Firsts in my mind

We have had a lot of firsts.  We have done orgy, group sex, among other things.  The rule for Krystalla and myself is that we have to have done it first before it can be done with anyone else without each other.  Fair rule since we want to enjoy the experience for the first time together.  We went into this together and it is only fair that we have the experiences shared for the first time too.

So when things come up during a sexual encounter now it is not as complicated as back when we first started. Our rules have changed over the years.  We had some rigid rules in place at the beginning.  These were to protect us more than the other couple/woman.  As time went on and we got more comfortable with the lifestyle we have modified, removed and changed them.  The nice thing about the lifestyle there is no playbook so the rules our based on the couples comfort level.  At this point I really don’t have any restrictions on what can happen with the woman I am with.  Primarily as long as Krystalla knows what can happen, all is good.

And the few things left that would involve me for firsts are more group stuff.  MFM is one big one on the girls lists, and with the complications over past year or so we have not had a chance to do this.  At this time things are looking like everything might be back to normal so hopefully we can accomplish this one soon.  Again timing is always a factor.

To be honest, for me there really is not any firsts that are left.  My fetish is new blood, and since I have been on a dry spell since Feb I don’t see anything happening at the moment.  We have covered most of our firsts for ourselves.  The only thing that I am going to have a hard time is the gang bang.  Along with the fact we need men that they trust as well.  In due time this will happen, and hopefully by then I will be more comfortable with the idea.

As to the BDSM I have now come to understand it more.  Help from another lady actually made everything fall into place.  Even after being told by my wives and even their DOM it wasn’t till I asked one question on an evening with another lady that her answer made everything “click”.  With this knowledge I have come to an understanding about the world of kink.  And this leads me to exploring something within this area.  This will be a big first for me since it something that will be a little bit out of my comfort zone.  Actually looking forward to it a little bit since it is something new and artsy.

I guess firsts are more the fantasy side of things.  Things that you would like to have happen.  Threesome, gang bang, anal, group sex, orgy, FFM, FMF, and so on and so on.  The BDSM is also firsts for my wife, but they are not what I am or looking for.  My exploration is purely based more on a couple of factors.  Primarily it is one that really is not pain intended (if done properly).  Secondly it is also art so if I progress I could actually have some decent pictures of it.

So for the women they have firsts on their lists.  I am trying to find myself in this world of kink, with both of my wives with vested interests in different areas, and finding how I fit in.  It is a balancing act, and add on the women that I see on occasion, each with their different tastes makes for some varying degree of relationships.  And for myself I wouldn’t change anything.  I enjoy this lifestyle, more than I though I would.  The self exploration along with seeing my wife grow into who she is something amazing.  Not many men can say that and for that I am very proud and honoured to be among all my closest friends on this adventure.

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  1. Wonderful to think about new firsts… and recognizing that as we bridge them into our lives new ones become probable or possible.

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