face.  Bundled up in a coat with her legs showing that she is wearing a skirt, I see her smile towards me.  Walking down the ramp he is still talking, and at the bottom I had to end the conversation.  “I have to go, my wife is waiting.  We can talk later,” and then walked briskly to my wife.

The emotions I felt are hard to describe.  Holding my wife after 11 long days, the longest we have ever been apart in the 15 years that we have lived together, was something I will never forget.  After a brief kiss I stated that I need a brain break.  She smiled and nodded as we went to look for the door.  I was frustrated and frazzled from the wait at the airport and dealing with a drunk and it was my turn to talk non stop.  My quickie seemed to be lost in the conversation, and to be honest I don’t recall if it even came up with all the airport delays and drunk support I had to do.  My joy was being home, surviving the long delay at the other airport and getting my cock into my wife.

Jane explained to me that she drove around for a few minutes but there was no nook or crannies.  When we got to the parking lot it was light up like it was a sunny summer day.  No shadows and no way that we wouldn’t be seen if we did go at it.  I was disappointed, but agreed that it would be best to wait till we got home.  I did play with her pussy on the drive home, and she sampled my cock while I was driving.

Upon arriving home the oldest was up to keep an eye on the dogs.  The dogs were happy to see me, but were not fully awake.  We had a drink and relax a bit until the dogs settled down.  Then I proceeded to take my wife to the back room where the bed is and fuck her good.  The connection that I have with my wife after being with another woman is imperative, and is needed for both of us.  She had her boytoy over a week ago and has not had the chance to connect with me.  So both of us wanting to feel each other.  The closeness of our bodies intertwined in the passion of my cock pounding her pussy till she cums hard with me not long after.  Cuddling for a short while we talked as we enjoy being together again.

“I missed you,” I state matter of factly.

“I missed you too.”

Holding each other in our arms and snuggle in close.  I am home.


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