Locking the door I turn around to see my prey. She is only in bra and panties standing there looking at me wondering what I will do next. I smile forms on my lips and I move slowly towards her. She doesn’t move as I approach her.

“You are mine tonight, ” I state firmly,” and I will use you however I please. You have no say on anything. You are here for me to abuse with my mouth, hands and cock.”

Now standing in front of her she is looking at me trying to see how serious I am. “Remove your clothes now,” in a firm voice as my eyes glance down at her bra and panties. She hesitates and I take her hands and guide them to her bra. She smiles at me and then sees the intent in my eyes. Her smile fades slowly away as she begins to unhook and slip her bra off.

Bending over as she slips her panties off I notice her firm tits. She stands up again and looks at me tossing her panties to the floor beside her and waits for me to direct her.  “On your knees,” I state.  Without hesitating she goes to her knees and looks up at me.  Staring down at her I don’t say a word as she slowly lowers her eyes till she is eye level to my groin.  Reaching up she starts to undo my pants starting with the belt.  As she fumbles in getting my pants undone I look around the room that we are in.

There is nothing special about it.  A queen size bed is against the wall with a night table on the one side.  Opposite side there is a chair with a reading light above it.  Much like a typical hotel room.  There are no windows and the over head light is more than enough to light the room up.  I feel her hands pull my semi hard cock out from behind my underwear.  Her lips kiss it gently, stirring it awake and it starts to grow more.  Each kiss and stroke brings more life into it until it is firm, hard and standing at attention in front of her.  “You won’t be tasting my cum tonight, so if you make me cum you will be punished.”

She takes my whole shaft into her mouth, feeling it hit the back of her throat as she tries to keep going but can’t.  After a few more attempts my hands slide down beside her head.and I grab each side and force her head back and forth.  With my hands now in control of her head I ram my cock into her mouth over and over again.  My eyes close enjoying the sensation.  Fucking this womans and not being able to take all of my cock I thrust my hips a bit as I pull her head towards my groin.  Deep and hard I pound my cock into her mouth.  A few times I hear her gag from the penetration hitting her throat but I don’t stop.

Losing track of time as she is pushing me closer to cumming I decide to shift the focus.  Without saying a word I pull her off my cock like a baby being pulled of a teat.  Her mouth stays open wishing my cock was still in her mouth.  Pulling her to the chair I turn her around so she is sitting.  Propping her legs up on each arm her pussy is fully exposed for my pleasure.  “I will now enjoy your pussy,” I say quietly, “You may cum once, but only once.  If you cum more than once you will be punished.”

Leaning down I let my nose travel along her pussy lips taking a deep long sniff as I smell her pussy.  Her aroma is mild and I can see how she is starting to get wet.  It has been a while since I have had eaten a woman out and I plan to make sure I take my time.  Starting with my tongue I let it slide out and touch her inner thigh, starting on one side and then the other.  She lets out a sigh from the sensation as I continue back and forth a few times.  Coming to stop above her pussy I let my tongue slide down to her ass making sure I hit the clit and in between the lips as I stop at her anus and travel back up again.  She squirms in the chair.  “Hold still,” I command.  She freezes and seems to comply to the command.

Moving my tongue back up along her lips and resting at her clit I slowly do circles around it.  Feeling it get harder and more pronounced under my tongue.  Her breathing becomes more rapid as I continue this motion, enjoying the taste of her juices as they start to flow out of her.  After a few minutes of this I she starts to whimper a bit with my teasing and I begin to suck and flick it rapidly.  Here hands gripping the side of the chair trying not to move.  She starts to pump her pussy in my face, encouraging me to continue.  My finger slips inside of her and buries it deep.  She lets out a loud squeal as I finger fuck her.  My tongue relentlessly attacks her clit with attention.  She is barely holding on to her orgasm as she gets closer to the edge.  When I insert two fingers it breaks her damn and she lets out a loud wail and her whole body stiffens.  A wave of juices flows over my face as she squirts and clenches her pussy around my two fingers.  Waiting for her to calm down I continue my attention on her clit and keep slowly pumping my fingers out.  It seems that her orgasm goes on forever and I wonder if she is having multiples or not since that would be against what I wanted.

