Flashback – Wood, Wood and more Wood

Well there is one thing that will happen at least once to a man.  That is the cock not waking up.  Soft wood is no laughing matter.  It will happen, and for a man it is humiliating.  Only because for years it worked with no thought or concern.  Then that one night, the night where you were ready but your cock wasn’t, even willing it with your mind and nothing.  Most times this is a mental block.  Myself I went through this and it is something that takes time.  One reason for the article since it is something that is not often brought up.

The other side of the coin is the woman.  Most women I have been with have been supportive, with only a few asking why is it not hard.  And harping on it.  Not the best way to get the man to have confidence.  Man’s pride is one part of his body and if that fails well it takes a hit to his self esteem.  I hope that this article might give a little insight.  I been meaning to do a follow up to this since it has been a while since I brought it up.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Soft wood, hard wood, they just want wood



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