When she has finally calmed down, her breathing more relaxed, I stand up and look at her.  Her pussy dripping with juices and her eyes glazed from her powerful orgasm.  It is my turn now.  “Stand up,” I motion her to the bed.  She gets up slowly, her legs a little wobbly, and walks over to the bed. “Stop, ” I command as she is just at the edge of the bed.  “Bend over and put your hands on the bed.”  As I move up behind her I remove my pants and shirt and put my hands on her bare back.  “It is my turn now.  I will do whatever I want to get off.  Do not resist or stop me, or you will be punished.”  Taking my cock into my hand I place it at her entrance and then bury it deep in one smooth motion.  She gasps and I begin to fuck her hard.

Pounding my cock into her I watch her closely. Listening for her breathing to change I notice her hand move toward her pussy. “Put your hands back on the bed!” I command. Her hand slides back to the bed and she grips the covers holding on tight. The sound of flesh pounding into each other is loud in the small room and her moans and whimpers also intensify.  Feeling her pussy gripping my cock as she lets out a loud moan and her body quivers.  Smiling to myself I pull out, and grab her head by the hair, “Lie down on your back,” as I motion her towards the top of the bed.

As she lays down in front of me she spreads her legs, inviting me in.  I move into position and plunge my cock into her pussy.  Fucking her hard as she holds on to me for the ride.  The bed is hitting the wall making a dull thud sound with each thrust.  She is not holding back now and calling out, “Yes,” over and over again as I pound my cock relentless into her.  Feeling my wall building to quickly I realize I can’t keep this up or it will be over to soon.  Sitting up I slow the pace and debate what to do next.  Feeling the pressure ease off a bit I stop and pull out, letting my hands slide down her soaked pussy and getting my hands covered in her juices.  Sliding my hand down I find her anus and start to massage the juices into it.  She lets out a whimper, which I ignore, and continue my application.  Going back up to her pussy when I need more and lubrication.

Feeling that it is more than ready I hold my cock at the entrance and push gently into it.  Resistance.  I try again as I look up her face which is showing some hesitation.  “I am going to fuck your ass, ” I state, “relax or it will hurt a lot more.”  After another few tries the head pops through and she lets out a whimper.  I slowly bury my shaft all the way in, and then let it rest there for a minute.  Her face slowly changes from tense to relaxed as she adjusts to the cock buried in her ass.

I slowly start to pump it in and out.  Feeling how tight she is means I won’t last long, but I am going to fuck her ass regardless if she likes it or not.  Speeding up slowly she starts to moan.  Looking at her face she has her eyes focused on me, lust building as she looks to want more.  Not wanting to disappoint I pound it harder, in and out, making her whimper and moan as I keep hammering my cock into her.  Hands gripping the sheets beside her she lets out a wail as she cums again, and this sends me over the edge.  Deep groan rolls out of my mouth as my cock explodes into her, spurting my juices into her ass.  Pumping slowly I continue to empty my load into her as she trembles and shakes.

Not to long my cock starts to get limp so I slowly pull it out.  As it pops out a slight sigh escapes her lips.  Looking down I see juices flowing, mine mixed with hers as my semen starts to dribble out her ass.  “I am done for now, ” as I get off the bed.  “I will want round two soon.  You have to stay here.  You can’t clean up and I will be back when I am ready.”

Finding my clothes I slowly put them on, wondering how long she will take before she attempts to clean up.  Glancing over she has her eyes closed.  Maybe she will obey this time.  Her breathing is slow and I wouldn’t be surprised if she drifts off to sleep.  As I finish doing up my pants I move to the door and unlock it.  Looking back her eyes are still closed.  “I will be back soon, ” I think to myself, ” and next time I won’t be as polite.”


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